Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ken Sleeping Bag

These sleeping bags are great travel projects. Ken's made waiting for several appointments much more relaxing as I was focused on finishing a project and not on how much time I was waiting or anticipating the appointment itself.

Last year was the first year I added sleeping bags to the donation so I didn't do much experimentation. The fashion doll sleeping bag pattern found here uses row upon row of sc's to make the sleeping bag. There is a Beanie Baby pattern that has an option for two sets of patterns. You can make the traditional sc option or it offers a shell pattern that I've used for the smaller fashion dolls. I decided to experiment and use the shell pattern with Ken's sleeping bag to give it a bit more texture. You can find the directions for the shell stitch version here.


I started out with the fashion doll pattern completing the pillow and the first established sleeping bag prior to switching over to the shell portion of the Beanie pattern.

For this sleeping bag I used Red Heart Super Saver Fall and an I hook.

Once the pattern is established I no longer count rows. The doll travels with me and I measure as I think I'm getting close prior to closing at the bottom.

I had a ball of yarn I can't identify left over from a previous project that I set up for my next travel project. The pillow section is done and I've started the sleeping bag portion leaving the rest for my appointments. This one is slated for Skipper.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Skipper Dress

After making this dress for Barbie and liking how it came out I decided to see if it could be adapted for Skipper.

Going down in hook size was not an option with Sinfonia Cotton yarn I had used as a substitute for the Grace Patons the pattern suggested for the outfit. I tried using a smaller hook for Skipper but it was bulky and large.

Thankfully over time I've acquired a large selection of sport cotton yarns for making amigurumi's so I decided to try Schachemayer Cantania for Skipper and once I got done to a D hook the dress fit her.

You can purchase the pattern here.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Our Generation Cinderella

Now that I have multiple princess and other costume patterns written by different designers I'm trying to make sure the Our Generation doll gets a few for the donation. In the past I've tended to make these outfits primarily for the My Life dolls but this year I've been focused on trying to make things a bit more even so with multiple versions of some themes its easier to make more than one Cinderella.

This is Adoring Doll's version of Cinderella which you can purchase here.

One of my goals in making outfits for kids is making them as easy to get on and off as possible. This can be challenging when you have doll arms that aren't flexible so I try to add a little room when possible at the top withot making the top too large that it gaps open. It's always an interesting balance as I'm finding especially with the Barbie dolls this year.


Every year my guage is slightly different. I hadn't made this outfit for the Our Generation doll before but I started with an I hook which is what I normally do with Adoring Doll's patterns and after reaching the arm hole stage realized it was going to be a really tight squeeze getting the outfit on and off. I eventually worked my way up to a K hook to get the dress to be more easily worn. These are just my notes as I do return back to these posts when I make outfits for later donations. Each person's experience may differ.

To add the overdress I changed row 9. I crocheted in the back loops for this round to leave the front loops available to begin the overskirt.

I used a snap at the back rather than buttons.

This pattern does have a shoe pattern but for some reason I missed it when I was planning this project and pulled Sweet Silver Creation's School Girl Uniform pattern and used those shoes. I generally use two of her shoe patterns when the outfit doesn't have shoes. One has a strap, this one doesn't. I'd use the Cinderella shoes next time. Just a note for reference, I need an F hook to get the school uniform shoes to fit the Our Generation Doll.

With the larger hook I should have reduced the skirt rows. It is a little long for this doll. I note this again as a reminder for my next attempt. The hair band which had been an issue with the My Life doll fit easily with the K hook for the Our Generation doll. The collar was also made with a K hook and instead of a button to join I used a snap.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Skipper Red Riding Hood

I've always been a huge fan of traditional tales and I love adding doll clothes or amis when I make them to connect books with toys for kids. I have some outfits for the larger dolls but until recently I had nothing easy to make for the Barbie fashion doll family. I have some older patterns but they are more complicated and while I do want to conquer them someday, this year is devoted to finishing items and getting them into the doll bags.

I found a series of traditional tale patterns on Ravelry designed by Mel Garcia Tello. You can purchase Red Riding Hood here.

This pattern is designed for Barbie but the suggested yarn is not one I can find. Therefore I decided to experiment with Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet 3 Thread in Scarlet,White,and Blue Hawaii.


I used the suggested 2.5mm hook for the dress. The pattern creates the dress in solid red to match the cape. I decided I wanted a more traditional peasant dress look and went with a white top, changing to blue for the skirt portion of the dress. The dress fit Barbie but it was snug getting it on and off so I decided to see if it was a better fit for Skipper, thus making this Skipper's outfit.

I plan on trying the peasant dress with a larger hook for Barbie at another time. I also think this dress would work for Skipper without the fairy tale theme. She can always use some dresses. Especially ones that are easy to work up.

The cape is made with a 3.5mm hook and again I think this was small for Barbie while a good fit for Skipper. One change I would make is I'd likely not slip stitch the ties for her cape. While it protects the ties making them stronger it makes it too bulky to really tie the cape well.

I think I would try an f hook for the cape when I make it for Barbie to adjust to the change in fibers. I plan to stick with the Crochet thread for the project. I think the cotton is a better choice than other fibers for this project.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Our Generation Boy Sleeping Bag

This was my travel project through most of January for various appointments and I finally finished it during the Super Bowl sewing in the ends during the final moments of over time.

Since I'm preposting this I'm sure I'll have another one started and in my travel bag for upcoming appointments. It's a great waiting project as it engages and distracts the mind a little more than a simple repitition of one single stitch over and over but no so complicated that I find myself pulling out rows when I get home because despite the stitch count being correct, the item still isn't right.

Last year I used Latte Stripes for the boy doll's sleeping bag. This year for something different I went with Red Heart Jumbo Stripes Sutherland Stripe. I like both choices and would use either again for this project.

This is a free pattern you can find here.


I use a K hook for the 18 inch dolls.

I don't count rows once the pillow is finished and the basic pattern established for the sleeping bag. I measure it against the doll. I believe this is around rows 23-24 which begin to repeat to end at that point.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Skipper Mermaid

Last month I wrote about making this outfit for Barbie. You can find the free pattern here.

I decided to see if I could adapt the pattern for Skipper using Caron Simply Soft Paints Oceana that I had left in my stash and seemed like it might be a good fit for this project.

To make this fit Skipper I had to make some adjuatments to the original Barbie pattern as she is a smaller doll.


I used an E hook for this project and the lighter Caron Simply Soft Paints rather than the Mary Maxim Prism I had used for Barbie.

These changes were enough for making the top fit.

The tail was long for Skipper so I needed to adjust the pattern. I followed the tail pattern and stopped at row 27 as this was the length best suited for Skipper. I finished the tail with row 33. I made the fins and added them as described in the pattern. They fit fine.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lil Cutesies Dress Headband and Shoes

This was the dress I attempted to make back in January for the Lil Cutesies donation but failed to realize that the directions for the skirt change after the first row to make a wider skirt. I kept the first outfit as it was still cute just not the pattern I had intended to make and promised I'd come back to make the pattern close to the one written.

The pattern is available on Ravelry here the designer is not currently selling on Etsy.


I used a B hook for the top and a D hook for the skirt. I chose to close the back rather than use a tie. It is loose enough to slide on and off without needing to leave an opening and adding a tie.

This was made with Bernat Baby Pink, White, and Yellow.

I left off a row of the knickers which I then replaced when I added the bodice. This let me use the actual first row of the bodice to crochet the row in back loops to allow me to use the front loops later for my my skirt row. Others may not find this necessary but I found it was much easier to get an even starter row for the skirt all around.

I wrote a note last year and even read it to remind myself that the first skirt row and the remiaing skirt rows are different. I had worked on the undergarment trying to make it less bulky this year and while not completely there it is improved. Having screwed up the first outfit I reminded myself to follow the directions and remember the first row is different from the rest of the rows on this outfit.

I went back to the headband for this outfit and again a reminder to READ the directions for the flower as the pattern is worked in both the front and back rows to make each flower. I made two to layer them before sewing to the headband.

I also found myself making a change to the shoes. Not sure if I did before and didn't record or if this is just one of those "special" years when things just aren't fitting like they used to and I'm making adjustments on the fly. For the strap row I did 6 stitches chained 10 skipped to last 6 stitches and stitched to the end. I added these notes to the paper pattern as I ended up checking my online notes where this note exsisted but for some reason I hadn't included it on my paper copy and I couldn't get the shoes to fit as written.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Lil Cutesies Valentine Dress

I had mentioned previously that I was going to continue with holiday outfits through February since the outfits are for a Christmas donation. Next up is the Lil Cutesies doll.

This is one of Char Caywood's patterns that you can purchase here.


I used steel hooks 1.75mm and 1.5mm for this project.

The 1.75mm was used for everything but the shoes and in the future should also not be used for the hat. The 1.5 mm should be used for the shoes and hat. The hat is a little larger with the 1.75mm but for some reason I don't have any notes recorded. I changed that on the pattern after finishing the hat this year and am noting it here for future reference.

I use a snap closure rather than the ties for the back of the outfit. This year I also chose not to add the collar. The collar is cute but year after year I found it doesn't sit quite right for me and I can't imagine with a life time of little hands taking the outfit off and on it gets better. If it was to be a display doll I can see trying to get it just right but I was good when it was finished without this year.

I hope to finish this outfit for the Lots to Love 8 Inch doll so each will have a holiday outfit.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Stacie Top and Skirt

I'm always on the look out for free doll patterns, especially those that look like they'd be quick and easy to finish for the donation. It is rare to find patterns for Stacie let alone free ones so I was thrilled to find one that was not only free but looked like something I'd finish. I stumbled across the Tess and Annie blog which doesn't look like it has been updated in some time but it has some wonderful patterns for Barbie and this outfit for Stacie found here.


I used the suggested 1.8mm thread hook and size 10 crochet thread for this project.

The top has what the designer calls polka dots made using lavender thread. This requires changing colors across dc to sc and I did try this but found my stitches were getting tight across the fabric changing the fit of the shirt as I continued. I eventually frogged my first effort and went with the solid purple shown here. The color effect is cute but it was far too frustrating for me.

I also changed the placement of the arm holes. I made them going forward rather than returning and going back to finish them. I tried both ways and was not pleased with the suggested method. I found making them going forward was a better option for me.

I joined the top at the bottom of the trim. In the future I would join before I started the trim on the bottom and then finish the edges before adding a snap to close the top of the top.

I found the skirt was a fairly tight fit so I started using the directions for row 6 after completing row 3 until I reached 54 stitches.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Barbie Dress

I'm always on the look out for new patterns for the doll donations and lately I've been in favor of ones that have the look of something that would be easier to finish rather than challenge patterns. I have binders of patterns in the challenge range but for the donation it helps just to have some patterns I can finish and get some items in the donation bags.

This is another Michelle Ratman pattern you can purchase here.

This pattern calls for Grace Patons cotton yarn. I've been trying to use stash yarn on hand for doll projects when possible. I settled on some Sinfonia sport cotton I had previously purchased for ami projects. I believe this is forest green but since I no longer have the paper cover I can't confirm that.


This pattern starts out feeling like it will be way to large for the doll. However my suggestion is before changing hook or yarn wait until you make the arm holes to determine what you wish to change.

I ended up changing from a g hook to an e hook and the fit was better for the doll.

This pattern makes a dress that slides on and off so it requires no butttons or snaps.

For those who don't like working with thread and want a quick outfit for Barbie this is a great little pattern. I will continue to use it for the donation as it works up quick and it is easy to get on and off the doll.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Chelsea Pink for Valentines

I like to look around to see what's new in the doll pattern market and I came across Michelle Ratman's designs on Etsy. There are a variety of doll sizes and I picked up a few to try but I decided to start with the Chelsea dress. You can purchase the pattern here.

I used an e hook and 1 piece of pink and white Aunt Lydia's size 10 for the holiday blend I was attempting. I think I might try a plain size 3 to see how it looks.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Rag Doll Dress for February

I'm learning to document more as I work on these projects because sometimes I figure out a solution some time during the process and think this will work better next time only to discover I'm in the same pickle because I never documented the solution.

This is a free Dora the Explorer pattern that I've adapted for use with both the Rag doll and the 16 inch baby doll. You can find it here.


I use a K hook for the first 7 rows joining at the end of row 7.

For the skirt I switch to an I hook to the end of the dress.

In Row 1 to make the arms fit both dolls I need to chain 8.

However this creates and issue with the skirt so in the following row I need to evenly reduce by 8 stitches the number of additional chains added in the previous row prior to starting the pattern that will eventually establish the skirt.

Use a stitch marker to mark the decreases and increases. They are just easy to lose.

Don't skip the directions for finishing the top and the arms.

I used a snap for the back after finishing the edges.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

My Life Valentine Dress

My current plan is to continue on with my Valentine theme through February in some form or another to try to get some holiday items finished for the donation. The nice part about these items is while Valentine's themed the items are good for year round wear.

This is one of Adoring Doll's patterns that can be purchased here.


I used an I hook for most of this pattern.

In order to get the slip stitches in I added them slightly differently than the designer.

After row 1 return to the start of row 1 and complete a row of pink slip stitches finish off pink and continue on with white and row 2.

After row 2 I repeated above for second set of ss.

At the end of row 9 repeat this for ss that heart will sit on.

There are portions of text that can be challenging to read while working. I started marking the end of each row of text with a stitch marker. This just made it easy to go back to a section if I got interrupted, the count seemed off, etc. I've tried writing out the text in different ways over the years and this worked for getting through some of the longer sections.

I would use the heart from the Back to School pattern next time I make this pattern. The heart just came out better.

I finished off the back and neck with a row of sc adding a button hole for the dress.

Hat and shoes were made with I hook.


I hook

I added 2 sc rows to arms and finished them with a sc chain 3 skip on around

I finished complete edge of sweater in process of making suggested button hole I just preffered a finished look.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Our Generation Back to School

This project started with multiple misconceptions. First, I thought I'd made Adoring Doll's Back to School outfit, you can purchase here, before. Yet despite searching I can't find a record of making it and when I started making it didn't seem as familiar as I had thought. This is one of her early patterns and some of the pieces are constructed quite differently than some of her more recent stuff.

The second mistake I made is I wasn't looking for a Back to School outfit in my binder. With the heart on the shirt I had this pegged as a Valentine outfit and was quite confused when I couldn't locate a black jacketed Valentine outfit. When I searched her site and realized I had the name and intention wrong, sure enough I found it in my Adoring Doll pattern binder. I'm still using it for the Our Generation's Valentine holiday outfit. It works well for my theme.


I used the suggested g hook for the boots. I find I need a smaller hook for the our Generation doll feet then the My Life. Just my experience. I tend to have to go up one to two hooks for the My Life depending on the shoes.

The outfit required an I hook to get it to fit the doll.

This is my favorite heart. I am currently working on another of her Valentine outfits for the My Life doll that uses a slightly different heart motif and I'd come back to this one next time. It just works up better and finishes nicer.

I love the jacket, especially in black for this outfit. The one item I really wasn't thrilled with was the skirt. I would use a substitute if I come back to this next year as the construction for the waist and skirt just didn't sit right.

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