Wednesday, October 20, 2021

My Life Cobblestones Sweater Dress

I picked this pattern up on e-pattern central a while back and it got lost in my 18 inch doll binder. I was looking for something different to try this year and decided this was the year to attempt this pattern. While no longer available where I purchased the pattern does still look to be available at Ravelry here for purchase.

I substituted Knit Picks Palette for the no longer available suggested yarns. This was a great project to attack my stash of this yarn. While I will likely need more for doll projects at some point my current stash has out lived its tenancy and needs to be used.

Notes: The e hook was correct for guage. Not all rows have a stitch count and I made the mistake of conforming to the previous rows stitch count in certain places where I would let play out the next time I made this. I also didn't get quite the texture I was going for on the dress section but I did figure it out for the arms. If I make this again I'll have a better idea on how to get the desired effect.

Regarding the arms they are a little long and I would shorten to 14 rows before adding the ridge rows.

The pants are based loosely based on Maggie's Crochet's pants pattern found in her Abby, Allie, and Annie pattern you can purchase here. I've been making them so long now that I've adapted them and use them for all the dolls but I suggest them as an easy starting place if you are looking for a pattern that works waist down rather than one that has you make both legs and then join them. I just prefer this method and don't see it used as often.

The shoes are another standard pattern but I've been making so many baby doll clothes I'd forgotten which pattern set they came from and had to look it up so I could make shoes for this set. The shoes are part of Sweet Silver Creation's Sailor Doll pattern available for purchase here.

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Jayne said...

Another lovely outfit. I really like the pattern of the sweater dress. #MMBC

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