Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Rag Doll Bathing Suit

With the arrival of the hotter summer weather I've embarked on the doll bathing or swim suit project for the donation. I try to send each doll off with a bathing/swim suit each year. I believe I have at least one or more options for each doll.

The Rag Doll is always a challenge to dress because there are no patterns written for the doll. You can purchase the doll at Factory Direct but they don't provide clothing options.

This pattern is adapted from a free Dora the Explorer Doll pattern Oceanside found here. I only use the bathing suit for the Rag Doll but there are other accessories included.


I use a J hook for everything but the skirt and the trims on this pattern. For those sections I use an I hook.

The back doesn't close right away and this always throws me which is why I continue to take a picture of the finished back to remind me a large gap in the back is intended not a mistake.

I don't add the extra finish shaping rows at the top. It doesn't work right for me for this doll.

As suggested I do an extra row on the white skirt.

The skirt got a little folded in the back when I took the picture but it actually does work as a full skirt around.


Handmade in Israel said...

She looks wonderful in her bathing suit!
My kids used to love Dora the Explorer.

Jayne said...

This is just too cute! It still astounds me just how many outfits you make! And how quickly too. :)

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