Monday, July 8, 2013

Birthdays Bring Crochet

My DH knows I love to crochet and always asks for a wish list to shop from for my birthday and other special occasions.

I am so thrilled to have new projects to work on:

For my 18" Doll projects:

Bobby Socks and Polka Dots

I had the Crochet Calendar version of the Bobby Socks, but the printed version is easier to read and I love the Skirt pattern.

Anastasia’s Ready for Spring

This one's been on my wish list for a while. It is a beautiful outfit.

Summer Styles for 18” Dolls

I have been afraid Annie's would retire this one before I got to it. I love the summer designs.

Barnyard Set

Mom and I are working on a farm yard set for a little one for Christmas so this is a great addition


I've been collecting garden gnomes for years, now I can make a crocheted family

Pilgrim Lovie Blanket
I'm looking forward to making a couple of these for the holidays

Halloween Cupcakes

These of course are for my Halloween box

I have several projects to post, but I keep getting behind with other things. Hopefully I'll find a better way to manage it all.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Jungle Project Finished

I finished the jungle project that all started with the free Joann's pattern found here. I had to get this wrapped and mailed quickly to reach my deadline. My Mom is sending a few knitted zoo keepers along with some additional animals to add to the project.

My Mom and I are hoping to collaborate on a farm project for Christmas.

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