Friday, March 3, 2023

Rag Doll Sleeping Bag

I'm continuing my project to send off all the dolls with either snuggle sacks for the baby dolls or sleeping bags for the rest. This is a free pattern designed for the American Girl dolls that you can find here.

This pattern adapts rather easily to a variety of the larger sized dolls. I tested the width after a few rows to make sure the doll would fit and then put the doll in periodically to test for length before closing.

This isn't a brand doll so it doesn't come with accessories, nor are there store accessories to match the doll. I like sending stuff that will work with the doll either items I make or some that I find at the store like the play food I pick up for all the larger dolls when I can find it. It just adds some addiitonal play value for the donation.

I used the suggested I hook for this project.

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