Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Christmas in Crochet

I rarely buy on impulse, but I got a good deal buying this book online before it was released. That being the case I had a limited chance to preview before purchasing the book.

If you like thread crochet there are lots of projects. When I master the art of thread there are some decorations and ornaments I would like to crochet for holiday projects.

I was pleased to find a tree skirt pattern crocheted in worsted weight yarn, that actually meets my skill level. I have not seen many tree skirt crochet patterns yet that I think I could complete. I also liked the reindeer.

As for non-holiday projects I can see making the football caddy for our next Super Bowl party. That was a cute idea that might work for more than one person on my gift list who would find it amusing.

I would like to have seen more Christmas decorations and ornaments done in worsted weight and sports yarn. While I realize thread is popular to work with, for those of us who use mostly traditional yarn, this book does not provide as many options for holiday projects.

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Helena West said...

This is a great book for those people who like crocheting.

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