Friday, April 21, 2023

Seed Stitch Doll Afghan 2

This was the first of Michelle Crean's Seed stitch doll afghan's I started for this year's donation but having run out of yarn a few rows short of starting the border I started a second blanket for an all day travel project that I ended up finishing off before I got back to this one.

This is the danger of not writing down that I need just over a full skein of Ice Cream Yarn to finish a larger doll blanket. One skein, especially one not full will not finish the project. I suspect this was the skein I used to finish off the last blanket I made. The next doll blanket on my hooks is a project for the Glitter Girl Doll. You can purchase the pattern set here.


Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn Tutti Frutti

K Hook

70 Chains

Friday, April 14, 2023

My Life Sleeping Bag 2

I hear Europe's The Final Countdown playing in my head. It is done. The challenge with having multiple 18 inch dolls is you have to make multiple items if you are making accessories to donate. However, this is the final sleeping bag or sleep sack that will be needed for the 2023 donation!!!!! I have finished them. It is time to celebrate.

This is the oddest of the skeins I used for the project. It is one of the down sides to ordering online. You think you have a clear idea of the color stripe you are ordering and then when you see it in person not quite what you thought it was when you saw the picture online. However, waste not want not. It does kind of make for a funky sleeping bag.

This is a free pattern you can find here.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Seed Stitch Doll Afghan

Doll blankets used to be my go to travel projects when I had to sit and wait for appointments, etc. However, when COVID hit most of my meetings were remote and thankfully I have a great group from Crochetville who kept up the supply of doll blankets. I started bringing the baby doll sacks and the sleeping bags with me as I waited and when those ran out I realized it was time to begin doll blankets again.

This pattern comes from Michelle Crean's Annabelle's Afghan patterns that can be purchased here. This is the seed stitch one in the set.

Oddly this is the second blanket I started for the donation. I had some other Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn in my stash but sadly almost enough is not enough and I need part of a second skein to finish off the first one. When I got the yarn in I decided to start a second blanket as I was going on an all day outing and wanted a project I could used during down time. Finishing off blanket one wasn't a great fit for that outing so I decided to start a new blanket. Finishing blanket 2 just seemed like a good idea as I was over half way through the blanket.


Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn Bunny Tracks

K Hook

Start with 70 Chains for larger dolls

Monday, April 10, 2023

My Life Dress Hat and Shoes

This pattern appears yearly for a reason it works up quickly and it adapts to most of the larger sized dolls without much effort.

The dress pattern is a free pattern found here. The shoes are part of a paid Sailor Dress pattern, found here, that has become my go to shoe pattern for the 18 inch dolls as they work up easily and they stay on the doll. Every year I experiment with creating a hat pattern I'd want to keep and record the pattern for future purposes but I've yet to discover my final hat so I keep playing around with my options.

This year I restocked my striped/variageted yarn collection and picked the Tuity Fruity Red Heart Stripes yarn the pattern suggests. I'll use other colors for the remainder of the dolls this pattern fits but I do like the original when I can get the yarn.

I used an H hook for all items.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter

Easter projects from 2022

I didn't get a chance to record my projects from 2022 during the Easter season last year so I made a point of recording them last June to prepost during the Easter season this year so I'd have a record to return to of what I made, how I made it, what patterns I used, etc. I often think its too late after the fact to post and then when I want to return to a project I regret not having done so and this year I decided I'd make myself a belated record.

Easter 2023

Calico Critters

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