Thursday, June 27, 2024

My Life Sleeping Bag

The My Life dolls are on the board for the sleeping bag challenge of the doll donation. I am down to two more sleeping bags required for the 2025 donation. I need one more for the My Life dolls and one for the Glitter Girl.

These make great travel, waiting, sitting projects when you don't have time to read patterns but you do want something to keep your hands busy.

I usually try to finish the pillow section as it requires stuffing and counting rows. Once beyond the pillow I try to get it to where the pattern forms and then I find it is ready for a travel project. I don't bother counting rows, although I still mark the start of the row and count shells to make sure I'm on track with the pattern. I just try it on my model doll as I think I'm getting close to it being long enough to finish it off.

I got this one close to being done and put it aside this weekend while at a cookout. I didn't want it to be too long and was able to finish it off when I got home. I have another one started for the last of the My Life dolls. As I mentioned before I worked the pattern until it repeats and now it is an easy travel project ready to take with me when I'm in need of something to keep my hands busy.

The Glitter Girl pattern is slightly different as it is from Adoring Dolls and formed some what differently. I've only made it once so we will see if it is useful for a travel project.


This is a free pattern you can find here. I used Red Heart Super Saver Ombres Violet for this bag and I would use it again for next year if they are still selling it. The color worked nicely for this project.

I need a K hook to make this work for the 18 inch dolls.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Barbie Doctor

I've been going through my Barbie binders looking to increase the donation for the fashion dolls this year. I'd forgotton about this out of print leaflet Annie's Attic Crochet Costume Party for Fashion Dolls 870014. I have another costume leaflet but they are far more costumes than anything that could be added for a career outfit.

I was suprised to find these use yarn rather than thread. Many of my older patterns are thread so it was a welcome break.

It has been nice to have a doll that fits the older fashion doll patterns. The previous doll I was using I had to do far more adaptations so I skipped using many of these patterns.


This calls for sports yarn but sports yarn is a relative term especially with older patterns. Thankfully, this pattern has gauge so I tested some baby yarn I had to see if it would make gauge with the suggested e hook. To my delight it worked.

For my own records the green baby yarn had no label but I believe it is Mary Maxim's Baby's Best Yarn in mint. I've been buying their baby yarn when I have a shipping coupon because they work well for so many of my doll projects. The white yarn is Bernat Baby Sport White. In a twist I ended up needing Aunty Lydia's Size 3 Fashion Crochet yarn for the mask as the yarn was too thick.

I used a size E crochet hook for everything but the mask. I made the mask with a size D hook.


I chose not to add the sleeves. I couldn't get a modern scrubs look but the sleeves just looked awkward.

While using the directions to finish the neckline I also finished the sides of the shirt prior to adding the snaps.

If I had mint thread I would have added the pocket but the yarn pocket was too heavy and bulky.


I thought the pants might end up being long but they fit as written. I made no changes to the pants.


I finished the ends of the jacket coat while working the collar and I would do that again.

I tacked down the collar and I would not do that again.

After I finished the coat I found the white thread for the mask. Next time I would try to make the pockets for the coat and see if they worked with thread instead of the heavier yarn.


I think I'd make the hat a bit wider for the top and then perhaps tighten for the bottom. It doesn't fit well and I'd work more on fit the next time I make this.


The mask pattern didn't work for me. First the yarn was just too heavy and chains work better for ties. The Adoring Doll pattern uses loops for the ears of the larger doll but there isn't enough of Barbie's ear to hold a mask so ties are required.

I just crocheted a rectangle finished the edges and then I added ties to each corner without crocheting back down the chain as this was just to thick even with slip stitches.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Our Generation Boy Swim Trunks

Another item finished for the swim suit challenge.

This is one of Adoring Doll's patterns that can be purchased here. I have the pattern set that includes bathing suits for the 18 inch boy and girl as well as 14.5 inch doll that I have used for the Glitter Girl.


I use an I hook for this pattern.

To get it to fit the Our Generation Boy I need a starting chain of 46. This then changes the legs to 23.

The color change for the leg is marked for the 2nd leg not the first so the change is Row 11 stays yellow, row 12 blue, end with row 13 yellow.

The original pattern calls for a piece of yarn to be tied for the trunks as if it is a tie. I decided to crochet a tie and thread it through the fpdc as this year the trunks were loser and it allowed me to tighten them just a little with the pull ties.

Monday, June 24, 2024

Glitter Girl Drop Waist Dress

I thought I had made this pattern before but I can't find any notes in my records that I actually did. It is similiar to some of her other patterns so perhaps I just thought I'd made it and kept skipping over it.

You can purchase her pattern for the Wellie Wisher doll here. I've found the Wellie Wisher doll patterns adapt to the more affordable Glitter Girl dolls quite well.


I've been digging into my stash of size 3 crochet thread for some of Char's patterns and I believe the pink is Aunt Lydia's Soft Mauve.

The pattern calls for two strands of size 10 Parakeet used together but I wanted simple so I chose a contrasting size 3 that would work with my variegated Lizbeth. I used Wildflower in size 3 Lizbeth for the bodice section of the dress. I also needed a little bit of size 3 white to finish the top of the dress.

I followed the directions using a size e hook for the project. I made no changes to the pattern. I might consider a D hook for the shoes as they were slightly big but would have to experiment with future projects to see if the fit would work with a smaller hook.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

My Life Pioneer Nightgown

I haven't made this outfit in almost a decade. I suspect because it calls for yarn I don't normally buy and it is a yarn hog of a project.

You can still purchase the pattern here.

The last few years I've gotten more adventurous about trying out yarns I have on hand for projects before diving into buying special yarns where I think it will work. I decided to see if I could get this project to work with Red Heart Super Saver Artist Paints instead of the Babybee Hushabye Camo or what ever is currently available from Hobby Lobby at this point.

After close to a decade it is possible I'd still have another substitute. I love Hobby Lobby's yarns but I rarely get there and Red Heart tends to be one of my go to for affordable doll clothes.


It took almost a skein and a half of Red Heart for this project and I started with a skein and a half so I was playing yarn chicken at the end. I ended up using a random pink to make the tie for the hat as I didn't think I had enough yarn left and I didn't plan on using ribbon. I wanted to stick with yarn.

I used the suggested I hook.

The two major changes I made were not using ribbons and adding a snap to the top back for closure instead of velcro. I've never found adding velcro to yarn to be an easy prospect so I've always used snaps or buttons.

One minor change I made do to the game of yarn chicken I was playing is I reduced the triple crochets to 5 for the bottom of the hat. I can go either way with this as the 7 looked good until I realized I was going to be short yarn, but I was also happy with the finished product of 5. The fiber difference between this outfit and the one I made before might be the reason the 5 was OK here. I'd likely experiment with more yarn to decide if it weighted down the hat too much or if I liked it with bigger shells.

While the stitches do eat yarn I love the texture it creates. I'd make this again making sure I have 2 full skeins on hand before setting out.

Both My Life Dolls have completed my 2024 Nightgown challenge.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Glitter Girl Bathing Suit

Another doll finished for the yearly bathing/swimsuit challenge.

You can purchase the Wellie Wisher pattern I used for this project here.

There are still a few vendors that make solid colored size 3 thread including Aunt Lydia's and Thread Art. However, finding the contrast multi-colored threads can be more challenging. I'd picked up some Lizbeth in size 10 but then it became hard to find. This year I found it at Handy Hands and picked up a supply of size 3 as I never know how long something will be available and I do use the multi-colored threads for a variety of projects. I can use 2 pieces of size 10 together but this burns through my size 10 thread faster and it is more of a pain dealing with the thread tangling. I list the vendor because I am sure at some point I will be looking and have forgotten where I bought the thread and be looking for the vendor again.


I don't have the package label for the solid color so I don't have brand or color for the main thread for the outfit. If I had to guess I'd say it's likely Thread Art Slate Blue. I haven't found many shades and varieties left with Aunt Lydia to buy so I'm just guessing this isn't Aunt Lydia's.

Just a note for myself as I was trying to locate the source of the main color I did locate additional sources of size 3 for future purchases. I had checked Creative Yarn Source previously for size 3 because I get my 20 and 30 size thread there for some of my Barbie patterns.

I hadn't seen it there before but today I discovered the sell a Hilaze 3 brand and while there isn't a huge selection of colors they have colors I haven't previously found. I also discovered Knit Pick's has Curio 3 that I was previously unaware of with again not a huge selection but different colors than I normally find when looking for thread.

Getting back to this project the contrast color is Lizbeth size 3 Wildflower

I followed the pattern as written except that I finished the leg holes with a round of sc and then a round of sc chain 2 skip 1 around.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Our Generation Boy Basketball Uniform

I've mentioned on several occasions I haven't found many crochet patterns written specifically for the boy doll. However, there are some patterns that are generic enough that they work for either the boy or girl doll. I already made the doctor scrubs and now I'm starting in on some of Adoring Doll's sports patterns. You can purchase the basketball uniform here.



This is made with Caron Pounder Kelly Green, Red Heart White and Black. I wanted the specific shade of green for future reference I tend to use what ever shades/brands of white or black I have on hand.

I used an I hook for the shirt and I'd stick with that for future projects as the fit was good for getting on and off the doll.

I made the button hole while trimming the neckline and finishing the back in white.


The shorts lists an f hook I needed an I.

I've never been good at adding ss along the edge of something so I ss to add the yarn to the side than did a row of ss not attached to the end of the shorts and ss to the end of the shorts. I left a long end and sewed the ss to the shorts. Not the most effective method but better than the mess I was making trying to ss directly to the shorts.


I used the suggested G hook and followed directions as written. I would likely use an H hook if making these for the My Life Doll.

Monday, June 10, 2024

16 Inch Baby Doll Sunny Days

Another outfit finished for the 16 Inch Baby Doll made with Darski's free Sunny Days Pattern for the outfit found here and her free Peachy Keen pattern for the shoes found here.



I used a J hook for the bodice and an H for the skirt.

Row 5 should read dc in sc 3 dc in 5 not 2 or the count gets complicated.

I don't decrease for row 6 as I find the bodice gets tight.

Row 14 is listed but I've never had the directions and have always created them. I'm now recording them for future reference. sc in first ch 2 skip 1 repeat around.

I failed to make this note on the written copy of this pattern which I have since added but I find this pattern to be short. I need to add more rows prior to making rows 12 and 13 the finishing rows for the skirt.

I've always finished the arms but again finally recorded what I did as the look with the larger hook is unfinished. sc chain 2 sc around.


J Hook for hat. I followed directions as written.


I hook. Followed pattern as written.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

My Life Pig Nightgown

I have a couple of themes going across doll groups each year. Some are clothing related like the bathing/swim suits. Others are accessories like the Snuggle Sacks and Sleeping Bags. Some come and go. This year I've been working on nightgowns as I have a few patterns that will work for some of the dolls. Not sure this will extend to the fashion dolls as it isn't a pattern area I've explored for them. However, it does work well with the baby and other doll groups so you will likely see more as the project progresses this year.

The 16 inch baby dolls are complete. I'm combing through my 18 inch doll patterns as I have a few and I'm thinking one might fit the Rag Doll with some work.

This is Adoring Doll's Pig Pattern Gown available for purchase here. The slippers were what really sold me on this being a must make project this year. The nightgown is cute but the matching slippers just make the outfit.


This is made with Caron Pounder Rose and Red Heart Super Saver White, Black, and Pretty in Pink.

I used an I hook for the gown and an H for the shoes but followed hook instructions for all other portions of the outfit. I would consider using buttons for the eyes next time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Lil Cutesies Bathing Suit

Next up for the bathing suit project is the Lil Cutesies doll.

This was made using Char's Swimset that can be purchased here.

I had my notes on the printed pattern so I didn't look at the post from last year until I was making this post and realized while I'd randomly grabbed a solid and variegated color match from my size 10 cotton supply these are in fact the colors I used last year. The pink is Aunt Lydia's size 10 French Rose. The contrast I believe is Hobby Lobby's Artiste Blossom but without the label it is hard to know for sure.


I used a 1.75mm thread crochet hook for this project with size 10 crochet thread in the colors listed above.

In Row 16 of the bottoms part B I use hdc not sc.

Ruffle I hdc in row 17 not 16. For my own notes row 17 is worked around the complete doll in the back loops. This is the row the ruffle will be added to around the doll.

I do a sc around the legs followed by a row of sc chain 2 to complete the leg openings.

The back is finished with sc as part of the chain process. I mention this because I had forgotten from making this last year. I usually will finish a back even when not in the pattern.

I chained 50 for the ties.

The visor and shoes were made as written.

I have a few options for the Lots to Love 8 inch Baby doll which include coming back to this pattern for the bathing suit project. I am not sure which route I'm going yet.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Barbie Sleeping Bag

I'm quite excited to be able to see the end of the sleeping bags for the 2024 donation.

With this bag the fashion dolls all have their sleeping bags. I have three more to make for the 2 My Life Dolls and the Glitter Girl and I will be done with the bags for the year. It is a fun accessory to add to the donation and not terribly difficult to make. I just like finishing off the projects that go across multiple dolls as early in the year as possible. It prevents me runnig into the November deadline.

The free pattern for the sleeping bag can be found here. This however does not include the shells. The directions for the shell version work easily on all the sleeping bags but are found on the free Beanie sleeping bag variation found here. I like the texture the shells produce and it breaks the boredom of constant sc rows.


I used an I hook with this sleeping bag.

Hunting through my stash I came across some Red Heart Ombres Jazzy that had the pink shades I wanted.

I don't count rows for these bags I keep a doll in my travel bag and keep measuring the doll in the bag until it feels like its a good fit.

I have started making a note on my phone about how many shells I'm supposed to have in each row as I found when I was making the Rag Doll I added shells. It wasn't as much of an issue with this bag but I still have the note on my phone so if I need to count it is there for future sleeping bags.

I have another round of appointments coming up so I need to get another one started before I head out. I prefer to get the pillow made and sealed before it leaves the house as the pillow has to be stuffed. I do have a closed pocket in my project bag with stuffing just in case I need to work on the go but it isn't my favorite way of working these projects on the go.

Monday, June 3, 2024

Our Generation Boy Doctor

There aren't many patterns written specifically for the male 18 inch dolls but there are enough generic patterns that I'm finding myself with a fairly decent wardrobe for the Our Generation boy doll this year.

This pattern is Adoring Doll's Doctor Scrubs pattern that also comes with a lab coat I've yet to make fit. It's on my to do list but I went up a hook size and it was still small this round so I clearly have work to do when I have more time to devote to it. For now the doctor scrubs seemed a good outfit to send along. You can purchase the set here.

I made this a few years ago for the My Life doll and the notes were helpful in making the outfit again for the Our Generation Boy. I made some additional changes specific to the boy and will add the previous notes I'd made for the My Life doll as I will likely visit this pattern again.



In my previous notes I suggested trying an H hook and I went with that suggestion. For future projects I'd check the length of the shirt. It feels a bit long. I used a G hook for the sleeves. The pocket for the shirt was made ith a F Hook.


I used an H hook as I did with the My Life doll and the waist fit was good. The legs were too long and I went with 36 instead of 38 rows for the legs.


As per my previous notes I used an H hook for the mask and a D hook for the ear loops.


I find Adoring Doll's shoes seem to fit with the suggested hook size so I used the G hook for the shoes.


I had suggested trying an H hook for the hat next time and the fit was good. My main challenge was running out of Red Heart Turqua and having to subsitute Herchnerrs Worsted 4 Turquoise to finish the hat. While it worked fine for the hat it is slightly lighter than the Red Heart. I don't think the pants or the shirt would have fit had I made it with the lighter yarn.

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