Friday, October 1, 2021

Lots to Love 14" Doll Nightgown

I'm continuing to work my way through Darski's free Sweetly pattern found here for the Lots to Love 10 inch dolls. While the first one fit without any adjustments for the doll I've been finding the other patterns are fitting the Lots to Love 14" Baby Doll when I make them as written.

This hasn't been an issue for me since I'll be donating both dolls and it is easy enough to adapt hook and yarn to get the patterns to work for the smaller dolls. It actually has worked out because while I often think of working these patterns down in size I'm not sure I would have naturally made the jump from the 10 inch to the 14 inch doll on my own. I'd likely have moved to other larger doll patterns and made them smaller.

The nightgown is made with a g hook and Bernat Baby Sport Big Ball Ombre Yarn, Funny Prints.


I shortened the nightgown by two rows prior to adding the two finishing rows. I also finished the neck as I was adding the closing ties by crocheting the required ties, sc across the neck and then making the second tie. This might have been what was intended but not written.

The picture on the pattern shows arms for the nightgown but not directions. I chose not to add. I rather liked the sleeveless look. I've started this nightgown for the smaller doll and will likely add the sleeves as it will give me a chance to tighten the armholes as they are bigger on the smaller dolls.


Jayne said...

Another lovely project. I've been crocheting some autumnal bits this past week. :)

Sheltie Times said...

It's starting to feel more like the weather for fiber crafts.

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