Thursday, January 31, 2019

Kalia 16 Inch Baby Doll Dress

I've been working on projects while helping family out with homeschooling via Skype. I find having a simple project to work on during wait times allows me to relax and I'm amazed at how much work I can get done. What I've found is projects that have predictable repeats are the easiest to use and I got most of this project finished during those break periods.

Over the years I've adapted various types of gowns for the baby doll projects as there aren't lots of patterns designed specifically for this type of doll. I've been following a blogger for years who designs patterns and makes gowns for preemies and others. I've been adapting her gowns for use with my doll project. You can find the free pattern for this outfit here.

This pattern works up rather quickly. To fit the 16 Inch doll I used an I hook and worsted weight yarn for the pink. I had some lighter weight worsted weight green yarn that I've been trying to use up so that was perfect for this project. I used ties to finish off this project.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

American Girl Cable Loop Sweater and Pants

The weather turned colder and I just felt the urge to start making some doll sweaters. I find as it gets warmer I just don't have the same interest. I've decided to see how many sweaters I can make before I lose interest. My first project was to complete the out of print Springfield Collection Sweater Trio FCM494. This pattern is commonly available on used pattern sites if you are available. This pattern creates a faux cable look and it has been one of my favorites for years because it works up quickly, but it has a look of being a little more complicated than it really is to make. The headband for this pattern uses the same method for faux cables.

For pants I went back to my favorite pants pattern from Maggie's Crochet Abby, Allie, and Annie PA972 - 01 I had momentary panic when I went to find the pants pattern and it hadn't found its way home to the 18 inch doll binder. I really didn't want to have to replace the pattern.

Now for my notes, in the past I've found these sweaters a little bulky. This year I tried experimenting by going down from a f hook to an e and I found the sweaters seemed to fit a little better.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

16 Inch Baby Doll Sundress and Hat

I think this is one off the patterns I've been using the longest for the doll donation. Sadly you need the wayback machine to find it as the blog is gone. However as of writing this it was still there. As always I'd suggest downloading it and saving your copy as these links can go any time. You can find it here.

One of the reasons I like this outfit is that it isn't only just easy to make but it is also easy for little hands for to take the outfit on and off.

For my own notes I make this with worsted weight yarn and in order to make it fit the rounded soft bodied doll it requires a K hook. In order to avoid sewing I join after the first row

Monday, January 28, 2019

Mary Maxim 18 Inch Doll Party Dress

This was a fun kit with lots of details I might never have tried if the kit didn't come with everything needed. I do plan on trying the shoes again. I'd like to try them in black as well. For those interested in buying the kit you can find it here.

I picked up this kit last year when I needed a minimum total to get free shipping as I needed some 5" baby dolls.

This kit uses Mary Maxim Baby's Best DK/Sportweight Yarn I plan on picking up more of this yarn for my doll when I can get a shipping coupon. I like the combination of softness that doesn't split while crocheting. While the shipping is expensive, the cost of the yarn is reasonable. I do wish they had a wider choice of colors, although it is nice to see they have non-traditional baby colors like grey. While it would be nice, I get no benefits for discussing Mary Maxim's doll kits. I like to document what I make for my doll donations every year.

I often find I need to rethink crochet directions. One of my favorite things about this pattern is the pattern writer and I seemed to speak the same crochet language so I really didn't need to make any adjustments. I am hoping Mary Maxim brings out other kits by this designer. I'd be a customer for sure. I know I'll be picking up yarn to make this again for next year's donation.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

American Girl Nightgown

This is the second year I've made the American Girl Little Bluebell Nightgown with the free pattern found here. The only pattern I haven't tried from this designer yet is the sweater and I'm hoping to get to that this year. Her patterns are quick to make and I like the look of them when finished.

One of the things I love about this project is it allows me to use up yarn I have on hand. The last two years I've used blue because I had it left over from other projects but this would work up nicely in a variety of shades.

Now for my project notes, I used an H hook for this project. This project works well with heavier worsted weight yarn. I haven't tried it with my lighter worsted yarns to check for gauge. I used snaps to close the opening in the back.

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