Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pumpkin Amigurumi

This is the second pattern I used from Gourmet Crochet's, Monster Mash Amigurumi. Before I knew it a Pumpkin Patch was emerging in my living room. I have several more to make, but these work up very quickly and are so cute when finished. The first one I made had balance issues as the bottom was not flat when completed. However, after the first the rest were great. I love the fact they are small and do not take up too much room. Kids can use these are part of their fall playsets or they make great decorations. For people with small kids they have the benefit of being adorable decorations that can fall to the ground multiple times without breaking.

This pattern book does not have a scarecrow, but I am think with some color changes the patterns for Frankenstein and Dracula would adapt easily enough to put a scarecrow in my pumpkin patch. It may not be this year, but by next year the kids will find one in their Halloween packages.

For those interested in free Halloween patterns please visit the Halloween Crochet and Knitting Free Pattern Page.

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