Monday, January 17, 2011

It has Been One of Those Weeks

My husband and I both got sick this past week so things have been slow. Thankfully, we are both coming out of it and with a long weekend have had more time to recover. There are many things to be done to catch up today and I have not had a chance to blog ahead as I normally do when I am healthy.

I have a couple of crochet projects ready to photograph and a few more almost ready. I broke my promise about buying yarn and I think I found sources for a couple of dolls that match some vintage books I bought and then realized did not fit my target dolls. If the dolls work out, I will post my sources for others who are interested.

I did buy sale baby yarn, sports yarn and some holiday clearance yarn from Joann's and the Knitting Warehouse. I have posted several times about the challenges of finding baby fingering yarn and finding Bernat fingering yarn on-sale was not an opportunity to pass up when I am in a doll clothes mode. I am finding the Red Heart sports yarn skeins do not go as far as I thought when making clothes for even dolls as small as Barbie. I thought I had quite a bit of yarn, but the colors I needed were gone quickly leaving me with a need for some refills. The Bernat Satin I needed for the patterns in PatternsByJeannine SIGNATURE SERIES: All American Girls - 36 Crochet Patterns for 18 inch Dolls was also on-sale so I purchased that as well. I had a free shipping coupon from Joann's so it seemed an ideal time to stock up.

While I was pleased at finding the fingering yarn, I do wish I could find it in larger skeins. When I realize how much I use for a doll's outfit, I do wonder how people make baby items without spending a small fortune.

I hope to get my pictures taken and my blogs uploaded and back on schedule soon.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

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