Monday, April 26, 2010

Down on the Farm

The title of this blog comes from an out of print pattern I purchased recently. The Annie's Attic Pattern Club pattern, 87B54 printed in 1984, is my next big Christmas project. The pattern has a farmhouse carrying case and directions to complete a cow, pig, goose, horse, and what the pattern identifies as a chicken, but looks like a rooster on completion.

The reason I chose a Fisher Price photo for this blog is that is the idea I am going for with this pattern. I want to crochet some toys that give kids that same kind of play experience that I enjoyed with the Fisher Price toys.

So far I have one side of the barn completed and have begun production of the pig. The farmhouse has been the only challenge so far. The animal patterns appear clear and require less sewing than other patterns I have completed.

As I find more of these out of print toy and fashion doll patterns, I only wish Annie's still had these clubs. I really am enjoying finding the random patterns that are available in the resale market. It must have been wonderful when these were available on a regular basis.

See the finished project.

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