Friday, November 19, 2010

American Girl Pilgrim

This outfit was made with a free pattern from a very generous designer Darski. You can find the pattern here. One strategy I have started to use when downloading patterns is to cut and paste and reorganize them into word documents for my own personal use. You will not find any of those documents here. I suggest you make them for yourself. However, I find that I can change the fonts, enlarge or bold certain areas to help me when I am working on a pattern. I can also reorganize lines as certain patterns bulk up directions in larger chunks than I want to work with in a line by line pattern. I meant to mention that in an earlier blog, but I like to share orginizational techniques with others. I learn a great deal by reading and listening to what others do, I like to share what I have learned as well.

I loved the dress pattern for this doll. I finally understood how to pull together a back and use buttons to close the back edge. It should perhaps be obvious, but it helped me work on a Barbie pattern, so I am thrilled at the new knowledge.

I chose to create my own cap, because I wanted something more of a bonnet than a cap. I used a modified version of the Shady Lane Barbie pattern. I also added cuffs like the Shady Lane Barbie pattern used.

After finishing this pattern I realized where I made the mistake on the Ken doll. As I mentioned before each new project seems to have something to teach me about another.

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