Monday, July 15, 2024

Glitter Girl Empire Dress

My summer production of doll outfits has dropped of as our invitations to fun seasonal activities has been quite busy this year. I'm not complaining and the dolls as always will leave dressed. I perhaps will even be more engergized and refreshed as I work on my projects.

The Empire Dress is one of Char Caywood's Wellie Wisher patterns that can be purchased here.

The Glitter Girl has her own binder of crochet patterns and unlike previous years I've made a significant dent in the available patterns. She will leave with a decent wardrobe this year.

It turns out my investment in more size 3 crochet thread from a variety of different manufacturers has paid off as I seem to be using it quite a bit for a variety of doll projects.


Size three crochet thread is from Aunt Lydia White and Warm Teal with Lizbeth Wild Flower as the contrasting color. I went with Teal as I didn't have any Parakeet which is a closer match to the Wild Flower. I used the suggested e hook through the entire project I'd consider using a D hook for the shoes as they are slightly large.

The underwear for this set was done in white. It is less likely to show through the dress, note for future projects.

I haven't always done the tie at mid waist for her outfits but it worked for this outfit and it was included.

My sleeves came out differently than the picture so I'd play with them next time to round them off in a cleaner manner as is pictured.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Lots to Love 10 Inch Baby Doll Bathing Suit

The Lots to Love 10 inch Baby Doll now has its bathing suit for the 2024 donation.

I had thought about making the towel like I did last year but for a variety of reasons this outfi took longer than I'd expected and when I was finished with the suit and accessories I just mentally had moved on to another pattern and didn't have the interest in making the additional beach blanket. Another year perhaps.

One challenge for this outfit is I had a bit of a game of yarn chicken with the Thread Art size three Aqua thread. There was a time in my life where I could go years and never finish off a cyclindar of thread, now I'm actually running out. The bathing suit, shoes, and visor were fine but I lost the game making the cover. I placed a replacement order before I started this project but there was no chance it was going to arrive so I fiddled and finished it with Lizbeth size 3 Wildflower which was my contrast color for the bathing suit.

This is a huge pattern set availabe for purchase from charpatterns here.

There are directions for the Lots to Love 10 inch Baby Doll and the slightly smaller 9.5 inch Baby Steps dolls for two types of bathing suits with directions for each doll, a beach blanket, and a beach bag.


Bathing Suit:

This was made with Thread Art size 3 Aqua crochet thread and Lizbeth size 3 Wildflower. I used the suggested size f for the swimsuit and it fit better than the e from the previous time I'd made it.


Followed pattern as written using f hook.


I needed an e hook for the sandals as the f shoes were huge.


I used an f hook for the coverup. I had to start using contrast color in row 8 as I ran out of aqua.

Note to self finish trim directions before doing ties and neck edge.

Cap Sleeve:

I sc around sleeve to finish and then alternated sc and shell. I liked the look.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Barbie Barbecue

My hope was to have this done in time to post for the July 4th holiday but I have no regrets as much as I love this donation project living life is an equally important and worthy goal.

I find myself returning to projects I haven't made in a few years. I last crocheted this Joyce Bishop July Fourth Picnic outfit in 2021.

My copy comes from Crochet World 2005. However, back then I was able to add a link to Annie's site for the pattern but sadly it appears that site is no longer available.

So you'll have to hunt down a copy of the magazine to find the pattern. I believe mine came from one of the CD sets Annie's put out several years ago with copies of the magazine and one that specifically had doll patterns.

As I revisit these patterns one thing I'm trying to get better about doing is documentation because I find as I read old posts I tended to be some what lax in listing details about hook size, fiber, etc. Sometimes I can't get the same fiber, but it is a starting point when I come back to try a pattern again.


While the pattern calls for size 10 thread I did note on my previous project this had been an issue so I decided to experiment with Size 3. I finished off a cone of Thread Art slate blue and thankfully had a second one to use to finish off the pants. I used a B hook for the pants with the larger thread.

The one challenge I had with the larger thread was the pant legs were huge. To fix this in row 8 of the legs I dc in first stitch dc2tog around reducing the total stitch count to 18. I also only needed 21 rows for the pant legs not 25.


I used Aunt Lydia's size 10 white for the shirt starting with a 1.8 mm hook to make the waist fit and moving to a 1.25 starting in row 5 to reduce for the chest. I may experiment with size 3 at another time as this still isn't quite right.

The directions call for this to be a one piece outfit. I resisted previously as I was making huge changes to the pants. Having struggled with the fit of the top twice now I'm tempted to make the top as written connecting it as a one piece next time to see if it would fit better around the waist without having an issue with the top of the shirt being large.


I used a .75mm hook for the apron with Aunt Lydia's Red size 10. I followed the directions as written.


The hat needs a 1.25mm hook with Aunt Lydia's White size 10. Mitt:

The pattern calls for 1 I make two as it just seems more even. They are both likely to be lost at some point so 2 keeps the odds one can be located more likely. I used a 1.25 mm hook. I followed the directions for the fake thumb.

Monday, July 1, 2024

Lots to Love 8 Inch Baby Doll Summer Outfit

I've long been a fan of Amy Carrico's patterns for the baby dolls as they work up quickly making a nice wardrobe for the various sizes of dolls. Unfortunatly her shop has disappeared from Etsy and while some of her patterns appear to be for sale at Ravelry I haven't tried purchasing any there as there are none I hadn't previously bought when she had her store on Etsy. I didn't see this one listed in my brief search on Ravelry. Hopefully she will be selling her patterns more widely again as they are great outfits for the baby dolls.

This one is titled Summer Outfit should you do a search for it.


I'm starting to really enjoy working with size 3 crochet thread.

This was made with Aunt Lydia's White and Warm Teal.

I've been disappointed that Aunt Lydia's and Red Heart seem to have decreased the available colors for their various thread sizes. I've also noticed they are much harder to locate locally. Oddly Hobby Lobby has size 10, 8, and 5 but no 3, which seemed strange to me. I have been buying other brands to get a broader base of colors but they tend to be pricier.

On to the pattern.


I started with a C hook for the top. It was too tight with the suggested B. However I shifted to a B hook in row 4 because as the increases occured the larger hook made the top way too large.

For the arms I did not add the increases in the suggested stitches as it made the sleeves into mini balloons and it didn't look great.


I used a C hook to get the shorts to fit and followed the pattern as written.


I used a C hook to get the band to fit the head but the smaller b hook for the flower. The pearl buttons are from Joann's.


I used a C hook for the shoes. The t strap has to be played with to get it to work there is no easy way to get it to work.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

My Life Sleeping Bag

The My Life dolls are on the board for the sleeping bag challenge of the doll donation. I am down to two more sleeping bags required for the 2025 donation. I need one more for the My Life dolls and one for the Glitter Girl.

These make great travel, waiting, sitting projects when you don't have time to read patterns but you do want something to keep your hands busy.

I usually try to finish the pillow section as it requires stuffing and counting rows. Once beyond the pillow I try to get it to where the pattern forms and then I find it is ready for a travel project. I don't bother counting rows, although I still mark the start of the row and count shells to make sure I'm on track with the pattern. I just try it on my model doll as I think I'm getting close to it being long enough to finish it off.

I got this one close to being done and put it aside this weekend while at a cookout. I didn't want it to be too long and was able to finish it off when I got home. I have another one started for the last of the My Life dolls. As I mentioned before I worked the pattern until it repeats and now it is an easy travel project ready to take with me when I'm in need of something to keep my hands busy.

The Glitter Girl pattern is slightly different as it is from Adoring Dolls and formed some what differently. I've only made it once so we will see if it is useful for a travel project.


This is a free pattern you can find here. I used Red Heart Super Saver Ombres Violet for this bag and I would use it again for next year if they are still selling it. The color worked nicely for this project.

I need a K hook to make this work for the 18 inch dolls.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Barbie Doctor

I've been going through my Barbie binders looking to increase the donation for the fashion dolls this year. I'd forgotton about this out of print leaflet Annie's Attic Crochet Costume Party for Fashion Dolls 870014. I have another costume leaflet but they are far more costumes than anything that could be added for a career outfit.

I was suprised to find these use yarn rather than thread. Many of my older patterns are thread so it was a welcome break.

It has been nice to have a doll that fits the older fashion doll patterns. The previous doll I was using I had to do far more adaptations so I skipped using many of these patterns.


This calls for sports yarn but sports yarn is a relative term especially with older patterns. Thankfully, this pattern has gauge so I tested some baby yarn I had to see if it would make gauge with the suggested e hook. To my delight it worked.

For my own records the green baby yarn had no label but I believe it is Mary Maxim's Baby's Best Yarn in mint. I've been buying their baby yarn when I have a shipping coupon because they work well for so many of my doll projects. The white yarn is Bernat Baby Sport White. In a twist I ended up needing Aunty Lydia's Size 3 Fashion Crochet yarn for the mask as the yarn was too thick.

I used a size E crochet hook for everything but the mask. I made the mask with a size D hook.


I chose not to add the sleeves. I couldn't get a modern scrubs look but the sleeves just looked awkward.

While using the directions to finish the neckline I also finished the sides of the shirt prior to adding the snaps.

If I had mint thread I would have added the pocket but the yarn pocket was too heavy and bulky.


I thought the pants might end up being long but they fit as written. I made no changes to the pants.


I finished the ends of the jacket coat while working the collar and I would do that again.

I tacked down the collar and I would not do that again.

After I finished the coat I found the white thread for the mask. Next time I would try to make the pockets for the coat and see if they worked with thread instead of the heavier yarn.


I think I'd make the hat a bit wider for the top and then perhaps tighten for the bottom. It doesn't fit well and I'd work more on fit the next time I make this.


The mask pattern didn't work for me. First the yarn was just too heavy and chains work better for ties. The Adoring Doll pattern uses loops for the ears of the larger doll but there isn't enough of Barbie's ear to hold a mask so ties are required.

I just crocheted a rectangle finished the edges and then I added ties to each corner without crocheting back down the chain as this was just to thick even with slip stitches.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Our Generation Boy Swim Trunks

Another item finished for the swim suit challenge.

This is one of Adoring Doll's patterns that can be purchased here. I have the pattern set that includes bathing suits for the 18 inch boy and girl as well as 14.5 inch doll that I have used for the Glitter Girl.


I use an I hook for this pattern.

To get it to fit the Our Generation Boy I need a starting chain of 46. This then changes the legs to 23.

The color change for the leg is marked for the 2nd leg not the first so the change is Row 11 stays yellow, row 12 blue, end with row 13 yellow.

The original pattern calls for a piece of yarn to be tied for the trunks as if it is a tie. I decided to crochet a tie and thread it through the fpdc as this year the trunks were loser and it allowed me to tighten them just a little with the pull ties.

Monday, June 24, 2024

Glitter Girl Drop Waist Dress

I thought I had made this pattern before but I can't find any notes in my records that I actually did. It is similiar to some of her other patterns so perhaps I just thought I'd made it and kept skipping over it.

You can purchase her pattern for the Wellie Wisher doll here. I've found the Wellie Wisher doll patterns adapt to the more affordable Glitter Girl dolls quite well.


I've been digging into my stash of size 3 crochet thread for some of Char's patterns and I believe the pink is Aunt Lydia's Soft Mauve.

The pattern calls for two strands of size 10 Parakeet used together but I wanted simple so I chose a contrasting size 3 that would work with my variegated Lizbeth. I used Wildflower in size 3 Lizbeth for the bodice section of the dress. I also needed a little bit of size 3 white to finish the top of the dress.

I followed the directions using a size e hook for the project. I made no changes to the pattern. I might consider a D hook for the shoes as they were slightly big but would have to experiment with future projects to see if the fit would work with a smaller hook.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

My Life Pioneer Nightgown

I haven't made this outfit in almost a decade. I suspect because it calls for yarn I don't normally buy and it is a yarn hog of a project.

You can still purchase the pattern here.

The last few years I've gotten more adventurous about trying out yarns I have on hand for projects before diving into buying special yarns where I think it will work. I decided to see if I could get this project to work with Red Heart Super Saver Artist Paints instead of the Babybee Hushabye Camo or what ever is currently available from Hobby Lobby at this point.

After close to a decade it is possible I'd still have another substitute. I love Hobby Lobby's yarns but I rarely get there and Red Heart tends to be one of my go to for affordable doll clothes.


It took almost a skein and a half of Red Heart for this project and I started with a skein and a half so I was playing yarn chicken at the end. I ended up using a random pink to make the tie for the hat as I didn't think I had enough yarn left and I didn't plan on using ribbon. I wanted to stick with yarn.

I used the suggested I hook.

The two major changes I made were not using ribbons and adding a snap to the top back for closure instead of velcro. I've never found adding velcro to yarn to be an easy prospect so I've always used snaps or buttons.

One minor change I made do to the game of yarn chicken I was playing is I reduced the triple crochets to 5 for the bottom of the hat. I can go either way with this as the 7 looked good until I realized I was going to be short yarn, but I was also happy with the finished product of 5. The fiber difference between this outfit and the one I made before might be the reason the 5 was OK here. I'd likely experiment with more yarn to decide if it weighted down the hat too much or if I liked it with bigger shells.

While the stitches do eat yarn I love the texture it creates. I'd make this again making sure I have 2 full skeins on hand before setting out.

Both My Life Dolls have completed my 2024 Nightgown challenge.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Glitter Girl Bathing Suit

Another doll finished for the yearly bathing/swimsuit challenge.

You can purchase the Wellie Wisher pattern I used for this project here.

There are still a few vendors that make solid colored size 3 thread including Aunt Lydia's and Thread Art. However, finding the contrast multi-colored threads can be more challenging. I'd picked up some Lizbeth in size 10 but then it became hard to find. This year I found it at Handy Hands and picked up a supply of size 3 as I never know how long something will be available and I do use the multi-colored threads for a variety of projects. I can use 2 pieces of size 10 together but this burns through my size 10 thread faster and it is more of a pain dealing with the thread tangling. I list the vendor because I am sure at some point I will be looking and have forgotten where I bought the thread and be looking for the vendor again.


I don't have the package label for the solid color so I don't have brand or color for the main thread for the outfit. If I had to guess I'd say it's likely Thread Art Slate Blue. I haven't found many shades and varieties left with Aunt Lydia to buy so I'm just guessing this isn't Aunt Lydia's.

Just a note for myself as I was trying to locate the source of the main color I did locate additional sources of size 3 for future purchases. I had checked Creative Yarn Source previously for size 3 because I get my 20 and 30 size thread there for some of my Barbie patterns.

I hadn't seen it there before but today I discovered the sell a Hilaze 3 brand and while there isn't a huge selection of colors they have colors I haven't previously found. I also discovered Knit Pick's has Curio 3 that I was previously unaware of with again not a huge selection but different colors than I normally find when looking for thread.

Getting back to this project the contrast color is Lizbeth size 3 Wildflower

I followed the pattern as written except that I finished the leg holes with a round of sc and then a round of sc chain 2 skip 1 around.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Our Generation Boy Basketball Uniform

I've mentioned on several occasions I haven't found many crochet patterns written specifically for the boy doll. However, there are some patterns that are generic enough that they work for either the boy or girl doll. I already made the doctor scrubs and now I'm starting in on some of Adoring Doll's sports patterns. You can purchase the basketball uniform here.



This is made with Caron Pounder Kelly Green, Red Heart White and Black. I wanted the specific shade of green for future reference I tend to use what ever shades/brands of white or black I have on hand.

I used an I hook for the shirt and I'd stick with that for future projects as the fit was good for getting on and off the doll.

I made the button hole while trimming the neckline and finishing the back in white.


The shorts lists an f hook I needed an I.

I've never been good at adding ss along the edge of something so I ss to add the yarn to the side than did a row of ss not attached to the end of the shorts and ss to the end of the shorts. I left a long end and sewed the ss to the shorts. Not the most effective method but better than the mess I was making trying to ss directly to the shorts.


I used the suggested G hook and followed directions as written. I would likely use an H hook if making these for the My Life Doll.

Monday, June 10, 2024

16 Inch Baby Doll Sunny Days

Another outfit finished for the 16 Inch Baby Doll made with Darski's free Sunny Days Pattern for the outfit found here and her free Peachy Keen pattern for the shoes found here.



I used a J hook for the bodice and an H for the skirt.

Row 5 should read dc in sc 3 dc in 5 not 2 or the count gets complicated.

I don't decrease for row 6 as I find the bodice gets tight.

Row 14 is listed but I've never had the directions and have always created them. I'm now recording them for future reference. sc in first ch 2 skip 1 repeat around.

I failed to make this note on the written copy of this pattern which I have since added but I find this pattern to be short. I need to add more rows prior to making rows 12 and 13 the finishing rows for the skirt.

I've always finished the arms but again finally recorded what I did as the look with the larger hook is unfinished. sc chain 2 sc around.


J Hook for hat. I followed directions as written.


I hook. Followed pattern as written.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

My Life Pig Nightgown

I have a couple of themes going across doll groups each year. Some are clothing related like the bathing/swim suits. Others are accessories like the Snuggle Sacks and Sleeping Bags. Some come and go. This year I've been working on nightgowns as I have a few patterns that will work for some of the dolls. Not sure this will extend to the fashion dolls as it isn't a pattern area I've explored for them. However, it does work well with the baby and other doll groups so you will likely see more as the project progresses this year.

The 16 inch baby dolls are complete. I'm combing through my 18 inch doll patterns as I have a few and I'm thinking one might fit the Rag Doll with some work.

This is Adoring Doll's Pig Pattern Gown available for purchase here. The slippers were what really sold me on this being a must make project this year. The nightgown is cute but the matching slippers just make the outfit.


This is made with Caron Pounder Rose and Red Heart Super Saver White, Black, and Pretty in Pink.

I used an I hook for the gown and an H for the shoes but followed hook instructions for all other portions of the outfit. I would consider using buttons for the eyes next time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Lil Cutesies Bathing Suit

Next up for the bathing suit project is the Lil Cutesies doll.

This was made using Char's Swimset that can be purchased here.

I had my notes on the printed pattern so I didn't look at the post from last year until I was making this post and realized while I'd randomly grabbed a solid and variegated color match from my size 10 cotton supply these are in fact the colors I used last year. The pink is Aunt Lydia's size 10 French Rose. The contrast I believe is Hobby Lobby's Artiste Blossom but without the label it is hard to know for sure.


I used a 1.75mm thread crochet hook for this project with size 10 crochet thread in the colors listed above.

In Row 16 of the bottoms part B I use hdc not sc.

Ruffle I hdc in row 17 not 16. For my own notes row 17 is worked around the complete doll in the back loops. This is the row the ruffle will be added to around the doll.

I do a sc around the legs followed by a row of sc chain 2 to complete the leg openings.

The back is finished with sc as part of the chain process. I mention this because I had forgotten from making this last year. I usually will finish a back even when not in the pattern.

I chained 50 for the ties.

The visor and shoes were made as written.

I have a few options for the Lots to Love 8 inch Baby doll which include coming back to this pattern for the bathing suit project. I am not sure which route I'm going yet.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Barbie Sleeping Bag

I'm quite excited to be able to see the end of the sleeping bags for the 2024 donation.

With this bag the fashion dolls all have their sleeping bags. I have three more to make for the 2 My Life Dolls and the Glitter Girl and I will be done with the bags for the year. It is a fun accessory to add to the donation and not terribly difficult to make. I just like finishing off the projects that go across multiple dolls as early in the year as possible. It prevents me runnig into the November deadline.

The free pattern for the sleeping bag can be found here. This however does not include the shells. The directions for the shell version work easily on all the sleeping bags but are found on the free Beanie sleeping bag variation found here. I like the texture the shells produce and it breaks the boredom of constant sc rows.


I used an I hook with this sleeping bag.

Hunting through my stash I came across some Red Heart Ombres Jazzy that had the pink shades I wanted.

I don't count rows for these bags I keep a doll in my travel bag and keep measuring the doll in the bag until it feels like its a good fit.

I have started making a note on my phone about how many shells I'm supposed to have in each row as I found when I was making the Rag Doll I added shells. It wasn't as much of an issue with this bag but I still have the note on my phone so if I need to count it is there for future sleeping bags.

I have another round of appointments coming up so I need to get another one started before I head out. I prefer to get the pillow made and sealed before it leaves the house as the pillow has to be stuffed. I do have a closed pocket in my project bag with stuffing just in case I need to work on the go but it isn't my favorite way of working these projects on the go.

Monday, June 3, 2024

Our Generation Boy Doctor

There aren't many patterns written specifically for the male 18 inch dolls but there are enough generic patterns that I'm finding myself with a fairly decent wardrobe for the Our Generation boy doll this year.

This pattern is Adoring Doll's Doctor Scrubs pattern that also comes with a lab coat I've yet to make fit. It's on my to do list but I went up a hook size and it was still small this round so I clearly have work to do when I have more time to devote to it. For now the doctor scrubs seemed a good outfit to send along. You can purchase the set here.

I made this a few years ago for the My Life doll and the notes were helpful in making the outfit again for the Our Generation Boy. I made some additional changes specific to the boy and will add the previous notes I'd made for the My Life doll as I will likely visit this pattern again.



In my previous notes I suggested trying an H hook and I went with that suggestion. For future projects I'd check the length of the shirt. It feels a bit long. I used a G hook for the sleeves. The pocket for the shirt was made ith a F Hook.


I used an H hook as I did with the My Life doll and the waist fit was good. The legs were too long and I went with 36 instead of 38 rows for the legs.


As per my previous notes I used an H hook for the mask and a D hook for the ear loops.


I find Adoring Doll's shoes seem to fit with the suggested hook size so I used the G hook for the shoes.


I had suggested trying an H hook for the hat next time and the fit was good. My main challenge was running out of Red Heart Turqua and having to subsitute Herchnerrs Worsted 4 Turquoise to finish the hat. While it worked fine for the hat it is slightly lighter than the Red Heart. I don't think the pants or the shirt would have fit had I made it with the lighter yarn.

Friday, May 31, 2024

Rag Doll Sleeping Bag

I started out with the intention of making this sleeping bag for one of the My Life Dolls but soon realized that the opening was slightly smaller than I'd intended and it was a better fit for the Rag Doll.

I normally use an I hook for the Rag Doll sleeping bag but since I already had started and almost finished this for the My Life doll I reduced the rows and finished it off for the Rag Doll with a K hook. I will need to measure it earlier on the My Life doll when I make the next larger one to make sure I have the right fit.

This is a free pattern found here.

Last time when I was figuring out what I had left to make for sleeping bags I left out the Glitter Girl. So as it stands I still need two My Life bags, one for the Glitter Girl, and one for Barbie for the 2024 donation.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

16 Inch Baby Doll Peach Baby Doll Nightgown

Many years ago when Mary Maxim stopped having the 15 inch baby dolls I stumbled upon the JC 16 inch baby dolls and started donating two every year rather than the single baby doll I had donated in previous years.

Over time I've been fortunate to add dolls and while the fashion dolls have cross over years where an additional doll goes while I start off with a new doll, the only other duplicate dolls are the My Life 18 inch dolls. I just end up with enough outfits for two every year. A kind friend at Crochetville has been donating additional My Life dolls and friends there donate enough clothing that those dolls leave extremely well dressed as well.

However, since I don't have specific patterns written for this baby doll when I find one I generally end up repeating it as if I'm making clothes for twins, despite the fact the dolls and all their clothing and accessories are likely going to different children. In order to keep it interesting for me I do try to alternate colors when repeating patterns unless a specific color is required.

I stocked up on Herrchners yarn a while back for my donation run this year. The nightgown is made with Worsted 8 Peachy and the hat with Worsted 8 Celebration Easter Yarn. While I try to buy only when I have a coupon their house yarns have proven to be a lighter, useful choice for some of my doll projects.

This is one of Darski's doll patterns that I printed at some point but it isn't part of the patterns still on Crochetville. She had her own site at one point and I might have found it there but sadly I can't share the pattern for the outfit.

For my own notes the hat is not included with the pattern and at some point I really should write down the directions.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Rag Doll Bathing Suit

With the arrival of the hotter summer weather I've embarked on the doll bathing or swim suit project for the donation. I try to send each doll off with a bathing/swim suit each year. I believe I have at least one or more options for each doll.

The Rag Doll is always a challenge to dress because there are no patterns written for the doll. You can purchase the doll at Factory Direct but they don't provide clothing options.

This pattern is adapted from a free Dora the Explorer Doll pattern Oceanside found here. I only use the bathing suit for the Rag Doll but there are other accessories included.


I use a J hook for everything but the skirt and the trims on this pattern. For those sections I use an I hook.

The back doesn't close right away and this always throws me which is why I continue to take a picture of the finished back to remind me a large gap in the back is intended not a mistake.

I don't add the extra finish shaping rows at the top. It doesn't work right for me for this doll.

As suggested I do an extra row on the white skirt.

The skirt got a little folded in the back when I took the picture but it actually does work as a full skirt around.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Lots to Love 8 Inch Baby Doll Sunday Go To Meeting Dress

When Amy Carrico was still on Etsy I purchased a bunch of her doll patterns and only recently finished downloading and printing them to use for the donation. While she is no longer on Etsy, I did find this pattern listed for sale on Ravelry so feel free to check it out here.


I used Aunt Lydia's Fashion 3 Crochet Thread in White and Black and Thread Art's Size 3 Crochet in Hot Pink for this project. Technically the shoes should have been made with the pink but I wasn't sure I had enough to do both shoes after making the head band so I decided on the traditional black Mary Jane shoes.

I made a note on the pattern and I have a note in my phone that the next time I make this pattern I should order two cones of the Thread Art in the main color for the dress as it is a bit of a fiber hog.

I went with the suggested b hook for this project.

The only major change I made was adding rows to the panties as they were too small for this doll. I went from row 10 to row 15 before doing row 11. This was a bit large and I ended up sc 2 dc around after row 11. So perhaps 14 rows would do the trick.

This is on my radar for next year as it is a very pretty dress. I'm not sure how well it adapts for the Lil Cutesies but I will see what I have time for once I work through all the Lil Cutesies patterns I have.

It was funnny when I saw the title of this project I wondered how many little girls still wear frilly dresses to Church and sure enough a little one behind me on Sunday came all decked out for Church and it made me smile to myself for doubting.

I'm still working on the sleeping bag project and I'm hoping to get started on the summer bathing suit project. Since Memorial Day has come and gone it seems like a nice themed based project to help me keep cool over the next few months.

Monday, May 27, 2024

My Life Pearly Dress

I'm getting better disiplined about returning patterns to their binders when I'm done with them for the year but every so often I find a stash of patterns that have been lost for a bit and I try to bring them back into circulation and then make sure they get back into the correct binder.

This is a free pattern you can find here.

One of the reasons I hadn't gone looking for it was I hadn't labeled the post with the pattern name. It's something I'm trying to do more often to include it in the post or the labels so it is easier to find when I'm searching the blog.

If you are looking for a dress up princess pattern for an 18 inch doll this is both free and fairly easy to make this is it.

The directions for the bodice and skirt are easy to follow. The under and overskirts are easy to make following her directions. One thing I'd really like to work on in future years is the arms. I find I'm not quite getting the look I'd like so it is something I need to work on when I have a bit more time to look at some other patterns to see if perhaps there's another approach that would work better for me.

I chose not to use pearl beads for the donation project despite the pattern title.


I didn't write notes back in 2016 and I regreted it when I started this project.

This was a great chance to finish off some baby afghan yarn I've had for a bit. I lost a game of yarn chicken which is why the sleeves are white and the shoes grey.

I used an H hook for this project not the suggested G.


This has a series of button holes in the back I skipped making the button holes and closed with 2 snaps.


I found the underskirt was too long so I did rows 16-18 skipped row 17 and finished through row 22.

I had to eliminate rows from the overskirt to match the underskirt and keep the final row 21 which is more decorative.


While I still need to do more work on the arms to get a style one note I made is you are working down the sc of the arm to expand. For some reason it took me several times to grasp this concept and I even underlined skip 2 sc on underarm as I misread this and had to try it a few times to get even what I got this time.


The headband is a slightly different shade of the afghan worsted 4 baby yarn left over from the same kit that I used when I ran out of the lighter blue. The headband works up as written working around starting chain.


This pattern does not include shoes. The shoes are part of Sweet Silver Creations School Girl Uniform pattern that can be purchased here. I tend to use her strap shoes when possible because they stay on better but certain outfits require slip ons so I use this pattern instead when the outfit doesn't come with shoes.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Our Generation Boy Firefighter

Adoring Doll's Firefighter pattern, available for purchase here, was one of the first patterns I bought when I decided to include a male doll in the donation and oddly this is the first attempt I've made at making it.

I made the pattern out of order as I have a tendancy to do because there are certain items I need to fit to make sure I'm going to continue with a pattern.


Turn Out Jacket:

I used an I hook for the jacket instead of the suggested H hook. In the future I'd move back to the H hook for the sleeves as the sleeves are a bit big with the larger hook.

One challenge I'm finding is some of my newer acrylic yarns from brands I've bought for years aren't as thick as previous versions and when I mix them the rows can be a little harder to keep even and I found that with the color changes in the coat I needed a finishing row to try to clean some of this up. Still didn't get quite the look I wanted but I might try to buy yarn from all the same "year" next time I make this outfit.

Turn Out Pants:

I used the suggested H hook based on previous experiences with this doll and Adoring Doll's pants patterns.


I ended up making 2 as the first one just wasn't right. For the second one I wrote out the repeats and the hat had a better form to it than the first one that just looked weird. I used the suggested G hook. There are directions for ridges but I couldn't get them on right and the directions were a little unclear and after having made 2 helmets I didn't want to risk destroying the second one. I was OK with how it looked without the bumps.

I do have some other fire fighter patterns around and I might look at how the hats are made to get some ideas for a better styled hat.

The boots were made with the suggested G hook.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Our Generation Doll Sleeping Bag

I did real well at the start of the donation year getting all the baby doll snuggle snacks completed. However, I seem to have stalled on the sleeping bags for the non-baby doll donations. Last week seemed like a good chance to get this project restarted finishing one I had started as a travel project.


This was made with Caron Ombre Salmon yarn and a K hook rather than the suggested I.

You can find the free pattern here.

I have 2 to make for the My Life dolls, one for the Rag doll and I believe Barbie is the only fashion doll I still need to make a sleeping bag for this donation season. I'd like to get them finished so I could start some of my other yearly projects like the bathing suits.

I got the pillow section done for the next My Life doll so hopefully that will get some momentum started for this project.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Barbie Strapless Shell Dress and Cape

I mentioned in Friday's Ken post that I had stumbled upon a new to me out of print newsprint series of doll patterns published by Tower Press. This one is even more low tech than the House of White Birches one and the patterns reflect more of a 1970's feel, but again there are some here that will work for my donation and if I see others in this series I'd be more likely to pick them up.

One of the things I liked about this leaflet is like the House of White Birches on its focused only on fashion dolls. I have some other vintage titles that try to hit a variety of dolls, some even a variety of craft styles and often the patterns aren't as helpful. It would perhaps have been better if the editors had narrowed the topic and picked patterns people would make.

This is listed as p-810 by Lynn Vol 2. I'm interested to see if I come across more of these as they are designed to build a basic doll wardrobe.

I'm a big fan of quick projects. This was finished in a day and ready to go in Barbie's donation bag.

I ended up consulting with Crochetville board members on the meaning of sc behind the dc row. I tried a back post stitch and it was clear that the result was way to bulky for a doll dress. The quality of the black and white photo printed on newsprint combined with the section of the dress being covered by the cape made guessing more challenging. However, the suggestion to work in the blo for these rows worked out and solved my question on how to get the pattern to work. I was especially pleased since this direction shows up in several of the other patterns.

I would experiment with the reductions at the bodice when I make this the next time. I ended up fixing a gap when I finished the back prior to adding a snap for closing the dress. There does need to be a reduction but modern Barbies have larger waists I suspect than the older models and I'll need to account for this as I'm looking at the reductions.

I used the suggested e hook and switched to a sport weight 2 cotton yarn after trying a 3 weight baby yarn that was too heavy. I have no idea what brand this is but it is on my orphan yarns to use up list so while not finished it at least was usesd. The pattern suggests using a pearl button for the cape which I missed. Not sure I have one Barbie sized but I'd look before making this the next time.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Ken Shorts and Shirt

I made this back in 2022 when I was using the smaller Ken Dentist.

Lately I've fallen back to my newsprint and other older magazines for the Barbie dolls because many of them have quick to make outfits that are more designed for play than display. I admire the people who collect, dress, and display their dolls. The hand made outfits can be amazing to look at but for little hands and someone looking to fill a room full of donation bags those patterns just aren't as practical a choice.

This pattern comes from the out of print newsprint title House of White Birches Crochet Wardrobre for 11 1/2 inch Fashion Dolls Including a Complete Wedding Ensemble and Trousseau. I try to include titles even for out of print stuff because it's easier to find something if you have the information to look. I learned this recently when I came across a new line of newprint titles I'd never seen before.

I used a C hook for both the shirt and shorts despite the pattern calling for a D hook. I suspect doll size and yarn create different needs.

I used a no longer available Red Heart Baby sport yarn for the pants and Bernat Big Baby Sport White for the shirt.

I rather liked this version of Ken beecause he fits many of my old vintage patterns much better than the dentist. However, I misjudged purchasing extras and if my inventory is correct I only have him through 2025 before I will need to find a new Ken model.

While I've replaced Barbie with the camping Barbie nothing on the market for Ken right now appeals. I got stuck this time because by the time I ordered a couple and started making something for the model he was already disappearing from the market. This time I have to make testing a priority regardless of where I am in the current year's donation.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Our Generation Boy Hockey Sweater and Pants

When possible I do try to recycle items into other outfits to stretch my donations. This was the test hockey sweater I made prior to making the hockey uniform because I had no idea what adjustments would need to be made and using one color with a bit of trim seemed a great option for figuring out the details of the sweater without having to manage color changes. I actually went back and finished this sweater after the hockey uniform and thus benefited from knowing I needed to stay consistent with the bottom stitches in order not to have shrinkage at the bottom of the sweater.

I used Darski's free Detroit Red Bunnies pattern found here for the sweater. These are the directions I made up for the hockey pants. I just added rows to the legs to get them to be full length for this outfit.

The pattern directions called for two strands of yarn and K hook. I used Red Heart Super Saver black and crocheted over a pony tail holder to give the pants an elastic waist to make sure they stayed on the doll. I continued crocheting in the round until I needed to split for the crotch making sure I had decreased the total number of waist stitches to 40 before splitting. Sometimes it takes more stitches to cover the pony tail fully. It wasn't as much of an issue with the double strands.

Row 1 sc around elastic band to cover it.

Rows 2-6 hdc in 40

Row 7 split for legs adding 3 chains to join crotch.

Rows 8-11 on each leg crochet around 23.


I didn't need to change colors but I did add a trim row of white to the torso and the sleeves. I reduced the sleeves with a hdc 3 hdc 2 together around. Then I followed with a row of sc trim and another with main color to decrease the sleeve size at the wrist.

Row 1: 2sc in 3 (1 sc followed by 2sc) until last 3 stitches, 2sc in last 3 stitches.

The stripes on the bottom of the sweater need to be hdc or dc. I chose sc and the sweater gets a bit smaller as a result. I would likely choose the hdc option to keep it even with the rest of the sweater.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Glitter Girl Fun in the Sun

I purchased several of Little Bitty Boutique's patterns to make for the Glitter Girl donation. While designed for the Wellie Wisher Doll they are close enough that they work for the Glitter Girl doll as well.

The dress for this pattern is from her Fun in the Sun pattern that can be purchased here. The shoes have become my go to pattern for any Glitter Girl pattern without shoes and comes from an Adoring Doll pattern set that can be purchased here.

This was made with Bernat Big Ball Baby Sport Yarn Yellow and an F hook. I had a slightly odd back so I ended up using a snap rather than the suggested button.

The shoes were made with Red Heart Super Saver Lemon and an E hook. I'd try Herrschners Worsted 4 next time but I found the light yellow Red Heart first. I didn't think to check the lighter yarn first.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Lots to Love 8 Inch Baby Doll Playtime Romper

I purchased this pattern back in 2021 from Amy Carrico's Etsy shop, which is no longer open. It is showing available to purchase on Ravelry here.

Looking at my inventory list I realized while I've been rotating around the different types of dolls many of the baby dolls have been neglected and I need to focus on filling their bags for the donation. That led me to searching for my Carrico patterns that I knew I bought but had yet to make.

This came out a bit fluffier than I had wanted for the top. The first row doubles the chain stitches and since I intend to make a 2nd outfit this year I think I'm going to try a double followed by a single and see how that brings the size down a bit. It's supposed to be an oversize top but this top is just big.

I used Bernat Big Baby Sport Yarn Pink and White for this project. I used a C hook for until finishing the arm holes as it was a bit tight with a B. I will revert to B hook when trying changes for next outfit.

The pants and booties fit as written. I thought the hat was going to be tight so I added 2 increase rows. I'd try going as written next time as the end product is a little larger than I wanted.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Our Generation Boy Hockey Player

Back in March I asked some of my friends over on Crochetville to help me find patterns I could use with the Our Generation Boy doll for the donation. I was open to free or paid patterns but while I hadn't worked through my library of available patterns specifically for the male dolls, I knew my supply was limited. That's when people challenged me to think about how to adapt patterns to fit the male doll.

This is Darski's free Detroit Bunnies pattern which was designed as a hockey outfit for the girl dolls. You can find the pattern here. There are a number of sport patterns originally designed for the girls that I'm looking to adapt for the boy doll before he leaves for the donation. This was my first attempt.


The skates were purchased from CR Crafts. So I can find them and buy them again they were listed as Skates - Ice - 2 5/8" Black Item 69151. You can purchase them here. I've not purchased many shoes for either the Our Generation or My Life doll. Making shoes for them has told me the My Life dolls feet are a bit larger based on hook sized required to get the crocheted shoes to fit. This is something to remember when ordering shoes for them in the future perhaps.

Hockey Pants:

When ever possible I avoid making the legs and joining. It just rarely works out for me so unless it's something like footed PJ's I try at all costs to avoid this method.

The directions called for two strands of yarn and K hook. I used Red Heart Super Saver black and crocheted over a pony tail holder to give the pants an elastic waist to make sure they stayed on the doll. I continued crocheting in the round until I needed to split for the crotch making sure I had decreased the total number of waist stitches to 40 before splitting. Sometimes it takes more stitches to cover the pony tail fully. It wasn't as much of an issue with the double strands.

Row 1 sc around elastic band to cover it.

Rows 2-6 hdc in 40

Row 7 split for legs adding 3 chains to join crotch.

Rows 8-11 on each leg crochet around 23.

Darski includes directions for suspenders for her uniform. I chose not to include them.

Hockey Hose:

This was Darski's wording not mine. I'm not an expert on hockey uniforms. I made one and then remade it as it was larger than I expected. I stuck with my original yarn choices although Darski mentions using baby yarn. The color options were not going to work for me with baby yarn.

I started making 20 rather than 25 rows of chain 4 ribbing. This helped it stay up on the doll's leg.

When I crocheted on top of the ribbing adding the suggested extra stitches I ended up with 26 both times so that seems to be the number.


I played with the colors a bit so I had to change some of the pattern to accomadate additional color changes.

I started with 2 strands of yellow as while this is a worsted 4 yarn it is lighter than the white and black. I also changed the directions to get the stitch count to work for me.

Row 1: 2sc in 3 (1 sc followed by 2sc) until last 3 stitches, 2sc in last 3 stitches. The stripes on the bottom of the sweater need to be hdc or dc. I chose sc and the sweater gets a bit smaller as a result. I would likely choose the hdc option to keep it even with the rest of the sweater.

I used snaps to close the shirt. I had planned on buttons but with the shrinkage at the bottom I finished the edges in blank and used snaps to close.


The helmet is worked in two strands of black and a K hook. I worked as written until row 7 when I needed to add increase rows because this doll needed a larger helmet before moving on to the fp sc of rows 9-10.

I found the shaping directions confusing so I marked the temples of the doll on the helmet and proceeded with rows 11-13. If you don't stop for these locations and turn you end up with a hat not a helmet.

I found the first side of the chin strap worked well I'd be more careful looking at the way the first one sits before placing the second one. I'd pulled out the helmet a few times to get the face to work by the time I reached the strap so I had less patience than perhaps was best for this type of project. However, hopefully with these hints I'm hoping my next attempt at the helmet will prove easier and I can focus on a better second strap joining.

Friday, May 10, 2024

16 Inch Baby Doll Nightgown

I'm not sure what happened to the link for Darski's Easy Dolly Nightgown for the JC 16 Inch Baby doll. As updates have been made to Crochetville over the years some things have not made the upgrade. Darski also listed some of her patterns on her own platform but most were also cross listed at Crochetville. So I can't give a link for this pattern unfortunatly. If I do find one I will update it.

This is a simple open nightgown pattern that ties in the back with a cute trim at the bottom.

I've been trying to dig into my stash to use up yarn that has been there way to long. The hat is made with no longer available Bernat Softee Spring Flowers. The nightgown is made with Herrschners Baby Fairytale. I hadn't purchased any dark pink from them in a bit so I wasn't sure it was still available until I checked the site but Fairytale is still sold.

I used a g hook for this outfit. It calls for a 4.5 which I have somewhere but not readily at hand. I tried the H hook but the nightgown was baggy so I went down to a G hook and was happy with the fit. After making the ties for the top I finished the back.

There is no pattern for the hat so I played with fp and bp stitches for the hat finishing with alternating 5dc skip 1 sc around.

I will be making a second nightgown for the other JC 16 inch Baby doll donation soon. I just need to choose different colors.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Ken Ski Outfit

I previously made this outfit for Ken back in 2021 using the pattern found in the out of print House of White Birches Crochet Wardrobe for 11 1/2" Fashion Doll Including a complete Wedding Ensemble and Trousseau.

This is a black and white newsprint leaflet but I love it for this project because for the most part the patterns are designed for people who want to make a wardrobe for a child to play with rather than an adult who will display the dolls. I have been exploring the patterns a bit more this year and returning to some like this one I hadn't used in a few years. I'm trying to get better about notations so when I do return to a project I have a starting point.

One challenge I have had is that the sizes on the model dolls change. Sometimes significantly and sometimes in a minor way. The first Ken I used for the donation is more similiar to the current model I'm using now. The middle one, the Vet was smaller and required significantly more changes to the old fashion doll patterns to get the clothing to fit. Sadly, this Ken looks like he's been discontinued so I will have to start searching for a new model. I'm hoping to find one similiar in size to this one because so far the old patterns fit him pretty well.


I used Knit Picks Fingering Palette and a C hook for all items I would suggest using a D or E hook for the hat as it is tight.


I've played with changing colors at the top. I like this look better than the previous look. The single strand stripe got lost at the top. The double stripe looks cleaner.

Don't decrease sleeves at row 11. While it gives a more realistic cuff look the hand does not fit through the cuff once the count is reduced. I think I realized this before but without notes I tried the reduction and pulled it out. Pallete doesn't always love being pulled out.


I end up crocheting around to cover the elastic and then reducing. I waited to reduce after making the legs. I think in the future I would experiment with reducing after finishing the elastic row as the pants get puffier the longer the additional stitches remain. I did get down to 15 stitches for each leg and that was a good fit once I reached it to get them easily on and off.

As I mentioned earlier these dolls seem to be slightly different in size. I needed to add rows to 18 to get the legs long enough for Ken's pants.


After realizing Ken's hat was tight I went back to see if I left any instructions for Skipper's hat I'd made earlier and sure enough I had so for next year's project I leave myself the reminder from Skipper's project. I'd also seriously consider going up to a D hook as this was snug.

I added one 2 dc in one dc in next row for the hat after reading my previous project notes and I found this made the hat fit better with the doll's hair.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Glitter Girl Easter Morning Dress

I added the Glitter Girl doll to the donation as a smaller alternative to the bigger 18 inch dolls. Not everyone has space for a larger doll but it gives a similiar experience to the larger dolls with a more compact storage potential. I looked at the Glitter Girl as an alternative to the American Girl Wellie Wisher as it was at a price point that made sense for my donation project budget. I can find the dolls both locally and online and often get them on sale which makes adding them to the donation easier.

As with the off brand 18 inch dolls you rarely find patterns designed for the off brand named dolls but you can find patterns for the "brand" doll or sometimes a generic sized doll close to the "brand" doll. In the case of the Glitter Girl the brand that most often pops up for patterns that will fit is the Wellie Wisher doll. I've also seen patterns listed for the Hearts for Hearts dolls but while I've seen pictures of the Wellie Wishers dolls I've never looked up the Hearts for Hearts dolls.

The pattern for this dress comes from Littly Bitty Botique the same designer as the Kennedy dress I made previously for the Glitter Girl. You can purchase the pattern here. The shoes are from an Adoring Doll pattern set you can purchase here. If you have read this blog at all you know that once I find a shoe pattern that fits it tends to show up frequently when patterns don't come with shoes for the outfit.


The pattern calls for Caron Simply Soft yarn. I tend to avoid Caron Simply Soft unless I'm making a shawl. I find it tends to split which is less than joyful while crocheting, however for doll clothing it has an additional challenge that it gets caught on hands, feet, etc. causing further splitting. When possible I try a substitute yarn first. I also find it more pricey than other options.

For this outfit I used Herrschners Baby Yarn Soft Lilac and Bernat Big Ball Baby Sport Yarn White with an F hook for the dress and a H for the bow.

I love the texture this pattern creates for the skirt. There is a alternate pattern suggestion without stripes that I hope to make to add to the donation included with this pattern.

Row 9 overlaps the stitches to create a flap, but I found out previously making the Kennedy dress this makes the outfit too tight for the Glitter Girl doll. Perhaps with the heavier Caron it may not but I had no issue leaving out the flap.

As with the Kennedy dress it was short and I needed to add rows to get to the desired length. I added an additional section of white and lilac. This meant repeating rows 21-23 and 24 and 25.

I used Herrschners Worsted 4 the last time I made shoes for this doll. These were made with the Baby 3 weight so I wasn't sure if I'd need to adjust the hook size but the E hook still worked.

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