Friday, January 7, 2011

American Girl Doll Red Dress

My husband bought me PatternsByJeannine SIGNATURE SERIES: All American Girls - 36 Crochet Patterns for 18 inch Dolls after I put it on my Christmas wish list. The reviews were not great, but I wanted a book of crochet patterns for the 18" dolls and there are not many options on the market. I really like this book. The disadvantage of buying the condensed version is that the patterns are black and white. However, you can download pictures of the patterns from her website. I have done that for the two patterns I have worked on so far and it works for me. It was a much better option than the price for the individual colored pattern booklets.

This was supposed to be the Valentine's Dress. As often happens as I start reading patterns from someone I have not worked with before I realized I made a mistake. What was supposed to be a flowing skirt was straight. However, I liked the more modern look and decided I would keep this outfit and try the Valentine's outfit again later. I added a top to the hat so when I make the Valentine's dress the child will have two different doll hats and this one goes better with this outfit.

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C.Mahan said...

I think it turned out great!

Anonymous said...

Another cute project! :D I love seeing what you come up with.

Mere said...

That looks really pretty! Good job

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