Thursday, August 27, 2020

Make Way For Ducklings Lack

I've completed Lack the third of the Make Way for Ducklings leaving me with 5 more to make. In case you didn't remember or haven't yet read the book the names are alphabetical starting with J.

I'm hopeful that in non-Covid times the child getting this present will have the opportunity to visit the Boston Public Gardens, see the Ducklings statue and ride the Swan Boats. It's always fun to see kids who know and love the story visit the site. Perhaps she'll even bring her own duck.


Naush said...

So adorable. We'd love for you to share your post at Meraki Link Party at

Naush said...

Thank you for sharing your adorable lil Duckling at Meraki Link Party. I hope you'll join back again this week.

XmasDolly said...

This is just too cute! Thank you so much for sharing. I definitely have to learn how to make this. My granddaughters would love this and my great granddaughter also. Simply adorable. Thanks for sharing!

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