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Barbie Crochet and Sewing Free Patterns

Playing with Barbie is a tradition that spans generations. Outfitting Barbie continues to be a challenge met by parents, grandparents, and friends of children who are creative with craft making. Finding free patterns can lessen the expense, so I have been working on collecting Barbie patterns to help crafters use their skills with free patterns. What I liked about this research is Ken is not left out. Just a reminder check out the holiday sections as well. When I find holiday Barbie patterns, I include them in the holiday blogs. Read More...

This blog page has grown since it first started and has needed some reconstruction.

Update: Using Wayback I was able to recover some of the pattern links from the Barbie Boutique site, not all. It does not look as if the pictures are with the patterns. I do hope this library ends up somewhere as there are so many wonderful patterns it is a shame to see them disappear.

The Barbie Boutique Links have gone dead. I noticed them as of February 22, 2012 and am removing them. I am sad to see them go as I have found them to be wonderful not only for Barbie and her family, but as basics for other projects as well. If I find them relisted I will post the links again. Just another reminder to download the patterns that you may want for future reference.

Barbie Free Knitting Patterns can be found here.

Ken Patterns

Kelly and Skipper

Crochet for Barbie:

Pattern Sites with Barbie Sections:

ABC Knitting Crochet Patterns


Barbie Basics 109 pg PDF Lynne Sears

Barbie Boutique

Barbie Boutique Complete Index

Barbie Links Barbs Craft Books

Bev's Country Cottage

Crochet Pattern Central


Donna's Crochet

Knitting n Crocheting 4 Fun and Profit Crocheting Patterns

Knitty Chick

Originals by Gidge

Rescued from the Wayback Machine:

Grandmother's Dollhouse

Dresses and Outfits:

At the Office Dress and Blazer Thread

Ball Gown Crochet Cafe


Bikini Thread

Blouson Sundress

Black and White Dress with Lustersheen

Blue Moon Formal Gown

Cute Crochet Gown with Cape

Dotted Delight Thread Dress Pattern

Dress Mini/Long Thread

Dress Worsted Weight

Evening Wear Large Selection

Granny Square Outfit

Granny Square Skirt, Tops, and Accessories

Jasmine Thread

Midnight Gold Gown Thread


Party Dress and Shawl

Patriotic Outfits Scroll Down to Bottom of Page

Picnic Dress

Pineapple Dress

Pineapple Fantasy Thread

Pink Shell Skirt and Top Thread for Belly Button Barbie

Princess Thread

Rainbows and Ruffles Dress Baby Yarn

Red Party Dress

Ruffle Dress

Skirt, Top, Hat

Striped Shift

Stroll in the Garden

Sun Dress

Suzie's Stuff Baby Doll PJ's and Nightgown

Hats, Coats, Scarves, and Shoes

Allfreecrafts Barbie Hat

Ankle Strap Shoes

Bags and Purses

Cape and Capelet

Coat and Hat 1970's

Craft Elf Hat and Scarf

Hat and Coat Heartland Prairie

High Top Tennis Shoes

Jean Jacket

Long Gloves

Orble Scarf



Raglan Sleeve Jacket

Sun Hat

Accessories and Other Misc. Items:

Afghan Doll Sized

Allfreecrafts Barbie Hat

Barbie Snuggle


Suzie's Stuff Sleeping Bag

Character or Historical Costumes:

Autumn Shalee Native American Outfit

Ballet Costume

Beauty and the Beast Before After


Camelot Heartland Prairie

Cinderella at the Ball

Cinderella Poor

Colonial Gown

Egyptian Barbie Pattern Page 2

Evening Gown 1950's


Latana Fashion Thread Napoleon Style

Little Mermaid


Native American

Link Currently unavailable through wayback machine

Netherland's Outfit

Link Currently unavailable through wayback machine


Snow White

Spanish Gown

Turn of the Century Dress

Vintage Creations Dress



Bride and Bridesmaid

June Bride and Groom

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress 2

Wedding Dress Turn of the Century Wedding Dress

Wedding Patterns Large Selection includes Ken

Wedding Veil

Royal Wedding Dress

Bed Dolls:

Cotillion Collection Miss April 1992 Bed Doll

Pillow Forms

Crocheted Pillow Form

Sewing for Barbie:


Arwan, Cinderella, Court Dress

Basic Outfits: Pants, Skirt, Shirt, Skirt, Tops, Dress

Four Free Sewing Patterns

Free Barbie Patterns

Frugal Abundance Variety of Patterns

Janel Patterns

Molendrix Variety of Patterns Mostly Fantasy Characters


Sewing for Barbie Part 1

Sewing for Barbie Part 2

Sewing for Barbie Part 3

Sewing Tips

Stays Tutorial Scroll Down

Vintage Dress Pattern and Tutorial

Barbie Furniture/Accessories

Barbie Closet


Crochet Chair

Crochet Chair and Footstool

Crochet Couch

Crochet Furniture Patterns Several No pictures

Crochet Plastic Canvas Project

Crochet Table and Chair

Kelly Crochet Air Mattress 8"x 3 1/2" (designed for Ami but would work)

Living Room Furniture

Native American Play Set

No Sew Sofa

Plastic Canvas Chaise Lounge and Table

Plastic Canvas Clothing Hangers

Plastic Canvas Accessories:

Fashion Doll Tote Scroll Down

Visit my Barbie Project Blogs here.

Check out the Holiday Blogs for more free Barbie Patterns

Valentine's Day Knit and Crochet

St. Patrick's Day







Pictures may not be used without written permission.

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