Thursday, June 6, 2024

My Life Pig Nightgown

I have a couple of themes going across doll groups each year. Some are clothing related like the bathing/swim suits. Others are accessories like the Snuggle Sacks and Sleeping Bags. Some come and go. This year I've been working on nightgowns as I have a few patterns that will work for some of the dolls. Not sure this will extend to the fashion dolls as it isn't a pattern area I've explored for them. However, it does work well with the baby and other doll groups so you will likely see more as the project progresses this year.

The 16 inch baby dolls are complete. I'm combing through my 18 inch doll patterns as I have a few and I'm thinking one might fit the Rag Doll with some work.

This is Adoring Doll's Pig Pattern Gown available for purchase here. The slippers were what really sold me on this being a must make project this year. The nightgown is cute but the matching slippers just make the outfit.


This is made with Caron Pounder Rose and Red Heart Super Saver White, Black, and Pretty in Pink.

I used an I hook for the gown and an H for the shoes but followed hook instructions for all other portions of the outfit. I would consider using buttons for the eyes next time.


Jayne said...

This outfit is just too cute! And those slippers! :)

Kim Carberry said...

Aww! This is just the cutest outfit and the slippers just top it off. I love it.

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