Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Lots to Love 10 Inch Baby Doll Moses Basket

The time has arrived to begin the 2023 Doll Donation and I decided to start with an item that didn't make it into the 2022 doll donation. My hands started to have pain after making the large moses baskets and I never got around to making one for the Lots to Love 10 Inch Baby Doll.

This was a great starter project for the year. The yarn for the Moses basket is yarn I had targeted last year to finish off. With this project I'm down to two small balls and it will finally be gone from my stash.

I normally use lighter weight sport yarn for the doll blanket but I really wanted to finish off some yarn bobbins I had left over from a previous project and the blanket retired them all nicely and even dug into a large ball I had left over from another project.

I'm thinking of using a smaller hook for the other two smaller baby dolls as this carrier would be a little large for the Lots to Love 8 inch or the Lil Cutesie doll.

The Moses basket pattern comes from Annie Potter Presents Sweet Baby Doll Layette leaflet that can be purchased here

I used 2 strands of worsted acrylic yarn and an H hook. I added rows to the side to have a higher side to prevent the doll from rolling out. I also chose after making the second handle to make the handle first and then sew it on as I found it easier to get the alignment I wanted when it wasn't crocheted first. I tend to think the attachment is stronger when crocheted on but it is also at a more awkward angle.

The blanket pattern is part of a free set for the ten inch doll found here. I used a J hook even with the heavier yarn and it worked well for the blanket.


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