Wednesday, April 29, 2020

18 Inch Doll Ribbed Effect Skirt and Mock Turtleneck Sweater

I'm continuing to work on making separates for the 18 inch doll donation. I plan on getting to more costume or themed outfits later, but I wanted to make sure I had a supply of basics made first. I've gone back to using my Old Springfield doll to fit the clothes for the Walmart My Life doll as it saves wear and tear on the doll only using it for the final picture. Sadly this isn't an option with the Our Generation Doll, those outfits have to be fitted as I make them or they will be too small.

For those of you who like to crochet 18 inch doll clothes both of these are free patterns. You can find the skirt here and the sweater here.


For this doll the skirt worked up per the pattern. There is no predetermined length so I didn't need to add rows I just stopped when I liked the length. I did add to 2 rows before the ribbing on the sweater to give it some extra length. It just suited the look I wanted. This is designed to be a sleeveless sweater so I finished off the sleeve by sc crocheting around the sleeve ends and then sc chain 3 sk around to finish off the sleeve. It just gave it a pretty finish.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

18 Inch Doll Pleated Skirt and Sweater

This is another outfit made using Maggie Crochet's Crochet Pattern Abby, Allie & Annie PA972-R to provide the skirt. This works up quickly and helps add more separates that can be mixed and matched to the donation.

The sweater is a from free pattern set Your the Tops I previously missed from Darski's collection over at Crochetville. You can find it here. When I saw a link to it over there I had to print it and try out some of the patterns. This sweater was a nice match for the skirt I wanted to try out for both dolls.

Notes for future reference:
The skirt fit this doll as per pattern instructions although I added 20 chains to the waist tie to make it easier to tie. I added a couple of rows to the sweater because I wanted it to cover the top of the skirt.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Lots to Love 10 Inch Sweater Set

Sometimes you make decisions without realizing that there is a longer term impact of that decision. I wanted to branch out this year and try working with some different kinds of dolls. Thus I've added the 8 and 10 inch Lots of Love dolls to the donation for the year without dropping the regular dolls I donate. While I began this addition with the idea of being more creative, I suspect there will be more families in need this year looking for help with Christmas gifts. Having purchased dolls early, I have a bigger supply than I've had in previous years. I wasn't thinking about this when I decided I wanted to try something new this year, but I'm pleased it has the potential to help.

This charming sweater set is a free pattern from Darski's Berenguer Baby Layette pattern you can find here.

This was made from Herrschner's Worsted Yarn which while listed as a 4 weight yearn is really more of a 3. I was thrilled with the prospect of getting rid of more yarn I have left over from previous projects. I needed an H hook to get the sweater to fit. The g hook was sufficient to make the hat fit the doll's head. I reduced stitches on the booties as mine were too large. I added little shorts to this set. There is a free romper pattern you can use if you want something for under the sweater. I plan on sending the romper as a separate set, so I wanted to be able to package this as a complete set.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Our Generation Doll Poncho and Pants

I mentioned in a previous post that I've been experimenting with the Our Generation Doll as it is slightly more padded in places that the Walmart's My Life Dolls and the Springfield Doll's I'd previously used for donations for years. The first project I started for the Our Generation Doll inspired me to order a My Life Doll so I'd have some place to put the clothes that didn't fit the Our Generation Doll. I'll be donating one of each this year.

I've been making items from Maggie Crochet's Crochet Pattern Abby, Allie & Annie PA972-Rsince I started this donation project. The pants are my favorite pants pattern. I've even made them into shorts and on at least on occasion a skirt when I needed it. It just has a nice simple fit.

I needed to alter the pattern to fit the Our Generation Doll and I'm including my notes for the next time I attempt this project for the OG doll. Your gauge and experience may be different but I share my experience.

Rows 1-3 I used an I hook I may experiment with an H hook at some point to see how the fit works. The fit was too tight with a G hook a little loose with an I but not slipping
Row 4 I used an H hook as having passed the more padded section of the doll I wanted to work my way back to the g hook in a tapered manner
Row 5 onward I was able to complete the pants with a g hook

I used a g hook for the poncho. I might have been able to use an f hook but with the pony tails having the neck a little looser made getting the poncho on and off easier.

I was able to complete the hat with a f hook.

This is another one of those orphan skeins of yarn I've been targeting in my yarn supply. I was given this at one point and wasn't sure what to do with it and it got buried. When I was thinking about what yarn to use for the poncho and hat this seemed to call out to be used.

I'm still working on the Lil' Cutesies donation project. The doll outfit is completed I'm working on the accessories for the play set at this point. I've been doing a little on the play set and then working on another doll outfit for the other dolls. It should be quite cute when finished.

Monday, April 13, 2020

18 inch Doll Off the Shoulder Dress

I knew switching from the Springfield dolls to new donation dolls might provide some new challenges. However, I knew the outfits I'd been making for the Springfield dolls fit the My Life Walmart dolls. I had more questions about the Our Generation Dolls from Target. I had this memory from back when I first started making 18 inch doll clothes for my now college aged niece that the Our Generation dolls were slightly "larger boned" than the Springfield dolls. However based on my comment that my niece is now in college I wasn't sure if things had changed. Therefore after finishing the last baby doll project I decided it was time for an experiment with a new doll pattern from Adorable Dolls, Off the Shoulder, that can be purchased here.

This was perhaps not the best choice of outfit to begin this journey with the new doll. I love the outfit and am happy with the outcome, but when I make my next attempt for the Our Generation Doll it will be with something that opens in the back not a one piece outfit that slides on and off with sleeves. If I do make this for the Our Generation Doll again I'd move up to an I hook for the bodice and return back to the H hook for the skirt. The bodice was just too tight with the H hook to make this outfit work for the Our Generation doll but it fits nicely for the Walmart's My Life Doll. So it appears we will have a mixed donation this year of Walmart and Target 18" dolls.

Note for myself:

Even making this for the My Life doll I needed an I hook to make the sandals feet the feet. I also used an I hook and the purse. I'd likely use a button or other means to close the purse should I make it again. The flowers worked with the assigned hook sizes for the headband and the waist.

I love these sandals. I can't recall making sandals before. Years ago my Aunt made a pair for my niece's doll from plastic canvas. These however, worked up quickly and I think they are adorable. I would make these again to go with a summer outfit.

While my first Our Generation project didn't come to fruition it did motivate me to order a My Life Doll for the Christmas donation and I know I won't be wasting outfits that don't fit the Our Generation doll if the sizing is off. That is a relief. I'm not sure what my next 18 inch outfit attempt will be.

My next project is for the JC Toys Lil Cutesies Doll Lulu. I am challenging myself to donate a variety of different dolls and sizes this year. I found a Mary Maxim pattern that is designed to fit this doll and I also think I can adapt some of the 8" patterns to make sure this doll heads of to the donation nicely outfitted.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

I Feel Pretty 16 Inch Baby Doll Crochet Dress

I know I said I was done with the 16 inch doll for this donation season and I was or so I thought. A dear friend who designs doll clothes posted she had a free baby doll pattern she wanted me to try out and how could I resist. I checked my stash and got to work. This is the first one. I will be making a second as I'm trying to keep the baby doll donation even this year. You can find the free pattern here.

I used the Nicole Sport weight yarn I purchased from AC Moore before they departed. Yes I do have quite a large stash as it was the only local yarn I could find to use on the 8 and 10 inch dolls. Now that I'm stuck indoors I'm more glad then ever I bought what I did.

The pattern called for a mixture of a 4.5 and 5 hook. With this yarn and my odd gauge I needed the H hook to get the bodice to fit, I also added rows to the skirt as it ended up not covering the legs. This doll looks like it's wearing a white onsie so I try to cover it up when I make doll clothes. The doll in the pattern was fully covered so it could be that it was a 15 inch doll, it could be the yarn I used, or again I often have a funky gauge that requires me to alter things to make them fit.

I'm looking forward to making the second one after I finish my first 18 inch doll project of the season. I'm working on a dress pattern I've not tried before for an Our Generation Doll. I've moved on from the Springfield dolls this year and from here on I've decided it will be the Walmart or the Target dolls depending on which dolls are on sale first. This year it was the Our Generation dolls. If I find the Walmart dolls any time this year I will pick them up as I really do like working with the dolls. They are a bit more flexible than the Our Generation dolls for sizing clothes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Lots to Love 8 Inch Moses Basket

I love doing my doll donation every year, but it is fun to try something different and this year that has been adding the Lots to Love dolls. I make doll carriers for the 16 inch dolls every year but those require 3 strands. This pattern for the 8 inch doll requires only one and what a joy that break was for my hands.

This pattern is from the Swee Baby Doll Layette leaflet that I've written about before that can be purchased in print here or digitally here. When ever possible I try to tell you where you can find a pattern free or for purchase. That isn't always possible as I do collect out of print patterns but even then I do try to list as much information as possible so you might have the chance of finding a copy if it is out there. I do this because I find it frustrating to see a picture of a pattern I love and have no idea how to find it because the person has posted a picture but no information as to where they found the pattern.

I did alter the bottom and the sides of the Moses basket. I wanted it wider and a little longer for the 8 inch doll I'm using for the donation. I found it was tight and low and thus I added rows to the sides as well. It is a personal choice but I didn't want the doll falling out of the basket if it was carried around.

The texture for the doll blanket was wonderful. I chose to use up some of my AC Moore sport yarn in variegated. The pattern calls for white but white is so hard to keep clean with little hands.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bunny Garland

I originally thought about making the bunnies to go over the fire place and then realized I already had egg garland for there. So the bunnies moved. In between my holiday boxes and my donation projects I've been making some projects to cheer up the house while we are spending more time here during the shut down. So I decided bunny garland why not.

I made my bunnies large and bright. To make them this large I needed a K hook. Since they were large I needed fewer and I was good with that. I used the tail pattern from the Mary Maxim bunny pattern I wrote about earlier to avoid making pom pom's. I am just not a huge fan of making them I'd rather crochet tails.

I'm always happy to share links for free patterns and you can find it here. Those of you like scrap yarn projects will find this is a great way to use those little left over balls of yarn. My bunnies are products of previous afghan and doll projects. I am always looking for ways to finish off those left over bits and this project brings a little joy to what will be a much quieter Easter.

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