Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Lots to Love 14 Inch Doll Sweetly Dress

I was blessed to receive a gift of Herrschners yarn from a member of Ravelry's Charity Knitting group and I've been targeting it ever since for my doll projects. I needed a middle weight yarn between sport and worsted to increase the size of the Sweetly free pattern found here to fit the Lots to Love 14" Baby Doll and the Herrschners worsted which is closer to a DK was a great fit for this project.

I used an I hook until I changed colors to Bernat Big Ball Baby Sport Yarn, Tiny Tulips when I began using a G hook. I switched to an F hook when I started on the skirt. The upper chest and arm holes required the larger hook even with the heavier yarn but once past the arms the dress became too large without decreasing hook size.

I didn't follow the panties pattern as I've discussed before I chain the distance around the doll waist and then begin alternating hdc and dc until I reach the crotch where I split for the legs. I'm still working on a hat pattern I like. The shoes are from the Amy Carrico's Baby Spring set that can be purchased here. I like the fit of these shoes and likely will be making more as I continue with clothes for this doll.

The trim for the arms is as written. I added a sc chain 1 trim to the bottom of the skirt.

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