Monday, June 7, 2010

Kelly Free Patterns

I had no idea how popular Kelly was until I started exploring Barbie patterns. At first all I found were people requesting patterns. Then I started finding a few and adding them to the Barbie page. Then Kelly started taking over. So now she has a place of her own for her patterns. She is sharing it with Skipper until I find enough patterns for Skipper to move out on her own.

Please check out the other blog pages for free Barbie and Ken Patterns.

Barbie Crochet and Sewing

Barbie Knitting

Ken Patterns


Pattern Sites with Kelly Patterns:

Kelly Patterns

Dresses and Outfits::

Kelly at the Beach

Kelly Coveralls and Shirt

Kelly Dress

Kelly Dress and Bag

Kelly Dress with Bloomer

Kelly One Piece Coveralls with Jacket

Kelly Party Dress

Kelly PJ's

Kelly Ruffle Tank Top

Kelly Shirt and Pants

Kelly Shorts with Top and Hat

Kelly Sundress

Kelly Sun Suit

Hats, Coats, Scarves, and Shoes:

Bear Hat This Looks Like it Would Fit

Kelly Winter Coat and Hat

Costumes and Historical Outfits:

Kelly Ballerina

Kelly Ballerina Two Piece with Slippers

Kelly Victorian Pattern


Kelly Dress

Kelly Hat, Scarf, and Bag



1890's Skipper Dress


Sundress for Barbie or Skipper Scroll Down

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Valentine's Day Knit and Crochet

St. Patrick's Day







Picture Credit: susan402

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