Monday, August 10, 2020

Castle Tote

I originally planned to have this project ready for the August birthday box. I had already purchased the book The Knight and the Dragonto accompany the set. Now I'm a project ahead for Christmas complete with the book.

This was a bonus pattern from Crochet World that I've had for years. It is now available for free and you can find it here. In the past I've stuck to making a castle bag pattern which I may add to this set later, but after completing a barn made in a similar fashion here I found myself thinking I'd like to try to make the castle too. If you are interested in the castle bag pattern you can find the free pattern here.

Note to myself doing this again I would wait to make the walls until I cut the plastic as it is easier to determine if the gauge is correct when you can measure it against the plastic it will be covering. My fist set of walls were too small I had to make them with an H hook to fit the plastic canvas. I also used an H for the puppets as I couldn't get a finger into the head of the puppets with a g hook. I changed colors rather than making a separate door entrance. I liked it all being one piece.

I've been working on the finger puppets from this set and I'm thinking about adding some other finger puppets that fit the theme. The storage aspect of this set makes it work out. If I add the castle bag it will also add additional storage for themed puppets.

While this is a fun play set it also works because you can store the play pieces inside. The walls are closed by two buttons on the side and there is a handle, but I'd suggest carrying it by holding it from the bottom. I suspect the handle will not last forever.


H hook

Cut plastic canvas pieces first

Metal buttons came from Joann's La Mode .88 Round Shank Button (Celtic themed)

Plum colored yarn discontinued will need to find new source

Door was crocheted as part of pattern not sewn on


linda said...

I love this fun bag thank you for the pattern link.

Ann said...

This is adorable! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

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