Monday, April 13, 2020

18 inch Doll Off the Shoulder Dress

I knew switching from the Springfield dolls to new donation dolls might provide some new challenges. However, I knew the outfits I'd been making for the Springfield dolls fit the My Life Walmart dolls. I had more questions about the Our Generation Dolls from Target. I had this memory from back when I first started making 18 inch doll clothes for my now college aged niece that the Our Generation dolls were slightly "larger boned" than the Springfield dolls. However based on my comment that my niece is now in college I wasn't sure if things had changed. Therefore after finishing the last baby doll project I decided it was time for an experiment with a new doll pattern from Adorable Dolls, Off the Shoulder, that can be purchased here.

This was perhaps not the best choice of outfit to begin this journey with the new doll. I love the outfit and am happy with the outcome, but when I make my next attempt for the Our Generation Doll it will be with something that opens in the back not a one piece outfit that slides on and off with sleeves. If I do make this for the Our Generation Doll again I'd move up to an I hook for the bodice and return back to the H hook for the skirt. The bodice was just too tight with the H hook to make this outfit work for the Our Generation doll but it fits nicely for the Walmart's My Life Doll. So it appears we will have a mixed donation this year of Walmart and Target 18" dolls.

Note for myself:

Even making this for the My Life doll I needed an I hook to make the sandals feet the feet. I also used an I hook and the purse. I'd likely use a button or other means to close the purse should I make it again. The flowers worked with the assigned hook sizes for the headband and the waist.

I love these sandals. I can't recall making sandals before. Years ago my Aunt made a pair for my niece's doll from plastic canvas. These however, worked up quickly and I think they are adorable. I would make these again to go with a summer outfit.

While my first Our Generation project didn't come to fruition it did motivate me to order a My Life Doll for the Christmas donation and I know I won't be wasting outfits that don't fit the Our Generation doll if the sizing is off. That is a relief. I'm not sure what my next 18 inch outfit attempt will be.

My next project is for the JC Toys Lil Cutesies Doll Lulu. I am challenging myself to donate a variety of different dolls and sizes this year. I found a Mary Maxim pattern that is designed to fit this doll and I also think I can adapt some of the 8" patterns to make sure this doll heads of to the donation nicely outfitted.

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Jayne said...

This looks brilliant! I love the little matching bag and shoes. Fab detail.
Stay safe. :)

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