Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Calico Critters Shell Dress

After purchasing the single Stephanie Marshmellow Calico Critter hoping she would work as an adult model for my Calico Critters outfits I have come to suspect she is actually closer to the daughter rather than the Mother figure. I've finally broke down and bought the Cuddle Bear Family so I have a range of sizes to work from and I'm thinking of making some holiday outfits for myself so they can be part of my holiday traditions as well.

I'm no doll or toy expert so when I make clothes I firmly believe in models to try to make sure the clothes will fit. It takes a good bit of time and resources to make the clothes and you know if they don't easily fit they are far less likely to be used.

For those of you interested in mkaing some Calico Critter clothing of your own this is a free pattern that can be found here and includes directions for the mother and daughter figures, which is what finally made me believe this is not the Mother sized figure I'd hoped for when I purchased it as it was much closer in size to the daughter than the mother.

This pattern works up quickly. I used DMC Traditions Size 10 thread. I have been searching for striped/variegated thread to use with various doll projects and at some point picked up this thread but I'm not sure when or where and it does not seem to be commonly available when I searched for it online.

To make this fit this sized mouse I used the daughter directions and a 1.25mm Tulip Etimo thread hook. I'm finding this seems to be the hook for this mouse. We will see if it holds to the standard for the adult figures when they arrive.

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Cheryl said...

That is such a sweet little dress. I love the colours.

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