Tuesday, June 18, 2024

My Life Pioneer Nightgown

I haven't made this outfit in almost a decade. I suspect because it calls for yarn I don't normally buy and it is a yarn hog of a project.

You can still purchase the pattern here.

The last few years I've gotten more adventurous about trying out yarns I have on hand for projects before diving into buying special yarns where I think it will work. I decided to see if I could get this project to work with Red Heart Super Saver Artist Paints instead of the Babybee Hushabye Camo or what ever is currently available from Hobby Lobby at this point.

After close to a decade it is possible I'd still have another substitute. I love Hobby Lobby's yarns but I rarely get there and Red Heart tends to be one of my go to for affordable doll clothes.


It took almost a skein and a half of Red Heart for this project and I started with a skein and a half so I was playing yarn chicken at the end. I ended up using a random pink to make the tie for the hat as I didn't think I had enough yarn left and I didn't plan on using ribbon. I wanted to stick with yarn.

I used the suggested I hook.

The two major changes I made were not using ribbons and adding a snap to the top back for closure instead of velcro. I've never found adding velcro to yarn to be an easy prospect so I've always used snaps or buttons.

One minor change I made do to the game of yarn chicken I was playing is I reduced the triple crochets to 5 for the bottom of the hat. I can go either way with this as the 7 looked good until I realized I was going to be short yarn, but I was also happy with the finished product of 5. The fiber difference between this outfit and the one I made before might be the reason the 5 was OK here. I'd likely experiment with more yarn to decide if it weighted down the hat too much or if I liked it with bigger shells.

While the stitches do eat yarn I love the texture it creates. I'd make this again making sure I have 2 full skeins on hand before setting out.

Both My Life Dolls have completed my 2024 Nightgown challenge.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Glitter Girl Bathing Suit

Another doll finished for the yearly bathing/swimsuit challenge.

You can purchase the Wellie Wisher pattern I used for this project here.

There are still a few vendors that make solid colored size 3 thread including Aunt Lydia's and Thread Art. However, finding the contrast multi-colored threads can be more challenging. I'd picked up some Lizbeth in size 10 but then it became hard to find. This year I found it at Handy Hands and picked up a supply of size 3 as I never know how long something will be available and I do use the multi-colored threads for a variety of projects. I can use 2 pieces of size 10 together but this burns through my size 10 thread faster and it is more of a pain dealing with the thread tangling. I list the vendor because I am sure at some point I will be looking and have forgotten where I bought the thread and be looking for the vendor again.


I don't have the package label for the solid color so I don't have brand or color for the main thread for the outfit. If I had to guess I'd say it's likely Thread Art Slate Blue. I haven't found many shades and varieties left with Aunt Lydia to buy so I'm just guessing this isn't Aunt Lydia's.

Just a note for myself as I was trying to locate the source of the main color I did locate additional sources of size 3 for future purchases. I had checked Creative Yarn Source previously for size 3 because I get my 20 and 30 size thread there for some of my Barbie patterns.

I hadn't seen it there before but today I discovered the sell a Hilaze 3 brand and while there isn't a huge selection of colors they have colors I haven't previously found. I also discovered Knit Pick's has Curio 3 that I was previously unaware of with again not a huge selection but different colors than I normally find when looking for thread.

Getting back to this project the contrast color is Lizbeth size 3 Wildflower

I followed the pattern as written except that I finished the leg holes with a round of sc and then a round of sc chain 2 skip 1 around.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Our Generation Boy Basketball Uniform

I've mentioned on several occasions I haven't found many crochet patterns written specifically for the boy doll. However, there are some patterns that are generic enough that they work for either the boy or girl doll. I already made the doctor scrubs and now I'm starting in on some of Adoring Doll's sports patterns. You can purchase the basketball uniform here.



This is made with Caron Pounder Kelly Green, Red Heart White and Black. I wanted the specific shade of green for future reference I tend to use what ever shades/brands of white or black I have on hand.

I used an I hook for the shirt and I'd stick with that for future projects as the fit was good for getting on and off the doll.

I made the button hole while trimming the neckline and finishing the back in white.


The shorts lists an f hook I needed an I.

I've never been good at adding ss along the edge of something so I ss to add the yarn to the side than did a row of ss not attached to the end of the shorts and ss to the end of the shorts. I left a long end and sewed the ss to the shorts. Not the most effective method but better than the mess I was making trying to ss directly to the shorts.


I used the suggested G hook and followed directions as written. I would likely use an H hook if making these for the My Life Doll.

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