Thursday, November 4, 2010

American Girl Doll Loom Hat and Scarf

I was really proud of myself when I finished this hat and scarf. I have all but surrendered my knitting needles, but I really want to see if I can learn to use the Kniffty Knitters to produce some basic knitted items. I have a long way to go, but seeing the hat and the scarf on the doll has convinced me it is worth continuing the effort. I would like to progress to making a doll sized blanket to send as well.

I used the blue round knifty knitter for the scarf and the hat. I followed a basic hat pattern to make the brim on the hat and used the gather method to finish it off.

Mom and I cut out these blue jeans this summer during her visit. She bought a bunch of sewing patterns, material, and sewing notions to my house during her summer visit and we cut out doll patterns for the 18" dolls and Barbie. These jeans were one of the pairs we cut out and after sewing at home, she shipped me for my niece. For those that are curious the top is a dress pattern she knitted from Fun-to-Knit Doll Clothes. Of all the items she sent, this is the one I should wrap first as it will be the hardest to give up. I just love the way it looks.

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