Friday, June 25, 2010

Pumpkin Dishcloth

I bought an out of print book of potholders a while back. I had made dishcloths, but had little experience with pot holders. This leaflet was Leisure Arts Holiday Pot Holders, 2560. Whether I am making dolls clothes or other new patterns I find I experiment with making part of the pattern, then go back, and make the whole pattern later. That was the birth of this dishcloth. The pot holder will require two of these pumpkins crocheted together. However, after I was done, DH claimed the dishcloth for our holiday collection and the pumpkin dishcloth was born. I do intend to go back and actually make the complete pot holder before Halloween comes. However, it could be a project for next year as more projects seem to be crossing into the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas time period.

For those interested in free Halloween patterns please visit the Halloween Crochet and Knitting Free Pattern Page.

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