Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Our Generation Boy Firefighter

Adoring Doll's Firefighter pattern, available for purchase here, was one of the first patterns I bought when I decided to include a male doll in the donation and oddly this is the first attempt I've made at making it.

I made the pattern out of order as I have a tendancy to do because there are certain items I need to fit to make sure I'm going to continue with a pattern.


Turn Out Jacket:

I used an I hook for the jacket instead of the suggested H hook. In the future I'd move back to the H hook for the sleeves as the sleeves are a bit big with the larger hook.

One challenge I'm finding is some of my newer acrylic yarns from brands I've bought for years aren't as thick as previous versions and when I mix them the rows can be a little harder to keep even and I found that with the color changes in the coat I needed a finishing row to try to clean some of this up. Still didn't get quite the look I wanted but I might try to buy yarn from all the same "year" next time I make this outfit.

Turn Out Pants:

I used the suggested H hook based on previous experiences with this doll and Adoring Doll's pants patterns.


I ended up making 2 as the first one just wasn't right. For the second one I wrote out the repeats and the hat had a better form to it than the first one that just looked weird. I used the suggested G hook. There are directions for ridges but I couldn't get them on right and the directions were a little unclear and after having made 2 helmets I didn't want to risk destroying the second one. I was OK with how it looked without the bumps.

I do have some other fire fighter patterns around and I might look at how the hats are made to get some ideas for a better styled hat.

The boots were made with the suggested G hook.


Jayne said...

Well your first attempt is brilliant! I know what you mean working with yarns that have a different thickness, it can make things quite tricky.
You've totally smashed this though! :)

Sum of their Stories said...

I think the helmet looks great, it looks like it would be a really tricky thing to make.

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