Thursday, June 10, 2010

Count Dracula Ami

As I have mentioned before I love to send out packages for all the holidays to the nieces and nephews. I have been splitting my time preparing my Christmas projects and finding Halloween items that are in my project range.

I had ordered a book through Gourmet Crochet, Monster Mash Amigurumi, a while back and had not had the chance to make any of the patterns. While it is only June, I have several packages to prepare for shipping. I need to start early. Normally I would have started with the ghost, but I have worked with lots of white lately and was looking for relief from all white projects. Since I had the required colors on hand, I started with the Count.

I did struggle with his head and his wig. The head is not crocheted as one piece. I think my gauge was off because even using a smaller hook for the hair, the wig was larger than it should have been. I think his head was just small. I have been working on the Frankenstein pattern that creates the head as one piece and have not had any problems with sizing which leads me to believe that I just crocheted the head too small. I have several more to experiment with so I will have a better idea how to adjust. The other thing I will change is I will make the chain for his cape shorter. I thought that might be the case at the time, but decided to finish the pattern and adjust on the second attempt.

He is already receiving rave reviews and will be one of the first off to a new home.

For those who are looking for free Halloween crochet and knitting patterns please check out the Halloween Crochet and Knitting Free Pattern Page.

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