Thursday, April 1, 2010

Graduation Bear

I still have more Easter Projects to post, but for those planning ahead I thought I would share my graduation bear project.

This was one of the first amigurumi patterns I tried. For those of you who would like to see the free pattern you can find the pattern link for the bear in the Graduation Links. Look for the Lion Brand Bear link.

The gown is not in the Lion Brand pattern. I made it up by chaining the distance around his neck and increasing outwards as I went along. I do not have a written pattern. It was my first experiment with clothing and no pattern. I wanted an outfit that could be removed so the bear could be dressed in other clothing later. I found a few sweaters at one of the craft stores that fit. I also did not sew the hat to the bear. It is pinned with saftey pins in the crochet holes so the hat could come off at a later date and be replaced with other outfits. The pattern does call for it to be sewn on. It is obviously the choice of the creator.

After this picture was taken, I did add the graduation tassel and the honors scarf when I was able to discover the appropriate colors. One of the fun things I am enjoying about crochet is adding the personalized details. My Mom is going the Build a Dog route and is knitting the gown using a bear pattern and using her knitting skills to make it more personal by adding the school colors and the honors regalia. This is something that just was not an option before I learned these skills. I would have to beg a relative to do it for me.

For those looking for a knitted bear graduation pattern this book may also be available at your local library.

The photo is my personal property and not to be reused without written permission.

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