Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crochet Calendar

The Crochet: 2011 Day-to-Day Calendar was another item on my Christmas list that I really wanted. I started the craze last year by purchasing the knitting calendars for my Mom and Aunt and then picked up the Crochet and Knitting calendars for myself after Christmas. The Knitting Calendar was easy to find, I had to do an online search to find the Crochet Calendar. This year with all the sales prior to the holiday, I decided to put my order in early.

I had heard this might be the last year for the crochet calendar, no word on the knitting calendar. I for one will be disappointed. Many have complained that there are fewer patterns and that many are free patterns already available. However, I know for my Aunt, my Mom, it is fun to open the box and see what surprises are in there.

My favorites so far from the Crochet version:


January 12: Afghan and Pillow
I have thought about purchasing this pattern a few times, now I have it.

February 25: Felted Slippers 18" Doll
Cute pattern and it will be a good chance to try felting with a small project.

July 20: Christening Gown 5" doll but suggestions for baby yarn for larger doll

August 19: 5 1/2" Sailor outfit
Cotton thread but adorable

October 10: 18" Doll Slip
Now I just have to find someone who can crochet it with thread.


April 25: Easter Basket Baby Afghan
Love the colors and texture.

July 18: Fleece Edging
Fleece is king in our house. I am thinking edging would be a great combo of the soft fleece we love and the decorative touches crochet adds.

September 5: Rainbow Afghan
I love the colors


I do not make much in the way of clothes, but I do love shawls, scarfs, and an occasional hat. These made my list.

February 4: Lacy Fans Shawl
This is another one I would like to try to master the technique.

February 16: Little Blue Riding Hood
This is going on my Christmas pile.

February 21: Cross-Country Shawl
I am determined that I have to make this one.

March 11: Aprons for Mom and Me
This just looked like fun. Perhaps another Christmas possibility.

May 1: Flower Garden Shawl
I am in love with Granny Squares right now so this made the list.

October 29: Franken Beanie
I am not sure if I can make this come out by I am going to try it for my Halloween packages.


January 21 Tiny Unicorn
Adorable pattern and small to store.

July 28: Spider
This one looks more achievable than my current pattern.

May 9: Lil' Miss Lilly
Pink Pig Small and cute which adds her to my list.

May 20: Salt and Pepper Shakers
These look cute decorations.

September 14: Mini Pumpkin
I am always looking for more Halloween patterns.

September 19: Baby Doxie Dachshund
If you follow my blog you will know I am a huge Armina Paragain fan because of her Hello Kitty patterns on Armina Aminals.

November 7: Baby Poodle
Armina Paragian of Armina Aminals had two entries that made my list.


June 29: Lemon Lime Scrubbie
Combo scrubbie and dishcloth.

August 12: Watermelon Coaster
I love the Watermelon patterns. They are bright, cheerful in summer or on a cold winters day.

August 17: Toy Bag
Bag to hang on to stroller. I was thinking it had multiple applications

December 30: Kitchen Towel and Dishcloth Edging
I have been thinking about this and I may actually try it with this card as a guide.

I have more pulled, but these are some of my favorites. Hopefully, if I get my other projects finished I will be able to share some of my finished items here. I am pleased with my gift and the patterns I have to try. I also have several new blogs and websites to check out to discover more new designers. Each card lists not only the name, but also the designer’s blog or website.

If indeed this is the last year, I know my family will be disappointed. This one was gift that was always a hit with the person receiving it. If you are interested in these patterns, many of the calendar and online stores are still offering discounts on calendars. Your local stores may still be selling it at a discounted rate as well.

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