Friday, March 18, 2022

16 Inch Baby Doll Bib

Still working through the diaper bag items for the doll donation. While I"m buying some items like the feeding kits there are just certain things that work better when you make them to fit the doll. I like making the doll bibs because the generic bibs that come with the feeding kits are hit or miss on fitting the dolls I donate. Like the diapers, I generally have a Three Bears issue that for some dolls the bibs are too large and others too small. The projects are quick so making them is often easier than sending stuff that likely won't be used because it doesn't fit the doll.

For those of you interested this is a free pattern for a Baby bib and a food baby food container and spoon found here. I tried crocheting the baby food container and spoon for a few projects but while crochet play food has great play value the untensils and jars are not as useful as I'd hoped. I shop for sales on the baby doll feeding kits and store them for the donation. The play value is better and I'd rather spend my time making things that kids will use.

To get this bib to fit the larger doll I've made the following adjustments:

Start with a chain 16

Continue pattern for 20 rows

Row 21 do row 11 neck shaping

Chain 40 stitches for ties

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Always a fun holiday growing up. Best wishes to all of you on this day. I'm celebrating by remembering my holiday themed projects.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Irish Bunny

When I have the chance I try to add a few holiday decorations to my house. I try to keep them small as even small ones take up ever increasing space over time. I'm also an avid collector of out of print crochet leaflets and books. This bunny pattern is from an American School of Needlework leaflet Birthday Bunnies in Thread Crochet #1156. It was written by Jennie Black and published in 1993 for those of you who might be interested in the patterns.

While the title of the leaflet is Birthday Bunnies they are more holiday or monthly themed rather than what I have seen in other pattern books for birthday patterns. I have a pattern of doll outfits where each month has a different outfit dedicated to the birthday girl but not any specific holiday that occurs during that month. These seem much more holiday or event themed. June is a wedding dress and August has a bathing suit so not specific to a holiday but not what you'd normally think of as birthday either. That worked for me when I saw this at a second hand pattern site as I was looking for holiday themed amigurumi's rather than birthday outfits. I actually bought it with the November Pilgrim bunny pattern in mind but here I am making the March Irish bunny first.

The pattern calls for off white for the bunnies. I went with white as I wasn't sure how much thread I'd need and I have a giant size 10 white but only a standard off white partial. Having made one I think I will work the Easter one in off white should I get to that with all the other holiday projects I need to finish. I'm planning on making the May dress for the Easter outfit instead of the suggested Easter dress. I rather like the May dress for Easter and I'm planning on using the July dress for my Memorial Day through the end of summer decorations so it works out well. I'm hoping to have a bunny for each of the holidays. I'm even thinking of using January's for my ornament project for this year. We will have to see what happens.


I used size 10 thread I had on hand with a 1.8mm Tulip Etimo thread hook.

I added a row to the hat and changed the black head band to yellow as I wanted a bit more color. I also had to add more chains to the band as the hat was wider.

The pattern calls for a single sided ear. I used the pattern to make an inner and outer ear one pink, one white and then crocheted them together before sewing to the head. I liked the added shaping and color.

Monday, March 14, 2022

16 Inch Baby Doll Bathing Suit

I mentioned I've been making bathing suits for the doll donation hoping it would usher in the warmer Spring weather. As I was making this one we had 6 more inches of snow followed by 50 degree weather. Old Man winter is fighting a losing battle.

This is one of Char's Bitty Baby patterns that can be purchased here.

As often happens when I start a doll outfit I started this project for the Lots to Love 14" doll but using the Herrschners worsted 4 yarn it was too large so I tried it on the 16" doll and an exchange was made.

I have another Dora the Explorer bathing suit pattern so I'm thinking of trying that one for the 14" doll. If not there are other patterns to keep exploring. I am hoping they will all leave with a bathing suit along with other outfits.

I was able to order the last of the dolls I need for the 2022 donation. I was waiting for a reasonable price for the Lots to Love 14" doll and found one at a price I was willing to pay. Next month it will be time to start looking for deals for next year's dolls. It is always wise to put them away when you can find them at a good price. With the cost of goods increasing not sure how many great deals I'll be finding near term but we can always hope. There are people with far greater problems than this in the world and I've been blessed to find all the dolls I do need for 2022.

I have 4 project tracks at the moment. There is the ongoing prep for the doll donation, summer and fall birthday presents, new baby gifts and gifts for big sisters, and ongoing holiday presents. I also have a few random house decoration projects but not a firm track. I'm hoping to divide my time to get all these projects completed.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Lots to Love 14 Inch Baby Doll Bib

Now that I've finished the wipes I'm moving on to the doll bibs.

Last year when I finished making the 16 inch baby doll bibs I realized the free pattern I used was too large for the smaller Lots to Love doll so I went searching through my patterns to find something else to try. I'd downloaded the Needlecrafts Shop's Sweet Cuddles 971016 leaflet from the Annie's Doll DVD that I've owned for years and found with a few added rows it is a good fit for the doll.


I used worsted weight yarn and a g hook for this project. The trim was from another yarn bobbin I'm trying to finish off.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Lil Cutesies Irish Dress

When possible I try to make different outfits for the Lil Cutesies holiday outfits to send off in the holiday packages. The first one was based Amy Carrico Crochet World Bonus pattern. This outfit uses the hat and shoes from that pattern but the dress is based on the Lots to Love 8 inch Valentine dress I made from Annie Potter's Holiday Babies available for purchase here.

The dress and hat are made with worsted yarn. All the white yarn and the green for the shoes are Red Heart sport yarn.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

16 Inch Baby Doll Dress

I'm continuing on my stash busting quest. Both of these are old skeins that need to leave the house and are slowly getting there as they crochet into doll outfits.

This is a free pattern from Recycle Cindy that I've been adapting to the larger baby dolls for years. You can find the pattern here.


I used an I hook for the top switching to an H hook for the skirt. I might be able to try an H hook for the second doll as the top might fit better with the smaller hook. I join after chaining as this style of dress is easily slid on and off the doll without requiring buttons or snaps. The pattern suggests velcro but I hate sewing velcro so I never use it.

I used an H hook for the hat and added a row of front post dc and finished with a row of front post sc. I rather like this look and will think about continuing with this look.

The shoes are my go to free baby shoe pattern for this doll size and can be found in Darski's Peachy Keen pattern set here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

15 Inch Rag Doll Bathing Suit

Continuing on my quest for Spring I bring you the Rag Doll's bathing suit.

With her shoes the bathing suit may seem odd but it also works as a romper. This outfit was adapted from another of Darski's free patterns. This was one of her Dora the Explorer doll patterns Oceanside found here. I love the hat that comes with this pattern but with the big pony tails hats are not easy to keep on the doll so I tend to avoid them. I am considering it for one of the other dolls as it is adorable.

I used a J hook and Red Heart Super Saver Wildflower yarn for this project with the exception of the trims. I used white for the "skirt" and and I hook for the skirt and the arm trims.

The back works up a little differently which is why I wanted a picture of it for future reference. When you make the initial rows the back does not meet and this was a concern for me as I was adapting the pattern to a doll with a little different shape. I've used another one of her Dora patterns but the dress is less fitted. Since the top was a bit tight I found myself at the J hook but the back still didn't look like it would close. I decided to continue on to get a feel for how the suit went together since it might well fit one of the other dolls. That is when I realized the suit didn't need to close in the back it was designed for this fit.

Monday, March 7, 2022

My Life Claret Dress

I've been making a point of attacking orphan skeins of yarn in my stash. While looking for yarn to complete this project I came across a single skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease in Cranberry. I don't generally buy Wool Ease so this could have been left over from a specific project or it could be from one of my senior center/Church sale yarn pick ups that I've been working off over the last few years. It was close but one skein was enough to finish the dress. I used a skein of I Love This Yarn to make the shoes.

As for the dress pattern this is the second pattern included in the free Harriet set found here. Crochetville has now pinned the link to all Darski's patterns so if you decide you like this one you should be able to find a list of all her doll patterns while visiting the site here.

I've pretty much narrowed down my shoe patterns for patterns that don't include shoes to two from patterns I purchased from Sweet Silver Creations just because I can almost make them in my sleep now. This pattern is from her School Girl Uniform pattern and can be purchased here.

This was the last item I made for the donation last year and I'm getting it done a bit earlier this year. I had to use a larger hook on the top and I suspect that is a combination of my guage and using different yarn. I returned to the suggested hook once I joined the outfit.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Baby Doll Wipes Round 3

I mentioned previously this pattern is from a currently out of print Crochet 'n Play diaper bag set. I've slowly started moving to purchasing some of the items I previously made like the Melissa & Doug Feeding Set.

I'm also considering purchasing the diaper bags as I really don't like making bags and I don't have a regular supplier of them. I'm considering the HappyVk- Baby Doll Diaper Bag for two of the dolls as I still have one left over from last year's donations. I"m still researching my options so we will have to see what happens. I do like including the bags because they provide both play value and storage for all the clothes and accessories that go with the dolls. The toys are supposed to be a gift to the child and family, not add problems of what to do with all the stuff.


The original pattern calls for an e hook and as I was trying to use up a small left over ball from my ball basket I decided to go with the e over the g hook. I didn't have quite enough to finish the project but thankfully had another skein in my stash to finish off the project.

I am pleased I've gathered the left over balls in one place as it has made targeting them for various projects so much easier.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Our Generation Harriet

Harriet is another one of Darski's free pattern sets found here. I hope to make the evening gown for the My Life doll later.

I thought I had organized all my misc yarn balls into a bin but I found a grey one while searching for the yarn for this project and there was almost enough to finish the hat.

I worked this pattern according to directions.

I've been sticking with 2 of Sweet Silver Creations shoe pattern for most of my 18 inch doll projects. If you have a pattern that works up easily and fits with the outfit it seems foolish not to use it. This pattern is from her School Uniform pattern and can be purchased here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Granny Strawberry Dishcloth

Dishcloths are one of my go to projects when I need to clear my head from a project that isn't working or I want to learn a new stitch, etc. The beauty of a dishcloth is they are almost always useable. Some of my learn a stitch projects work really well for cleaning jobs I don't want to use my nicer dishcloths for so its always a win.

I came across this free Yarnspirations pattern here while looking for something else and decided it would be a nice project to make on a day I needed a break. The day I made this one was cold, grey, and rainy. The bright colors helped remind me Spring will come despite the stubborn New England winter weather.

This one is destined for my kitchen as I am pleased with the finished product.


I used the cotton colors I had on hand but I rather like the brighter green. I needed an H hook to make gauge.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Lil Cutesies Irish Lass

Last year I dressed two Lots to Love 8-inch dolls to decorate my house for St. Patrick's Day. This year I returned to Amy Carrico's pattern which you can find as a Crochet World free bonus pattern here to make a dress for the Lil Cutesies Baby Doll St. Patrick's day project.

Since the pattern was adjusted from a 5-inch doll pattern changes were made.

I used worsted weight yarn acrylic yarn for the top and sport weight acrylic yarn for the rest of the project.

I finally finished off a skein of my Red Heart Sport yarn. While part of me is sad to see it go as it is a great size for these doll projects it also makes me feel good to realize I am using yarn I buy it isn't becoming part of a museum exhibit. I've used Hobby Lobby's I Love this Sport yarn and it will fill the gap once my Red Heart ancient supply runs out.


I used a D hook with white worsted acrylic for the top. At some point it might be worth trying with white acrylic sport yarn and a larger hook to see if it would have a softer feel. The D hook with the worsted makes it a bit hard. However the white I have for this project is I believe Mary Maxim baby yarn and not suited to a larger hook.

In order to adjust this pattern I needed to add two rows prior to the arm hole row 3 to give the bodice the length required.

The panties and the skirt were both done in suggested colors and available sport/baby yarn with a D hook.

I used a B hook and sport and Baby yarn for the shoes.

For the hat I also used the sport yarn and D hook. However due to the hard plastic bow on the Lil Cutesies doll head I added an extra row of DC to make the hat fit better on the rim.

I prefer not to repeat patterns in the same cycle so I'm thinking of adapting a Valentine holiday dress I made for the 8-inch baby dolls using perhaps the hat from this pattern. That remains to be seen. I do need to get both finished and mailed.

Monday, February 28, 2022

My Life Bathing Suit

Every year I try to challenge myself to go through the doll pattern binders and pick out a pattern I have never made or one that I haven't made for a while to challenge myself.

Long after I was at the teach yourself to crochet kits I came across Boye's I Taught Myself To Crochet 18" Doll Clothes kit and picked it up. I passed on the Boye hooks and the other accessories have long since been absorbed or disposed off but I put the booklet in one of the 18 inch doll binders thinking I'd get to the patterns at some point.

I would argue most of these patterns are not in the category of teach yourself. I've been doing this for a few years and there are a couple of places where better directions and pictures would have been helpful in the shaping of the swimsuit.

The pattern comes with a bag and a beach blanket. I chose not to add the additional accessories as time is a factor. I have St. Patrick's Day and Easter outfits to make. I've got to read the directions for an afghan and of course there are always more doll dresses to make.


I ended up using an e hook with Aunt Lydia Size 3 Crochet Thread, White,Blue Hawaii, and purple.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Baby Doll Wipes Round 2

As I mentioned in my previous post the baby wipes are made using a no longer available Diaper Bag Pattern from Crochet n'play. If the pattern ever does become available again I will happily post it as I think it is a very creative pattern that provides great accessories for children's baby dolls.

When I cleaned out my yarn supply in January I put aside both the yarn balls I had left over from previous projects and the yarn bobbins I hadn't finished off. I often use the left over yarn bobbins on amigurumi projects but they too often have a way of getting lost over time and are not emptied when I need them for my next afghan project. So it seemed a good time to pull them all together in one location and started finding ways to use all of them up.

I made the wipes using a g hook.

The yellow became my next wipes box. I found one more bobbin after I finished this but I'm sure it will work as a trim for another project at some point.

I've written before about checking out Dollar Tree for Barbie items after reading about a Barbie bloggers finds there. Since Christmas I've also been finding play food sets and even a tea set to send off with the larger dolls for the donation. After finding a little kitchen stove top set I thought I'd share these in case anyone else was looking for little sets. I know I'd never have found the Barbie items or now these if someone hadn't shared their finds so I pass on what I've learned to you.

Even in my local Dollar Trees I've found stock differs and when it comes to Barbie and these little food sets they don't often last long. I know I stock up when I find them because I've often gone back myself to find them cleaned out.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Lots to Love 10 Inch Doll Bathing Suit

As I mentioned previously as I set out on this mission to dress the donation dolls in bathing suits I realized I had a bigger pattern collection for this project than I realized. I orginally made this Sun Suit pattern for the 8 inch doll back in 2020 from a pattern in Annie Potter Presents Sweet Baby Doll Layette available for purchase here.

I looked at my pattern notes from 2020 and it looked like it would adjust to the 10 inch doll without much of a challenge. The issue would be finding the right yarn and the correct hook size. As usual it was trial and error.


I used no longer available Red Heart sport yarn for this project. In the future when my supply runs out Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Sport is about the same and would work as a substitute. I've been working steadily on finishing off what is a very old stash of Red Heart sport yarn and it is good to know I have a back up when its gone.

For the bathing suit everything but the leg trim and the heart I used a G hook. I used an e for the heart and the leg trim. Size was an issue for the heart and the trim.

I tried making the hat with a g hook but it proved to be too large so I went back to an e hook and it fit better.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

16 Inch Baby Doll Carrier

I rather like this project for the donation despite the fact it is rather hard on my hands as it uses threee strands of worsted weight yarn together to make a carrier strong enough to tote around a rather large baby doll. This combined with the diaper bag gives the doll and all its extras storage. I was lucky this year and Caron Pounders were on sale and I got enough for the two JC Toys 16-inch Baby Doll carriers. I'm hoping to have enough from my stash to make the slighly smaller Lots to Love 14 inch doll.

This is a free pattern from Holland Designs found here.

I've been altering this pattern for years to make it a better fit for the dolls I donate. I crochet the first 10 rows of the pattern with an I hook and then switch to a K hook for the remainder of the pattern. The original pattern was designed for a Cabbage Patch kid and I suspect the larger size was a better fit. The narrower JC dolls fit better with the smaller carrier.

For my hands sake I tried to stick to 2 rows a day. The days I went over before switching to another projcet I felt it. I don't plan on starting the second carrier before April. I have plenty of projects that need doing and I'm hoping this will give my hands a needed rest.

I haven't finished any doll blankets yet and the doll donations generally come much later in the year, but this carrier will leave with a blanket for the donation.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Our Generation Dovetailed

This is another of Darski's free patterns found here. I feel like I'm making headway with my promise to have outfits for the Our Generation Dolls this year, not leaving the task to my Mom.

My guage has been odd and I've always found the Our Generation doll to require different adjustments than the My Life dolls but these seem more extreme than normal. However, my documentation is soley for my own purposes so I can come back and figure out what I did the next time I make this outfit for this doll.

I ended up using a K hook to get the top to fit. I started with the suggested I hook but found the top wouldn't close. I switched to a J hook once the colors changed. I did not record the hook for the skirt but I did not use elastic and did measure the skirt to make sure it could slide on easily and stay up after the first 4 rows. I wrote a note to myself to remind me to do the increases on both side seams for the skirt in each row starting on row 3. I pulled out the skirt several times as I kept forgetting the side increases.

The shoes are from Sweet Silver Creations School Girl Uniform that can be purchased here. As I mentioned earlier my guage has been odd lately. I needed to use an f hook to get the shoes to fit the doll.

Monday, February 21, 2022

My Life Howdy Neighbor Madison Dress

I did warn I was on a crusade to use up the Michael's green Craft Smart yarn. The dress is another of Darski's free patterns Madison fround in the Howdy Neighbor collection here.

The shoes are from Sweet Silver Crochet Patterns School Uniform pattern that can be purchased here.

I went back and looked at my notes from last year and I didn't document either on my pattern or blog the changes I made this year. Sometimes I do just make the changes and forget to write them down so I decided this year to record as I went. Next year things like guage may be different. I find my stitches can be looser or tighter depending on when I make something so hook sizes do vary. I've gone down in hooks on some patterns and increased hook sizes on others. I'm finding it helps to have a benchmark.

Notes: I used a J hook for the bodice as it was tight with an I hook. After the joining round I returned to the I hook.

I finished the back in green rather than the white trim. It just worked better for me. I also used a snap to close the back rather than buttons.

Row Changes:

Row 3: It says sc 19 I believe this should read 9 to match the stitch count. This is why I love designers that give you a stitch count. It is so much easier to figure out what they intended when I make a mistake or when there is a mistake in the pattern.

Row 11: There was no stitch count for row 10 so I could be off, however, based on what I did in row 10 to reach the stitch count in row 11 I dc in 5 3dce in next 11 times to get a count of 55.

To get the length I wanted on the dress I added rows.

I went from 12-16 to 12-20.


I did not finish the back in white and I adjusted the top trip. I did not ss I crocheted 5 sc across back. I chained 8 instead of 5 for the strap, it was too tight with 5. Then I continued pattern as written making these changes for the other side of the dress.

Shoe notes: This might be another guage issue but I've started using an I hook for the bottom of these shoes and the Mary Jane's switching to an H hook after the 3rd round is completed. I find the shoes fit better. If I stick with one hook they are either too large or too small.

This is another quick dress if you need one for an 18 inch doll.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Baby Doll Wipes

Years ago my DH purchased a pattern from Crochet n' Play for a Diaper Bag set for my doll donation project. As with many online designers her pattern store has disappeared from the web and I can no longer direct people to her great work.

For my part I've started purchasing some items for the donation because they provide more practical play experience and they allow me to focus my time on items that enhance the play time. I've started buying Melissa & Doug Feeding Set when I can find the on sale because they provide many of the fun feeding items that don't always work as well made in crochet.

I haven't given up on making items for the diaper bags though. First as you've already seen posted I make the diapers to fit the dolls every year because regardless of your views on disposable vs. cloth diapers for real babies for dolls that don't wet, cloth diapers are just a cheap alternative, especially when they are made to fit the doll you receive. I also make the bibs. This set comes with a bib, but it made for a smaller doll and I like to make the items to fit the dolls I send out. Lastly wipes.

I've seen several attempts to make pretend wipes for kids. Sometimes its just an empty plastic bottle where kids can pretend to get wipes for the baby doll. Others have wipes that run out because they dry out. The crocheted wipes like the crocheted diapers solve the problem of running out as they are constantly reusable. They aren't even that hard to remake if you lose one. It crosses that line between the plastic container with no wipes and the containers with wipes that dry out.

This was another project that let me did into last year's left over stash of yarn balls. I've been thrilled to target this yarn and not see it disappear into the depths of my yarn stash.


I used a g hook for the wipes and container. The lettering should face outward but I wasn't redoing it.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Lots to Love 8 Inch Doll Bathing Suit

After making Char's bathing suit pattern, available for purchase here, for the Lil Cutesies Doll I tried in on the Lots to Love 8 Inch doll. The pattern directions have adjustments for the slightly smaller 8 inch doll but I found the fit to be good and decided while the pattern was still fresh in my mind it would be a good project to get finished for the donation.

I've mentioned this before but I realized I failed to note either on the pattern or my blog notes that the hook size called for is a thread hook 5. My hooks are labeled in mm not starndard numbers so looking this up several times now I've come to make peace with the closest I have is a 1.75mm though technically I believe it is supposed to be a 1.7mm. The .05mm doesn't seem to cause a huge issue with the fit of the doll outfits.

This pattern uses size 10 thread in 3 colors. The light pink is a color is still holding out although you can see the cardboard on all sides of the cone holder. I keep thinking each project will finish it off but this was not the project. I've been shopping out of my stash for projects when possible so the darker pink seemed like a great choice for this bathing suit.

The Lots to Love 8 inch dolls are interesting in that the feet and facial expressions are different on each doll. Shoes that fit one are harder to fit on the next. I've found the Lil Cutesies dolls to be a little more standard. As a result I will say I think the shoes fit the Lil Cutesies a bit better. However, considering the challenge of fitting shoes to the feet of these dolls I was rather pleased with the outcome.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

16 Inch Baby Doll Dress for March

Since last year I've been attacking a large skein of Michael's Craft Smart Yarn that I bought years ago on a whim when AC Moore closed and wasn't crazy about the yarn. Last year I decided it was time to use up the yarn and make room for yarn I do love. However, no matter how much I use it seems to grow back at night. So you can expect to see more projects this year as I'm determined to see it gone.

This set uses three of Darski's free doll patterns.

The Dress is a Dora Pattern: A Dress For February found here

The Shoes: Peachy Keen found here

The Hat: Sunny Days found here

Just as an aside we just put together a list of Darski's free doll patterns found on Crochetville for a variety of dolls here. It's a great starting point if you are looking for free patterns, especially for the 18 inch American Girl type dolls or baby dolls like this one.

This pattern was designed for the Dora the Explorer Doll so clearly adjustments have to be made for the different shape of the JC Toys -16-inch Baby Doll. I use a K hook for the bodice and an I hook for the skirt. I join the outfit after the 7th round. In row 1 I chain 8 not 6. This leads to a change in row 3 of sc 7 never 6 to reduce the stitch count. I close the back with a snap. I added one additional row to the final color stripe. I'm not a huge fan of the white body suit showing on this doll and try to cover it when possible.

For the shoes I use an I hook for the main portion of the shoe and a H hook for the straps.

I used a J hook for the hat.

This is a fairly quick outfit to make for the dolls and I usually make one for each of the 16 inch dolls and this year I've already completed one for the Rag Doll to donate.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Our Generation Let the Sunshine In

I mentioned in a previous post that I had not done well by the Our Generation dolls with my donations last year despite my Mom's generous box of clothes. I decided this year to make sure I didn't neglect the dolls as I worked through my crochet projects.

Next up we have Let the Sunshine In part of Darski's free Weatherby pattern set found here. This is the same pattern set the bathing suit for the Our Generation doll came from and I decided to continue working from the set and add the dress set to the Our Generation donations.


I used a K hook on the dress for the bodice and an I hook for the skirt. I used a K hook for the Bolero jacket.

I'd only made this jacket once before and the notes I made said it was different but I didn't write down how. This time I took pictures for something that might be obvious to others but had me confused. I knew I'd made this jacket before but I couldn't figure out how it was large enough to fit the doll. The directions for the collar need to be completed prior to adding the arms. The collar increases the size of the jacket working completely around the outside of the jacket. It will eventually bend to form a collar at the top but it is not what one thinks of as working a collar at the top of shirt or jacket.

I took these pictures because I do know when I come back to this project for a future donation I'll appreciate the visual cue to remind me along with the notes I left on the pattern.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all

I'm celebrating by remembering my holiday themed projects

Friday, February 11, 2022

16 Inch Doll Diaper Round 4 Two Sets Completed

The diaper sets for the JC Toys 16-inch Baby Doll are completed for the 2022 donation. I'm going to move on to some of the other diaper bag accessories before moving on to the smaller doll diapers. It's nice to have a little variety. Since I've started buying the Melissa & Doug Feeding Sets for the donation I don't make bottles anymore. However, I still make the crocheted wipes and I do make the bibs as the ones in the kits don't tend to fit the dolls I send. I do like having the magic bottles and the play food as part of the donation and while I've tried making them over the years, the effort is better spent on other aspects of the donation.

This is a free crochet diaper pattern still available through the Wayback machine here. I use an I hook and snaps to close my diapers. I found snaps were easier than buttons.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Our Generation Bathing Suit

I tend to neglect the Our Generation Dolls as the box of knitted clothes my Mom sends every year tend to fit the Our Generation dolls better than the My Life dolls and provide a fairly substanial wardrobe for the donation dolls.

I did better in 2020 as I made an effort to fit more of the 18" doll patterns I have to the Our Generation doll. Last year after seeing my Mom's donation, I sadly only finished one outfit for the Our Generation dolls. This year I'm starting early in hopes of doing better at getting more of my own outfits in the Our Generation box.

I mentioned previously that I've been on a kick to get donation dolls ready for summer with bathing suits as a means of dealing with the cold here. This bathing suit is one of Darski's free patterns found in her free Weatherby pattern set here.


My guage has been funny lately so these are strictly for my purposes only, not in any way intended as directions for others to follow.

I used a K hook for the first 2 rows of the bathing suit as I couldn't get it to slide over hips with smaller hooks. I went back to an I hook after that and the bathing suit fit fine. For similiar issues I used a K hook for cover.

I am pleased to say I'm still working from last years left over yarn ball stash. This project was made completely from left over yarn. This has turned into a creative project to find ways to turn these left overs into doll projects.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Glitter Girl Doll Bathing Suit

I mentioned in yesterday's blog after a cold winter January storm I decided I'd think warm thoughts and outfit some of the donation dolls with bathing suits. Next up is the Glitter Girls Doll with another Wellie Wisher pattern designed by Char that you can purchase here.

I used Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet, Cotton Size 3, Warm Blue for the main part of the outfit. The challenge is finding variagated thread in size 3. The pattern suggests Lizbeth and I do have some on order but since you can also use 2 pieces of size 10 crochet thread together I scrambled to find two of the same variagated thread cones to finish off the swimsuit and the visor. I ended up using Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread Size 10-Monet and it was a nice contrast to the blue.

As unusual as it may be for me I worked this pattern as written. After finishing this pattern I actually have a better feel for the Lil Cutesies pattern and will use that information for the Lots to Love 8 inch doll bathing suit which is on my to make list.

I have a couple more of Char's Wellie Wishers patterns to make for the Glitter Girl doll but I'm hoping to wait until my Lizbeth order arrives. While I didn't mind the look and feel of the two strands together for a trim, I'm not sure I'd be thrilled trying to work a main section of a pattern with 2 strands of thread. Both patterns have main sections with variageted sections so I'd rather wait. I still have bathing suits for the other dolls to make so I have time for my order to arrive.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Lil Cutesies Bathing Suit

As a snowstorm was hitting New England at the end of January I had this contrary idea of starting a bathing suit project for the donation dolls.

I began with Char's Swimsuit pattern that can be purchased here for the Lil Cutesies Baby Doll but expect to see it again. I tried this finished outfit on the Lots to Love 8 inch doll and this pattern will work for that doll as well.

This pattern uses 2 solid colors and one variegated color of size 10 thread. I chose colors I had on hand. The light pink is close to being finished off and I've been trying to target it for smaller projects.


I Worked row 16 in hdc rather than sc as it made the bathing suit ride just a little higher in the back leaving the doll's bottom completely covered.

For my own notes row 17 is worked around the complete doll in the back loops. This is the row the ruffle will be added to around the doll.

I chained 60 for the ties. I found them short at 45. This could just be how I crochet.

Monday, February 7, 2022

My Life Hearts and Flowers

I'm working on using up yarn I have left over from last year's donation projects and Darski's free Hearts and Flowers pattern found here was a perfect choice to attack my stash yarn.

I used a larger hook K for the first 4 rounds swithching back to the I hook as this is a slip on dress and it was tight at the waist when I started. I did end up needing to decrease using the I hook at the top as it was larger having started with a a larger hook but it is neither too loose or too tight at the waist.

This could just be a challenge of my current guage. After years of making the doll diapers with a K hook I switched to an I hook this year finding they fit better. These notes are strictly for my own use when I make these outfits again.

I changed the flower trim to just one flower and I have it tie in back of the doll's head rather than at the back on the top of the dress as Darski does. It was just a simpler solution for me.

When it comes to shoes I tend to be a creature of habit unless there is a pattern that comes with shoes. These shoes are part of of Sweet Silver Creation's Sailor Dress pattern purchased here.

Friday, February 4, 2022

16 Inch Doll Diaper Round 3

Well three diapers down and one more to go so each JC Toys -16-inch Baby Doll will leave with a diaper to wear and one to change. Why document each one. Well sometimes I don't. Last year I did them in batches but this year, I'm trying to look at how and when I got stuff done to give me an idea when I look at this next year what worked and what I'll do differently the next time.

For this year I've accepted using an I hook for the free pattern you can find here. For this 3rd diaper I added a decrease row at the crotch for an overall extra row. Not exciting stuff to read but it does improve the item over time. Especially when I read the notes I write here and record them on the pattern as well.

I'm hoping to finish of the diaper bag items early this year and have the chance to try patterns I've not tried for the donation and gifts this year.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Lil Cutesies Valentine Dress with Headband

I needed two Lil Cutesies Baby Doll outfits for my Valentine package and I was able to purchase both from Char Patterns. You can find this one here.

After having made the first one in size 10 crochet thread I was surprised to find the second called for Aunt Lydia Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3, White,Warm Rose, and Scarlet. I've been on a quest to use up thread I've acquired for projects I've never made and was thrilled to have all the required colors I need on hand. For those of you who aren't crazy about thread sized hooks this set uses an e hook with the size 3 thread.

This pattern set works up very quickly and I will be coming back as there are variations in the pattern set to make more outfits for the donation dolls. A great way to attack my thread stash and when that is done a good excuse to stock up again.

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