Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ken Sleeping Bag

These sleeping bags are great travel projects. Ken's made waiting for several appointments much more relaxing as I was focused on finishing a project and not on how much time I was waiting or anticipating the appointment itself.

Last year was the first year I added sleeping bags to the donation so I didn't do much experimentation. The fashion doll sleeping bag pattern found here uses row upon row of sc's to make the sleeping bag. There is a Beanie Baby pattern that has an option for two sets of patterns. You can make the traditional sc option or it offers a shell pattern that I've used for the smaller fashion dolls. I decided to experiment and use the shell pattern with Ken's sleeping bag to give it a bit more texture. You can find the directions for the shell stitch version here.


I started out with the fashion doll pattern completing the pillow and the first established sleeping bag prior to switching over to the shell portion of the Beanie pattern.

For this sleeping bag I used Red Heart Super Saver Fall and an I hook.

Once the pattern is established I no longer count rows. The doll travels with me and I measure as I think I'm getting close prior to closing at the bottom.

I had a ball of yarn I can't identify left over from a previous project that I set up for my next travel project. The pillow section is done and I've started the sleeping bag portion leaving the rest for my appointments. This one is slated for Skipper.

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