Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cindy Doll

I mentioned in a previous blog that I had purchased some vintage doll books hoping they would fit some of Barbie's sisters. I am still playing with some of Cindy's outfits to see if they will fit Stacie. So far I have not had time to do the conversions as these patterns are mostly thread. That means I need to convert to fingering yarn and then from Cindy's body type to Stacie. However, I did recently find a source for purchasing the Cindy doll. I ordered a couple to try them out and if they work out, I will share my source. I like the idea of small dolls as they are easy to store and I seem to have found some of the patterns that will fit her.

I am finding it fun working with different doll styles. Starting with an 18" doll and then moving to the small Kelly doll keeps things interesting. Adding in dolls with different challenges keeps the process from becoming routine.

Barbie and American Girl Doll Free Patterns are listed on my blog at these locations:

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American Girl Doll Crochet and Sewing

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Additional Doll Patterns also Available on the Holiday Blogs:





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Anonymous said...

Those make me SO nostalgic- I can remember seeing stuff like that in my Grandma's house, etc. :)

Also, I was going to say this over on WPLH, but I am curious and potentially interested in perhaps throwing some work your way.
Can you make something like this?

C.Mahan said...

These are really cute. And they too remind me of things my grandmother made. Which, is good!

Nicole said...

That yellow dress on the cover is so cute!! That one caught my attention the most.

Daisy said...

I have never heard of the Cindy dolls. Those look like cute projects though.

Sheltie Times said...

Thank you for the compliment. There is a tricky situation with selling stuff made from other people's patterns, even free ones. I am not familar enough with the character to design one I would be comfortable selling.

If you are looking for one I would suggest Esty or Ravelry for someone who is selling their version of this character.

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