Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween

Halloween is usually a fun celebration in our area. We hope all of you who celebrate have a fun, safe, and enjoyable day. I didn't get to make as many projects as I wanted to this year so I thought I'd visit some favorites from other years.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Our Generation Neon Dress

The Our Generation doll joins the rest of the larger dolls with using the free Flamenco pattern found here to add to the donation.

Several years ago I went nuts picking up different selections of Red Heart's stripe and variegated yarns to make fun scrubbies for my kitchen. It doesn't take much yarn to finish a scrubby so my next task is to use up the yarn I acquired. This yarn has been popping up in various doll projects.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Can D Corn Bib

I made Lion Brand's free Halloween Bib pattern, found here, as part of my Halloween box this year.

Since I didn't wish to buy more yarn this is a combination of several brands of sport cotton yarn that I had in my stash since I didn't have all the colors in one brand.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Our Generation Halloween Sweater and Pants

When possible I love including holiday outfits in the doll donations.

It is even better when I find free patterns that help me save on the cost of doing so as the costs have only gone up recently so finding free stuff makes this work.

This Halloween Sweater pattern can be found here.You may want to browse around the blog while you are there as I've found several free patterns I'll be exploring over time as she is a creative designer.

I made this with the suggested F hook and I used orange worsted I had on hand.I've been trying to use up yarn where ever possible rather than adding to my stash.

I found this was a little big on the My Life doll but fit the Our Generation doll. I'd go with a lighter yarn for the My Life doll to see if it fit better. I'd also decrease the rows before the bottom trim if making it for the Our Generation doll again as it was a bit long.

That being said I have plans to make this sweater for the Our Generation doll again without the picture as a regular sweater. The fit is good and it was an easy project to add to the donation. While the Halloween theme drew me to the pattern I think I'd be more likely to make it again as a solid color sweater.

The pants are based on a Maggie's Crochet Abby, Allie and Annie pattern that I've made so many times I've kind of adapted it to making it without a pattern.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Witch Lovey

This pattern was gifted to me back in 2014 and I've never had the chance to make it until now.

I wanted a lovey pattern for my Halloween box. It turned out to be more of a large doll but I didn't have time to remake it and it will make a interesting Halloween decoration long after lovies have been discareded. I honestly thought about keeping it for my own Halloween decorations and making a smaller one but I ran out of time. I'd use a smaller than suggested hook and sport yarn the next time I make this. I also stuffed and closed the head as I did think it was a cuter look than the open flat head of the pattern.

You can purchase the pattern here.

I'm planning on a smaller Thanksgiving Lovey using her Pilgrim pattern that I still need to purchase for the Thanksgiving box. I picked up some gnome patterns and a turkey that were on sale last week to start the project.

I think I've settled on my Christmas ornament patterns (I usually send those with the Thanksgiving box so they have them when they put up the tree.) I purchased an Amigurumi Christmas Ornaments book a while back and I haven't had the chance to make any of the ornaments. When I was trying to decide what to make it seemed like a great idea to dig into the book for ideas. Hopefully you'll be seeing the results of those soon.

Monday, October 24, 2022

16 Inch Baby Doll Parrot Stripes Dress

It was time to update my finished projects. This is one of my best resources for going back to and finding out what I made, how I made it and what I changed.

This is actually an 18 inch doll pattern that works quite well with the 16" Baby doll. You can find the free Flamenco pattern here. This pattern generally appears across several of the donation dolls as it is easy to adapt and quick to make. I made one previously for the first of the 16 inch donation dolls using up some varigatied yarn in my stash. I returned to my Red Heart Super Saver Stripes stash and pulled Parrot for this project.

I found this year working with an I hook until I made the armholes and switching to an H hook for the remainder of the dress has proven to be the best option for this doll. I use a snap at the back to close the top.

This is a slightly different hat than the one I made for the other doll. Still working on a design I really like before writing down the pattern. The shoes however are part of another free baby doll pattern set found here. I find this is one of easiest shoe patterns that stay on the doll's feet.

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