Monday, August 3, 2020

Three Billy Goats Gruff Small and Finished

I mailed the July birthday package a week late because I had one more project and then more. As a result I was so focused on crocheting I wrote nothing. I do like to keep records of what I made, who it went to and any important details for future efforts. Recently I've found myself going back to older projects that I made years ago now that I again have younger relatives that might enjoy such items and knowing what I did can help.

This was the last item I needed to complete The Three Billy Goats Gruff project. I was glad I left the smallest goat to the end. I worked on him while I began the next project and it kept me from not wanting to repeat the same project multiple times.

As I mentioned in my other posts about this project I chose to stick with worsted weight yarn I had on hand and returned to an f hook after going down to an e hook with the middle goat do to the yarn I was using.

The pattern for this set comes from Once Upon a Time... in Crochet: 30 amigurumi characters from your favorite fairytales although I used a free pattern for the troll. You can read about that in the troll post here.

The companion book to the one above I included with this set was Listen, My Bridge Is SO Cool!: The Story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff as Told by the Troll a note to myself.

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Maureen said...

These are so cute and adorable! I love how small they are and the details are beautiful. Great job on these!

Maureen |

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