Thursday, October 14, 2021

15 Inch Rag Doll Dress

As I've been working through patterns this year, I've been experimenting to see which dolls I can adapt the patterns to fit. After finishing the free pattern found here for the JC Toys - 16-inch Baby Doll I tried it on the 15 inch Rag doll.

The dress needed a lighter yarn than the Herrschner's Worsted I'd used for the baby doll dress. Thankfully, the donation I'd received from a member of the Ravelry Knitting Charity group also included some Herrchner's Baby Yarn and this worked well for the project using the same G hook suggested in the pattern.


I did follow the directions for this pattern in not joining at the first row. I did this for this doll because there is little distance between head and shoulders. This creates a need for smaller straps than on the 16-inch doll. This makes a sliding on and off dress a more difficult prospect. I had to add two rows to make the torso long enough so I joined the dress before adding the two additional peach rows and continued on to the skirt in the round. I closed the dress with a button in the back.

The straps look close to the edge of the shoulder. I tried experimenting with moving them in one chain and the result did not look great so I pulled them out and removed them to the suggested pattern design.

If I get another Herrschner's shipping coupon I'd think about picking up some of the baby yarn. I like the way it worked up for this project and the greens, darker shade of peach, and purple options are not colors I regularly find when buying baby yarn.

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