Thursday, May 30, 2024

16 Inch Baby Doll Peach Baby Doll Nightgown

Many years ago when Mary Maxim stopped having the 15 inch baby dolls I stumbled upon the JC 16 inch baby dolls and started donating two every year rather than the single baby doll I had donated in previous years.

Over time I've been fortunate to add dolls and while the fashion dolls have cross over years where an additional doll goes while I start off with a new doll, the only other duplicate dolls are the My Life 18 inch dolls. I just end up with enough outfits for two every year. A kind friend at Crochetville has been donating additional My Life dolls and friends there donate enough clothing that those dolls leave extremely well dressed as well.

However, since I don't have specific patterns written for this baby doll when I find one I generally end up repeating it as if I'm making clothes for twins, despite the fact the dolls and all their clothing and accessories are likely going to different children. In order to keep it interesting for me I do try to alternate colors when repeating patterns unless a specific color is required.

I stocked up on Herrchners yarn a while back for my donation run this year. The nightgown is made with Worsted 8 Peachy and the hat with Worsted 8 Celebration Easter Yarn. While I try to buy only when I have a coupon their house yarns have proven to be a lighter, useful choice for some of my doll projects.

This is one of Darski's doll patterns that I printed at some point but it isn't part of the patterns still on Crochetville. She had her own site at one point and I might have found it there but sadly I can't share the pattern for the outfit.

For my own notes the hat is not included with the pattern and at some point I really should write down the directions.

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