Thursday, March 9, 2023

Our Generation Boy Swim Trunks

I've been picking up patterns for the 18 inch boy dolls over the years but every time I think about adding one to the donation they seem to get discontinued. I had hoped to get a My Life as I tend to find them easier to fit but after waiting a bit I decided if I was going to try the project to dive in with the Our Generation Daniel doll.

You can purchase the pattern here. I have the set with the patterns for the male and female 18 inch dolls as well as the 14.5 inch doll I use for the Glitter Girl.


I always seem to need an I hook for her patterns which I attribute to my guage. In order to make the pattern fit the Our Generation Boy doll I needed a starting chain of 46 instead of 36 chains. The trunks would not fit with the smaller chain. This meant the leg split was 23 chains. The color change is listed for the second leg not the first leg so I'm making a note for myslef to follow the directions for the second leg to get the leg stripe.

I finished this swim suit as we were preparing for a nasty winter storm. Making the swim outfits in the winter does help me focus on the warmer weather to come.

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