Thursday, March 30, 2023

My Life Swim Suit

I'm still working on my project to send all the donation dolls off with swim wear.

What I have come to realize is only Barbie has more options for swim suits in my pattern library than the 18 inch dolls. Over the years I've acquired various pattern sets with swim wear for the 18 inch dolls. This is part of the three pattern set you can purchase from Adoring Doll Clothes here. The patterns are also available for individual purchase should you only want some of the dolls. I decided to complete the set this year and this is the last of the patterns. I'll be using different patterns for the other My Life and Our Generation female doll.

As a note to myself I ended up with a K hook for the waist portion of this outfit. However since this was a left over yarn ball I started doing some research about its origins and realized it is a lighter worsted weight 4 yarn closer to a 3 1/2 than a traditional 4 and that could have made it an issue with why the outfit was tight with what I would normally have moved up to which would have been an I over the suggested G hook. I have weird guage but I've pretty much come to know she suggests G and I use I. It was weird to have to use such a large hook so the lighter yarn would be a good explanation.

I had never done the neck ties this way and I liked the design. I would try this again with the suggested weight yarn.

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