Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charity Crochet Goals

One of my goals for this year was to do more doll and toy projects for charity. My goal is to complete at least one doll outfit per month to donate. I belong to a Yahoo group that is collecting American Girl doll clothes for donation. However, I also want to build a box of items for local donation. Therefore, I really need to be able to finish more than one item to reach that goal. One item per box is my theory. I finished my first pair of pants yesterday. I need to finish my Valentine's boxes before finishing another item for January's donation goal. However, there is still time.

For the local donations, I may include Barbie outfits as well. I will try to use a coupon to pick up a Springfield Doll during the year so I have the doll to donate with the clothes. There is rarely a challenge in finding Barbie's for kids so I am less worried about donating doll clothes without the accompanying doll. Now I just need to figure out which local group is the best option to donate the items to for Christmas next year. I have a year to decide so it should not be an issue. The key is to commit to finishing my monthly promises.

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WAH Adventures! said...

I love those little shoes! I have a 19 month old who LOVES babies and baby dolls! The clothes are hard to keep track of. I recently went to find new clothes for some of her standard sized dolls and had a hard time finding any. I need to pick up a skill like this (and some more time) and just make her some!

Sheltie Times said...

I learned to crochet because I saw so many amazing toy projects I wanted to make for my nieces and nephews. The quality of the Barbie clothes on the market is awful, they fall apart before the child takes them off. I could outfit myself for what it costs for one outfit from the American Girl Doll company.

I tried to learn to knit, but still cannot get beyond dish clothes. My Mom still makes the kids the knitted and sewn clothes. I have to find someone in my generation or the next to learn those skills so we don't loose them.

Anonymous said...

The shoes are adorable!
I have said it before (Probably TO you) and I will say it again- I wish I had that kind of patience.

Nicole Ireland said...

What a great goal to have!

And I agree with the others, those shoes are too cute!

Mia said...

So adorable. My sister crochets a lot. She makes hats and donates them to the VA hospital and the nursery at the hospital. I have fond memories of my grandmother knitting when I was little. She made so many dresser scarves with beautiful details on them.

Angie - The Work at Home Wife said...

I wish I could get my crafty side to come out. My mom spent time crocheting blankets for local children that were being placed in foster care. It was so heartfelt. I just can't seem to reign in the patience.

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