Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Patriotic Baby Blocks

As I mentioned in an early post about my Granny Square Ball I have wanted to make Granny Square Baby Blocks for a while. I just needed to work on getting my squares more square and my joining techniques. My blocks would benefit from "blocking" techniques prior to joining so the blocks would be flatter, but patience is not a virtue I possess when I want to see how things go together. The next batch I make I will force myself to take the time to block prior to joining. I think they will benefit from the effort. However, I am pleased that these are not balls, but squares this time and they even stack which is progress.

They will achieve the goal of providing soft fun toys.

I used an out of print pattern for the basic block, Chrocheted Favorites of Rita Weiss American School of Needlework, No. 19. However, I suspect any basic granny pattern would do the trick. This book provided three sizes, changing the size of the granny, changes the size of the resulting blocks. The turning point for moving from balls to squares was the directions I read in several different postings about the importance of sewing inner loops ONLY together. I had missed this in my previous attempts. The difference is dramatic.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello Kitty Patriotic

I was looking for some Patriotic patterns to make some toys to send off for the July 4th holiday and remembered Armina Ami-Nal’s free Hello Kitty Patterns that have multiple themes including holidays. Since one of the children is a huge Hello Kitty fan, this seemed like a good choice. For those looking for this pattern the link can be found on the Hello Kitty Page under Armina Ami-Nal.

This was the first Ami I have made that required changing colors in stripes. I have changed colors for different body parts, but changing colors as this pattern called for was more challenging. I need to work on that skill. I have since read a few a few suggestions for improving the method for handling the color change.

Since I expect Hello Kitty will be traveling over the summer I decided to include a bag for the summer trips. I have been experimenting with granny squares and decided to crochet two together using half double crochets for a different effect. Then I created a handle using half double crochets in red white and blue to keep the color scheme going.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pumpkin Dishcloth

I bought an out of print book of potholders a while back. I had made dishcloths, but had little experience with pot holders. This leaflet was Leisure Arts Holiday Pot Holders, 2560. Whether I am making dolls clothes or other new patterns I find I experiment with making part of the pattern, then go back, and make the whole pattern later. That was the birth of this dishcloth. The pot holder will require two of these pumpkins crocheted together. However, after I was done, DH claimed the dishcloth for our holiday collection and the pumpkin dishcloth was born. I do intend to go back and actually make the complete pot holder before Halloween comes. However, it could be a project for next year as more projects seem to be crossing into the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas time period.

For those interested in free Halloween patterns please visit the Halloween Crochet and Knitting Free Pattern Page.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pincushion Free Patterns

Sewing seems to be making a come back. Pincushions can be a quick stocking stuffer or package topper for a friend or family member that loves to sew. Choose a free pattern that fits their style and get started.


Chenille Rose

Crochet Pattern Central


Cupcake 2

Floral Cushion


Granny Square


Nicole the French Maid



Pumpkin 2


Thimble Scroll Down

Tomato Scroll Down


Wrist Pincushion



Elda's Scroll Down for Pattern

Frangipani Pin Cushion


Crochet Hook Holders:

Kitten Hook Holder

Picture Credits: Sammy4586

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wolf Amigurumi

After choosing her graduation project, I decided to ask my niece what she wanted me to crochet for her birthday. The date was close to her graduation party so it seemed like a good time to deliver the birthday gift. I was figuring she would choose one of the scary creatures she had been looking at during a recent visit. Instead, out of the blue she asks me for a wolf. I knew I had not seen one in my books. I head to the toy page, pretty sure I have never seen a wolf there either and sure enough, no wolf. I finally located one and there are now two on the toy page for those who are looking for free patterns. The one featured here is the Lion Brand pattern.

The Toy Blog Page has many free pattern links for anyone looking for new patterns to try.

Wolf was a hit although his still lacks a name. He was known as "Pocket Wolf" during the graduation party as he hung out in her pocket for the duration of the party. I suspect he will soon become a car wolf.

Picture may not be used without written permission.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crochet and Knit Doll Free Patterns

Dolls are getting squeezed off the toy pages. There was no room on the doll clothing pages to add them there. Therefore, it is was time for knit and crochet dolls to get their own page. If you are looking for free doll clothes patterns you will find those listed on the right side bar by doll or doll type. Please feel free to browse. There are additional toy amigurumi patterns in the Toy Blog Pattern Page.


All in One Doll Small

Artistic Annie

Baby Love

Bethany Ballerina


Denim Doll


Fashionista Farrah

Fuji Dolls

Free Spirit Amigurumi Doll

Fun in the Sun

Hula Hula Lula

Kokeshi Dolls


Little Dolls

Little Emo

Little Fairy


Lovely Lucy


Mary Mermaid

Ogilvy Dolls

Pink Little Lady

Pioneer Becky

Playtime Baby Doll


Sam the Skateboarder

Scuba Diver


Sleepy Sarah

Victorian Doll

TV or Book Characters:


Dr. Who Number 9

Dr. Who Number 10


Harry Potter

Max Where the Wild Things Are

Princess and Frog Coats and Clark

Red Riding Hood and Grandma Topsy Turvy Dolls





Berry Baby

Blank Slate Doll

Bliss's Doll


Knitting Pattern Central

Rag Doll



TV or Book Characters:

Fairy Tale Topsy Turvy Dolls Several Patterns

Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, and Wolf


Loom Knitting:

Best Friend Doll

Kiss Doll for the Kiss Loom

Lulu the Loomed Dolly

Check out the holiday blogs for additional patterns.


Picture Credit: Pinien

Monday, June 21, 2010

Frankenstein Amigurumi

Frankenstein is another project from from Gourmet Crochet's, Monster Mash Amigurumi. As I mentioned when I wrote about Dracula, Frankie's head was much easier to crochet because it was made all in one piece. I was confused about Frankie's color. The picture looked like the color in this picture so I decided to copy it. However, the book calls for a more traditional green. So I think I will make a couple and give the kids a chance to have multiple colors. Perhaps Frankie wears color on Halloween as his costume?

Frankie will soon be joining Dracula and one of the pumpkins in preparing for a trip out of state. One pumpkin and Dracula have already left with their transport. Now that Frankie is finished and has posed for pictures he will likely be off soon as well. The second batch will make a trip across country by mail closer to Halloween. I have promised my husband their will be a set for the house, too. The ghost will be up on the blog soon.

For those interested in free Halloween patterns please visit the Halloween Crochet and Knitting Free Pattern Page.

Pictures may not be used without permission.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Holiday Projects

I love decorating for the holidays and sending packages of toys to my younger relatives to celebrate the many holidays during the year. I have been blogging about those projects and decided to create a page so I could find those projects quickly when I wanted to show them to friends and family.


Birthday Candle

Birthday Candle with Dishcloth Yarn

Valentine's Day:

American Girl Doll:

American Girl Doll


Barbie Valentine Ball Gown

Barbie Pink Valentine Gown

Other Decorations and Toys:


Chocolate Valentine Kiss


Heart Cookies

Hello Kitty

Hugging Hearts

Mouse Finger Puppet

St. Patrick's Day:

Barbie 2012

Barbie Dress

Barbie Irish Lass

Free Shamrock Dishcloth Pattern

Hello Kitty Free Pattern

Leprechaun Ami

Leprechaun Toilet Paper Cover

Leprechaun with Pot of Gold

Lucky Clover Dishcloth

Shamrock Dishcloth

St. Patrick's Day Crochet Dishcloth

St. Patrick's Day Hello Kitty


Carrot Rattle

Easter Ducks and Chicks

Easter Eggs

Granny Square Dishcloth

Patriotic Projects:

American Girl Patriotic Outfit

Barbie Patriotic Outfit

Kelly Colonial Outfit

Ken Colonial Outfit

Parade Car

Patriotic Baby Blocks

Patriotic Hello Kitty

Skipper Colonial Outfit


American Girl Doll Witch Costume

Barbie Ghost Costume

Bat Bell

Bride of Frankenstein

Candy Corn Afghan

Candy Corn Man

Cat Bell

Count Dracula Ami

Female Vampire


Frankenstein Ami

Ghost Ami

Ghost Dishcloth

Halloween Lovey Doll

Hello Kitty Witch

Kelly Cat Costume

Ken Ghost Costume

Mummy Amigurumi

Pumpkin Amigurumi

Pumpkin Bell

Pumpkin Dishcloth


Seahorse Witch

Skipper Witch Costume

Witch Ami

Mom's Contributions:

Barbie Witch


American Girl Doll:

Blue Pilgrim


Pilgrim Version 1 2011


Barbie Fashion Doll Pilgrim

Barbie Pilgrim Free Pattern

Barbie Pilgrim Shady Lane

Kelly Pilgrim

Ken Pilgrim

Other Decorations and Toys:

Chester the Turkey Boy

Cornucopia Bell

Hello Kitty Pilgrim

Mr.Pilgrim Bear

Mrs. Pilgrim Bear

Pilgrim Ami Female

Pilgrim Ami Male

Pilgrim Female Finger Puppet

Pilgrim Hat Bell

Pilgrim Man Finger Puppet

Pilgrim Turkey

Pilgrim Weeble

Turkey Amigurumi

Turkey Bell

Turkey Dishcloth Knitted

Thanksgiving Lovey

Turkey Finger Puppet


Alphabet Block Ornament

American Girl Doll:

American Girl Doll Santa

American Girl Doll Santa with Holiday Yarn

American Girl Doll Christmas Dress


Barbie Santa

Barbie Santa One Piece

Barbie Christmas Caroler

Barbie Christmas Caroler Black Jacket

Kelly Santa

Ken Santa

Decorations, Toys, and Ornaments:

Christmas Bell Ornament

Christmas Toy Ball

Gingerbread Dishcloth

Gingerbread Girl

Gingerbread Scarf

Gingerbread Tissue Box

Hello Kitty Christmas Caroler

Hello Kitty Santa

House Ornament

Reindeer Ami

Reindeer Ornament

Rocking Horse Ornament

Santa Bear Ornament

Seahorse Pilgrim

Seahorse Santa

Seahorse Witch



Colonial Lady


Green Hat Lady

Victorian Boy Christmas Caroler

Victorian Christmas Caroler Girl

Victorian Christmas Caroler Lady

Victorian Christmas Caroler Man

Victorian Lady

Victorian Man


Graduation Bear

Check the Holiday Posts for Free Patterns:


St. Patrick's Day







Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ghost Dishcloth

I bought a pattern book called Seasonal Cotton Dishcloths from Crochet Village and made the bunny for Easter. These are quick to make and are fun to use at home or give as gifts. I had a very long college graduation to attend and brought my crochet bag with the small pattern book and a supply of white cotton yarn into the ceremony. People gave me some strange looks until the ceremony dragged on and on and then many of them looked like they wished I had some supplies to share. I had the ghost almost completed by the time the final speaker was finished and I put my crochet away to watch the main event. Never underestimate the value of uninterrupted crochet time.

I am really looking forward to making the rest of the set and then trying for multiple colors in the set as the pattern shows. I can think of a few people who will be receiving these as gifts when I finish my home supply.

For those interested in free Halloween patterns please visit the Halloween Crochet and Knitting Free Pattern Page.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Barbie Fashion Doll Shortalls

This shortalls project started as an attempt to make the Annie's Fashion Doll Crochet Club out of print Overalls Outfit pattern, FC35-03. I have been trying to adapt thread patterns to 1-2 weight yarns that are easier for me to work with. Unfortunatly, I lacked a small enough hook and decided to proceed forward with the experiment anyways.

The upside is one of the kids I make Barbie clothes for now has an original pair of shortalls that I have not seen a pattern for in other venues. The downside is I need to rework my attempts to adapt the pattern for the overalls. I did manage to acquire the hooks I was looking for so I am sure I will take another shot at this project before Christmas.

For those seeking free Barbie Fashion Doll Patterns please see the Barbie pages.

Barbie Crochet and Sewing

Barbie Fashion Doll Knitting

Ken Patterns

Kelly and Skipper

Check out the Holiday Blogs for more free Barbie Patterns

Valentine's Day Knit and Crochet

St. Patrick's Day







Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pumpkin Amigurumi

This is the second pattern I used from Gourmet Crochet's, Monster Mash Amigurumi. Before I knew it a Pumpkin Patch was emerging in my living room. I have several more to make, but these work up very quickly and are so cute when finished. The first one I made had balance issues as the bottom was not flat when completed. However, after the first the rest were great. I love the fact they are small and do not take up too much room. Kids can use these are part of their fall playsets or they make great decorations. For people with small kids they have the benefit of being adorable decorations that can fall to the ground multiple times without breaking.

This pattern book does not have a scarecrow, but I am think with some color changes the patterns for Frankenstein and Dracula would adapt easily enough to put a scarecrow in my pumpkin patch. It may not be this year, but by next year the kids will find one in their Halloween packages.

For those interested in free Halloween patterns please visit the Halloween Crochet and Knitting Free Pattern Page.

Pictures may not be used without permission.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Barbie Christmas Sweater Knit

This was another one of Mom's contributions. She knitted this sweater for a relative on my husband's side of the family and I now have it put aside for Christmas. For those interested in the pattern it comes from Nicky Epstein's Knits for Barbie Doll which I believe has recently gone out of print. Check your local library as I borrowed it prior to purchasing for Mom.

I crocheted the pants. The pattern came from a 1986 Annie's Pattern Club book, Fashion Doll Quick and Easy. Joyce Bishop was the designer.

For those looking for free Barbie patterns please see the Barbie Fashion Doll Page for links to free patterns.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tablecloth Patterns

I have not found lots of free patterns for Tablecloths. However I will continue to add patterns as I locate them. It seems a shame not to share what I have found until I locate more.


Buffet Runner

Crochet Pattern Central

Eyelet Accent


Free Crochet


Knot Stitch

Pineapple Round

Queen of the Garden Runner

Rose Window

Square a Day

Sunshine Runner


Table Runner

Picture Credit: Carlootch

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Count Dracula Ami

As I have mentioned before I love to send out packages for all the holidays to the nieces and nephews. I have been splitting my time preparing my Christmas projects and finding Halloween items that are in my project range.

I had ordered a book through Gourmet Crochet, Monster Mash Amigurumi, a while back and had not had the chance to make any of the patterns. While it is only June, I have several packages to prepare for shipping. I need to start early. Normally I would have started with the ghost, but I have worked with lots of white lately and was looking for relief from all white projects. Since I had the required colors on hand, I started with the Count.

I did struggle with his head and his wig. The head is not crocheted as one piece. I think my gauge was off because even using a smaller hook for the hair, the wig was larger than it should have been. I think his head was just small. I have been working on the Frankenstein pattern that creates the head as one piece and have not had any problems with sizing which leads me to believe that I just crocheted the head too small. I have several more to experiment with so I will have a better idea how to adjust. The other thing I will change is I will make the chain for his cape shorter. I thought that might be the case at the time, but decided to finish the pattern and adjust on the second attempt.

He is already receiving rave reviews and will be one of the first off to a new home.

For those who are looking for free Halloween crochet and knitting patterns please check out the Halloween Crochet and Knitting Free Pattern Page.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dragon and Dinosaur Knit and Crochet Free Patterns

I started this blog by collecting patterns into general categories. Some of those categories have gotten very large. The toy blog page is overflowing. Dragons and dinosaurs seem to be popular searches so I thought I would start by giving them their own page. As always when I find more, you can expect to see them added to this page.

Dragons and dinosaurs have been some of my favorite finds in my pattern hunts.




Applique Thread

Baby Asian Dragon

Baby Dragons

Baby Grifin/Gryphon

Baby Snow Dragon




Dragon Stargazer

Dragon with Wings


Fierce Little Dragon

Mighty & Ferocious Dragon


Hannah's Red Dragon



Lucky Dragon Symbol Pattern


Small Dragon

Smaug from the Hobbit

Soren the Baby Dragon


Tiny Dragon

Toy Dragon


Baby Triceratops


Dino with Heart



Jobaria looks like brontosaurus






T-Rex 2

T-Rex 3

Yoshi from Nintendo

Venomhide Ravasaur from World of Warcraft




Dragon Bookends

Puppet: Scroll Down and Click on Dragon Puppet Link on Right

Seamless Baby Dragon



Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops

Dino (T-Rex like Dinosaur)






Stegosaurus 2

Stegosaurus 3


T-Rex 2


Baby Bib

Baby Bib Stegosaurus

Cardigan Sweater Steggie Child's Size

Dino Hood

Stegosaurus Hat

Stefan's Dino Sweater

Other Items:


Christmas Stocking


Dishcloth 2

Dishcloth T-Rex

Knitting Chart for Brontosaurus

Knitting Chart for Brontosaurus and Triceratops

Knitting Chart for Guitar Playing Dinosaurs

Knitting Chart for Pterodactyl

Knitting Chart for T-Rex

Knitting Chart for Triceratops


Three Cuddly Dragon Patterns

Loom Knitting:

Dino Hat

Dragon Puppets on the Puppet blog Page.

Visit the Toy Blog Page for more free patterns for Ami's, Stuffed Animals, and other Knit, Crochet, and Knitting Loom toys.

Bath Mitts

Visit my Dinosaur and Other Toy Projects here.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

American Girl and 18 Inch Doll Knitted Free Patterns

As has happened with so many of my blog pages, the American Girl page has outgrown its space and needs more room. I have moved the knitting links here and may soon need to provide crochet with its own page. This is not a bad thing for those who like the free patterns.

See the American Girl Crochet and Sewing Page for those free patterns.


American Girl 18" Doll Pattern Sites:

ABC Knitting


Bella Online

Jessica Tromp

Knitting on the Net

Knitting Pattern Central

Knitty Chick


Bathing Suit

Chevron Skirt

Classic Suit

Dell's Drawstring Raglan Summer Dress

Drawstring Raglan Summer Dress


Dresses Scroll Down

Empire Waist Lace Dress

Evening Dress

Eyelet Hem Skirt

Fair Skies Jumper

Fairy Tale Skirt and Blouse

Lacy Flouncy Skirt

Julie's Jeans

Julie's Smock

Lace Dress

Olivia Dress, Jacket and Hat

Pleated Jumper

Leotard Scroll Down for Knitted Directions

Night in October

Nurse Redcross Historical from Redheart


Nannybird Blog Spot Knit Skirt Pattern

Raglan Banded Dress

Snow Princess

Southern Belle Dress

Summer Lace Dress

Summer Outfit

Suit with Godet Skirt


Vintage Cartigan and Skirt Beret

Sweaters, Capes, Pants, Stoles:

Alma Mater Sweater Pattern

Basic Sweater

Cable Aran Sweater

Cable Waist Vest


Cape with Fun Fir Trim


Cardigan Cable Aran

Cardigan Skirt Beret

Cardigan and Skirt

Cardigan Boxy

Cardigan Free Download

Cardigan Knitting on the Net

Cardigan Two Color

Cardigan V-Neck

Classic Sweater and Skirt

Chevron Jacket

Dolly and Me Sweater

Easy Pullover

Edelweiss Austrian Jacket

Fairy Tale Jacket

Garter Strip Stripe Shawl


Kirsten's Bolero

Kirsten's Poncho

Knitting on the Net Poncho



Poncho and Hat

Prayer Shawl

Raglan Top and Kerchief

Round Yoke Dress

Ruffle Shawl

Sarah's Shawl Maggie's Rags

Shawl Triangle Lace

Shawl Triangle

Shawl Triangle, Hat, and Bag


Shrug Fun Fur

Shrug Scroll Down for 18" pattern


Sweater and Hat

Sweater Berroco

Sweaters Pullover and Cardigan Downloads on same link

Striped Poncho

Turtleneck Dress

Western Vest and Skirt

Winter Coat

Hats, Shoes, Socks, Scarves, Mittens and Coats:

Basic Socks


Coat, Hat, and Muff with Fun Fur


Fingerless Mittens

Fingerless Mitts


Hat and Muff

Hat, Headscarf and Bag

Hat Winter

Hat Winter 2

Kirsten's Swedish Hat

Leg Warmers

Liberty Cap

Liberty Jane Winter Accessories Download

Mary Jane Shoes

Mittens 2


Mitts Ribbed Fingerless

Mob Cap

Newsboy Cap


Sun Visor

Undergarments and Night Clothes:





Shell Lace Nightgown/Dress




Loom Knitting:

The blue knifty knitter will make hats for the American Girl doll if you follow the basic hat patterns you see for children. I've experimented with a few.


Skating Cape

Short Sleeve Middy Sweater adapted from Teddy pattern uses KISS Loom

Check the Holiday and Special Event Posts for More Free Patterns:







See my American Girl/18" Doll Projects here.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

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