Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pilgrim Bear

This is the first of the Pilgrim Bears I have been talking about in previous blogs. The pattern is Annie's Attic Crochet Pilgrim Bears, 8B040. I see this offered often at vintage pattern sites and even eBay if anyone is interested. The Annie's pattern has far more detailed faces, but I liked the simpler look.

I learned so much making this bear. The pattern was easy to follow and I was amazed that the bear stood even before I added the cardboard to reinforce the shoes. I am currently working to adapt this style to a smaller version of a doll pattern to see if I can get the dolls to stand, too.

I did decrease the size of the bear by using a significantly smaller hook than the pattern called for as space is an issue where this guy will be traveling. I would not necessarily want him to be much larger when I make one for myself. He fits nicely on the piano.

The female Pilgrim is close to completion. As usual, I got distracted working on several other projects, but she should be ready for photographs soon. I have to get these packages ready to mail so they will arrive on time.

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Anonymous said...

SO cute!! How tall is he?

Sheltie Times said...

He is still 16" tall, the pattern says he would be 14 1/2 inches. So even going with a smaller hook he is not a tiny bear. However, he is not as large as the swatch I made with the larger hook would have made him. I suspect he would have been a giant.

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