Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Barbie Spring Dress

This was created using the Springtime Sun Dress pattern created by Joyce Bishop. The pattern can be found in Annie's Pattern Club Fashion Doll Quick and Easy, 87D20.

I made two of these for Easter. The one pictured was crocheted using Bernat Satin sport yarn and the other in traditional pink sports yarn. This was one of my more challenging fashion doll projects to date. The yarn choices were interesting. The pink sports yarn presented certain challenges, the Satin others. The Satin slid through some of the tighter areas, but frayed more around the edges. That proved challenging during assembly and presents concerns for wear since these will be used for kids’ toys.

The Ken shorts made with the Satin did not create nearly the same challenges. This was likely because the stitches were much simpler and there were fewer edges requiring finishing. Further research should help me become better acquainted with using the Satin in these projects.

For practice purposes, I think I will create the next few in traditional sports yarn to master the actual technique before adding more challenges to the project.

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Mary said...

I love this style and the color is really nice on Barbie! It suits her well lol

Sheltie Times said...

Thank you. This was a fun project and an early experience trying to find yarn that would work for Barbie clothes.

principeta said...

I love this,perfect for my daughter's dolls.

Unknown said...

How do I buy or get pattern?

Sheltie Times said...

There are very few Barbie booklets in print currently. People do publish new patterns for purchase or free on the Internet.

I published the name and number of the leaflet in the article and like me, you can find it through second hand sellers online or get lucky and find them at yard sales, Church sales, and other such venues. If you have the name and the number of the leaflet, it makes searching all the easier, which is why I include them for those who are interested in tracking them down.

Annie's has reprinting some of their older patterns as e-patterns and I am still hopeful that they will print not just the fancy Barbie outfits for display, but some of the more practical outfits for people who want to make wardrobes for kids to use as well.

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