Monday, August 31, 2020

Pumpkin Hot Pad

I'm continuing to work through the mug rug patterns in Spooktacular Crochetturning them into hot pads by crocheting an additional single color mug rug and crocheting the two together to make my hot pad.

I've recently seen more mug rug patterns so it is clearly becoming a thing. As I type this I'm looking at my mug sized square ceramic coaster and that is really all I have space for on the table. As cute as a mug rug is there really just isn't room for one and it would likely end up causing the item to fall off the table. So all things considered a hot pad is a practical useful choice for me as I love having holiday ones to use.

The pattern calls for Omega Sinfonia light a 3 sport weight 100% cotton yarn and as I mentioned in the previous post it was not easy to track down all the colors required. When I ordered the yarn for all three patterns Hobby Lobby had nothing in stock online. I checked as of writing this blog and they now have the black, yellow, and white back in stock online. I don't know what they carry in store. It's been a LONG time since I've been out to a yarn store in person. I did find all the colors required at Creative Yarn Source. If you notice I'm mentioning all sources not because I'm getting anything from the vendors but lately I've been extremely frustrated that I see a pattern I really love and then spend fruitless hours trying to find either the yarn mentioned or a reasonable substitute. If I can save someone the search then hopefully someone will know where to find the yarn I need too.

Just a note as I mentioned in the Frankenstein post if you intend to use these as hot pads and not just decorations it is important that you do not use acrylic yarn if you make them into hot pads. Acrylic will melt. Cotton is a great solution for the challenge. I know some use wool it isn't a favorite for my hands.


Lois Evensen said...

Yes, mug rugs are very popular. We've used them for years and love having several of them so some can be washed while others are being used. Happy Fall!

Sum of their Stories said...

So sweet! I love a nice big mug rug where there is space but there is definitely still a place for a regular sized coaster too!

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