Friday, March 10, 2023

Our Generation Sleeping Bag

One positive of having a shared goal of completing certain projects for all the dolls is it helps me not to neglect certain dolls, only to panic as the deadline approaches and I realize I haven't completed projects for certain dolls. Sometimes I just get more inspired for certain dolls than others in a year and focusing on finishing certain items helps me to remember each doll.

This brings me to the first of the 18 inch doll sleeping bags. While I've made clothes for the My Life dolls I've been neglecting the female Our Generation Doll. Some patterns just seem to be easier to fit to the My Life Dolls but it doesn't excuse not including the female Our Generation Doll. So when it came time to make start the shared projects for the 18 inch dolls it seemed important to start with the Our Generation Doll.

You can find the free American Girl Sleeping Bag pattern here.

I love the texture used in this pattern. Especially with the striped yarns it makes for some fun patterns.

For my notes for future projects to get this to fit the Our Generation Doll I used a K hook rather than the suggested I hook as it was tight getting on and off with the suggested hook.

I have 3 more sleeping bags to make and this part of the collective project will be completed. I saved the biggest ones for last.

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