Monday, September 27, 2021

Lots to Love 10 inch Doll Top, Pants, Bonnet, and Booties

As I was searching through patterns trying to decide where to go next I stumbled across one of Darski's free pattern sets for the 10 inch dolls called Sweetly found here. This set like the Layette one have multiple outfits and I'll be working my way through them and likely trying to adapt them for the smaller dolls as well.

I used Bernat Baby Big Ball Sport Yarn, Baby Pink and Baby Yellow with an E hook for most of the outfit. The bonnet required a G hook.


The shirt, bonnet, and booties worked up as written.

In the future I might try a smaller hook for the booties as they were a little larger than I had hoped for but they don't fall off the doll.

There are multiple ways to make pants but two you often see in doll clothes are making the waist and splitting for the crotch conintuing with the legs and the second making the legs and connecting them at the crotch and making the top of the pants.

Darski's patterns tend to be legs first, I tend to prefer top first so I remade the pants to be top down. It is just something I find easier when making doll pants. Unless I'm doing footed outfits I tend to stick with the top down and work around what ever challenges that presents.

One last note the ties should have been attached a little further back for optimal fitting but each project is a learning experience.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Rag Doll Fall Dress

I have a shopping bag of Knit Picks Palette yarn that I bought years ago when I was originally making Barbie clothes for my nieces and then when I stopped I'd occasionally use some for a project but I still have a bag that I'd like to finish off and start fresh knowing I'm using up yarn as I buy it.

Having adapted Amy Carrico's 14 inch Baby Doll Spring Set for the 15 inch Rag doll I was looking for the right yarn to adapt the pattern for use for with the smaller Rag doll. I setteled on this yarn because I had 2 skeins which is always a good idea when you aren't sure how much yarn a pattern would take and it is a yarn I've had trouble finding a project to move it out of my stash. I believe this is one of the heather yarns in the Palette line and I think it was oringally purchased for Barbie office wear. However since that never got done its been holding up in long term stash storage and it was time for a new project idea.

I had used a fingering acrylic yarn for the 15 inch doll and it worked really well for the project. I decided the Palette yarn might do for the smaller doll and since this color has been on my radar to move out it was one of the first I checked to see if I had 2 skeins to meet my project requirements. I've been know to lose the will the yarn last game and I prefer not to when the option is there.

Amy Carrico's pattern is available for purchase here.


This one worked up slightly differently than the 15 inch doll so I wanted to make sure I included my notes for any future proejcts.

First if using Palette yarn I need 2 skeins to complete outfit with panties. Can complete dress and sweater with one but not enough for complete outfit.

Hook sizes:

Dress E hook

Sweater body G hook fits better over bulk of dress. C hook for arms.

Panties G hook to 32 stitches.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Lil Cutesies Romper with Tam

When I started making the romper from the free Berenguer Baby Layette found here I wasn't sure if it would be for the Lil Cutesies Doll or the Lots to Love 8 inch doll. I was targeting the fingering weight acrylic yarn that was left over from the Spring Dress I'd made for the 15 inch Rag doll as I was determined to finish off the skein of yarn. The question was which doll would fit the outfit the best?

I orginally thought it would be the Lots to Love Doll but having tried the outfit on the Lil Cutesie doll I decided to make a second outfit using the Knit Picks Palette yarn for the Lots to Love doll.

While I had enough yarn to finish the romper the hat ended up being a combination of yarn ends from previous projects with a finish of some additional mint green baby yarn. The center was the same baby yarn I'd begun the project with and then I moved on to a small ball of the Lion Brand Yarn Ice Cream Yarn, Tutti Frutti left over from the Moses basket blanket.

As with the 10 inch doll I used a slightly different method for the legs of the doll. The pattern calls for elastics for the legs I chose instead just to split the legs once the body of the romper was long enough to do so and used a chain 4 for the crotch area. I added a sc a row for each leg and then did a sc ch 3 finish for each leg. I did not make the booties for this outfit.

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