Friday, January 28, 2011


As I continue to make doll clothes, I have been experimenting with ways to join the clothes. So far, I have used a variety of snaps and buttons. I recently purchased hooks and eyes to use, but have not yet had the opportunity to try them out. I had wondered about the availability of small buttons for Barbie sized clothing but had not seen any.

Buttons are a rather interesting subject with doll clothes. I know some people who will buy button cards picking out specific buttons for each outfit. The buttons really do add something special to the outfits. While I admire the look these buttons provide the expense can be prohibitive. I tend to be a more practical in my button selection. I like to find the large selection of buttons, which while not as pretty as some, are functional. I recently found the Favorite Findings brand at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I have been pleased with the color selection and price. A recent trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics located the tiny Favorite Finding's buttons pictured above. I was not sure if they would be functional or just for decoration. I bought the selection in the container. My theory was if they were not useful for dressmaking, I would use them on amigurumi projects. I was able to use one on a Skipper dress where a snap was not useful.

I do not have an affiliation agreement with Jo-Ann's, though I do mention them quite often. Around here, they are the store with the best selection of sewing notions. I find AC Moore often has better yarn prices unless I am buying online. When I started working on amigurumi and doll projects, I found it helpful when people shared where they found their supplies. I do not always have access to the same stores, but sometimes I find new resources. While there is no Hobby Lobby for several states, I did find I could order items online because someone discussed where she bought her supplies. My Mom found out there is one in her state and now has a cheaper alternative for her yarn and crafts. Sometimes people just assume everyone knows where to find supplies. I know I had all but given up on finding anything but button cards when I found the Favorite Findings brand. I am still looking for other options, but for now, I have an affordable choice.


Nicole said...

When I was a little kid, my mom had a huge jar filled with buttons. I use to play with them and sort them by colors.

Sheltie Times said...

It used to be easier to stock up on buttons. My Mom also had them in containers because you could buy in bulk. I remember her buying special buttons for certain projects, but for the most part generic buttons worked well. She also recyled buttons, which is something I am thinking of doing for some of my projects.

Daisy said...

Ohh, buttons, one of my favorite things ever! I get as many buttons as I can. I might need them someday! I think that using them for your projects is an excellent idea.

C.Mahan said...

I love buttons. I do not collect them so much anymore but I still have a giant ziploc bag of them! I still pick them up if I see a jar at a garage sale or thrift mart.

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