Wednesday, July 11, 2012

American Girl Nightgown Set

I adapted this outfit from an out of print pattern found in Annie's Attic Crochet Vintage Doll Ensembles pattern number 870614.

I believe this is the first 18 inch doll outfit I have made using sports weight yarn. It is amazing how much longer it seems to take to finish. I can only imagine the time it takes for the thread patterns.

This is one more outfit ready for my donation package. I have another ready to post soon.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday Presents

I read about some husbands displeasure of their wives hobbies and I realize how blessed I am to have a supportive husband. As part of my birthday presents I got some items off my wish list for crochet and looming books/patterns.

I got one of the two loom knitting books on my wish list, Loom Knitting Scarves, Hats, Bags & More: 40 Simple and Snuggly No-Needle Designs for All Loom Knitters that I had borrowed from the library. I plan to review this book later, but I was very pleased to find it had made the cut.

The second book helped me decide on my Crochetville Olympic challenge. Tasty Cute: 25 Amigurumi Gourmet Treats has some adorable food crochet patterns I do not currently have in my collection. I decided my project is going to be a play food theme to donate along with the doll donation. I have to work out the details, but this book was the inspiration for the choice.

As for e-patterns, this year I got two that will be fun to work on for Christmas or birthday projects depending on my schedule. They also would be cute donation projects. I got the Fox in the Car pattern that I have looked at for a while. I waited to purchase it until I completed the bear in the plane pattern. Her work is challenging, but within my range to finish. The second pattern was a Hello Kitty in a plane. I am always looking for new ideas for the Kitty as I have family members who love the toys.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Loom Knitting for Little People

While books and leaflets are regularly published for traditional knitting and crochet, less has been published for loom knitting. I have not always been thrilled by the patterns available. Since there are few books available the prices are not always inexpensive. I was thrilled to find the library had Loom Knitting for Little People: Filled with over 30 fun & engaging no-needle projects to knit for the kids in your life! to preview before purchasing. I wanted to post this review last week, but for some reason I have been having challenges with Amazon's html coding. I had to rewrite the coding for this book to show up.

This book is designed to be used with the knifty knitter styled looms. Basic directions are provided in the back, but the author is clear that her main focus is not to teach, but to provide patterns for those who already know how to use the knitters.

For ease of use, the author has created pattern sections. These include wearables, accessories, and play things. As with many loom books there are a variety of hat styles. Some are practical and some like the jester hat fun and whimsy.

This is one of the first books/leaflets that I have seen with a focus on toys. There are pacifier pals, stuffed animal clothes, cat, snake, and a caterpillar.

There are adorable shoes, a pillow that looks appropriate for a ring bearer, a pretty baby blanket and a few bags.

This book made my birthday list along with Loom Knitting Scarves, Hats, Bags & More: 40 Simple and Snuggly No-Needle Designs for All Loom Knitters which I will be reviewing later.

I am glad to see looming is alive and well in the publishing industry. While it has not achieved the popularity of other crafts, it is wonderful to know that if we buy it they will publish it.

If you arrived here looking for free loom knitting patterns they can be found on the Loom Knitting Blog page here.

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